Yo ho ho! Happy Pirate Day, mateys!

I hope everyone be havin’ a great Talk Like a Pirate Day! It looks like Google added support fer Pirate in our user interface. I ‘ave t’ admit that I didn’ see that one comin’.

Special thanks t’ th’ online pirate translator fer help wit’ this post, don’tcha know. May the “black spot” not darken your door, and may your parrots and monkeys behave well today!

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  1. Ahoy, Matt –

    We’ve been mentioned by everyone from Dave Barry to CNN, and have heard about Talk Like A Pirate Day parties in 47 states, every continent, the South Pole and the high seas … but nothin’ wams this old webwench’s heart like wakin’ up after only a few hours of sleep to discover that we’ve finally been blogged by Google.

    I (wo)man the oars for the official Talk Like A Pirate Day Web site – a labor o’ love that pays only in the occasional bottle o’ grog – and while the rest o’ the world talks, walks and parties like pirates, I’ll be slavin’ over me computer updatin’ the thing as fast as I can and tryin’ t’keep me mailbox from explodin’. Thanks to the folks behind me favorite Internet app, I’ll be doin’ it with a smile on me face. Bless yer hearts.

  2. I interviewed the founders of Talk Like a Pirate Day for my site to try to figure out how it spread.

    One of the things they told me is that because they didn’t trademark the concept and let anyone do what they wanted without asking permission, the whole thing took off virally.

    The other thing they told me was to stop over-analyzing it and just enjoy myself.


  3. Aaarrrgghhh!

  4. Me polly’s fine today, ‘n sends his regards 😀

  5. Gratful fur ewes tinking uf us pirates. Tanks.

  6. Arrrr!!! Shiver me timbers. Walk the plank you scallywag!

  7. Me thought you’d be a-signin’ off as Matt Cutlass on this here fine day.

  8. Ha ha, or as ‘Matt Cuts yer eye ou’ if ye dasn’t talk like a seafarin’ hearty today!’

  9. Yo ho, me grog is empty – wheres me wench!?

  10. A simply day for me!

  11. Shiver me timbers! All day long (John Silver) and me forgets ter wear me head scarf. Aarrrr.

    Black Beard

  12. Only 6 people talked like a pirate this year 🙁

    While Last year there were 68 did talk like a pirate!

    Does that mean people lost interest in talking like a pirate?

  13. thanks matt cutt

    i read an article which is showing google is not related with the google pirate

    check this http://aboyfromindia.wordpress.com/2007/11/23/google-pirate-search-engine/

    and could u help me or define google pirate

    i have a bit confused about this because i have two urls

    both working as search engine
    i gave my email id kindly if possible send me reply their in detail or suggest me any link or tutorial with which i will get answer of my query

  14. Ye’re wrong, ’tis 6, if i don’t count as 2! Now walk th’ plank! (rrrrRRRrrr)

  15. Me beauty ‘n son are big-time pirate freaks, ‘n they loved th’ Online Pirate Translator. Thanks fer postin’ th’ link!

  16. Uh… As of Sunday morning – the translator doesn’t work. Just sits there the the message “translating…” I’m stuck in regular English (Was really looking forward talking like a cool person).

    I be sad matey…

  17. Fine day, simply day and the result is great moment, don’t you Matt?

  18. Matt, did you wear pirate socks?

    You know, they’re made of ARRRRGyle…

  19. Tom Harrison, I left me eyepatch at home meself. I reckon there’s always next year, my bonnie friend.

    Harith, everyone knows that pirates take Fridays off. That’s always been a part of the code, yar?

  20. What a hoot! And who says an 800lb. gorilla doesn’t have a sense of humor.
    II Captain! Perry Belcher

  21. Happy Pirate Day Matt

  22. Arrrrghh! I be waiting fora longgg time.

  23. Matt, off-topic but does Google really want http://www.zoozle.org (and all their .com, .net etc) search results within Google SERPS. Same goes for about.com.

    I find it VERY frustating when ANY Se returns SERPs within SERPs.

  24. Dave (original)

    Which search query you see serps within serps? any examples?

  25. My parrots and monkeys and never well behaved, but they love to talk like pirates! Thanks for the fun post.

  26. I’m vindicated! 3 years ago, I took a picture of a white board at the conclusion of a meeting with “capability managers” from our home office. They had a “we’re from the slick parent company and you’re just a satellite office” mentality for sure. When I took that picture, one commented, “that’s a hell of away to take notes” or something similar. They repeated the comment to others in the supply chain of boss types. Over a year later, it turned out that my photo was the sole source of the content and results of that meeting. I was asked by folks at the “slick parent company” to create a document based on that photo.

    I just thought it was a simple way to effectively preserve the 4 hours of “brainstorming” that would otherwise have been lost in translation.