While you’re waiting for me to get my posting gusto back, check out Xooglers. It’s a blog that Doug Edwards started to reminisce about his experiences at Google (other ex-Googlers may join in at some point). Doug’s a great guy and he helped shape Google culture in many ways. If you’ve read the copy on the spam report page, you’ve seen some of his polishing work.

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  1. Neat blog. I think its cool how all you SE guys in “the know” seem to all keep some camaraderie. You could tell how much respect you had for Jeremy Zawodny at pubcon even though he is from a rival company.

  2. Thx Matt, what an interesting perspective that Blog will be.
    But I guess you can’t post there cuz you are not an Xoogler.

  3. Nice to hear from you again Matt, thanks for being thoughtful of your readers and sharing this with us 🙂

    I will be checking out that site you gave us, hope to hear from you again soon 😀

    Stay cool!

  4. Dear Matt

    I go to you with the hope of which you can help us. We took from December of 2004 under hijacking on the part of the dominion imistery.net. We have sent many spams reports to google, where they have been able to verify like the person in charge or webmaster of this site that is the same person put hidden text, redirection and all type of personal tricks to kidnap ours blogs.


    Thanks to those reports we have obtained that they eliminated the content and the references that east personage in your finder used to kidnap to us. Nevertheless it has devised a technique, has created folders with the same name that ours blogs: “luzz”, “acentillo”, “tronkito” in its site. And soon it sends it without stopping to the system add URL of google, after to have put a system of redirection in his site, in such a way that the finder is deceived, causing that those folders appear in him as if we were or our sites.


    Inicio – Imistery, el portal del misterio
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    mundos,cuentos,terror,historias,fantasmas,paranormal,ovnis,platillos …
    imistery.net/ – 29k – 25 Nov 2005 – En caché – Páginas similares



    To see if you can do something on the matter, a hug

  5. I wonder if google ever hires anyone who is self taught, I know several people who instead of wasting their time in school spent many hours clicking keys and to this day I can not find anyone smarter BUT if they tried to get a job there they would surely not make it past the front desk. These are the same people who scream when their is a slight change in the SERPS because they are plugged in and turned on.

    Todays thoughts…

  6. So Matt, did the little Russian put you through a similar interview?

    If so, would you be willing to share your experience with the group?

  7. Lots0, I did not have a Larry/Sergey interview. But when I flew out for my interviews, I ate lunch at the GooglePlex (it was very small back then) and LarryP was eating with a few people. I recognized him and sat down to eat with the group. I remember asking why he published all those papers about how Google worked. His answer was that he *wanted* people to know how Google worked. It was pretty cool.

  8. Hi there,

    at the very first glance, I noticed one thing: You both use the same kind of orange color for major parts of text. Does that reflect anything found at Google Labs, like “orange will make people linger on your site twice as long than blue” or sumthing like that? ;o)


  9. Hey Matt has google ever considered an express reinclusion service for sites at a nominal fee to cover the cost of the site reviewer. In the event that it was google’s error for the site eing banned the fee would be refunded, however if the person had actually committed something then the person would be notified of a semi general reason their site was banned. I know Google does not want people testing their algo threshholds, but I feel for sites that are not unknowingly violating google terms it would help to get sites reinstated and to prevent future problems.

  10. I’m interested to know Google’s definition of spam and whether my gripe is something Is I should be reporting to Google??.

    We all know the hidden text spam types, the whole shebang of cheating which (we hope) Google is trying to stamp out.

    But what about sites which list items they simply don’t have.
    I work in the world of lyrics, a small site, long standing, good page rank in Google directory, in and out of the top ten pages (slouched low after major redesign at present).

    My site lists lyrics it actually carries. Visitors click on a link in Google, get to my site and find what I said was there IS THERE, the lyrics in question.

    But most lyrics sites simply list song titles, add the word lyrics, optimise their pages so that a Google search shows them as having the lyrics too. When the visitor arrives, he finds the lyrics aren’t on the site.

    I know, what a nerd dealing in lyrics (country lyrics at that) – but does Google realise it is promoting what amount to advertising pages with NO REAL CONTENT.

    Hey Matt, love the blog, visit frequently.

    As I asked at the top of the comment, Is this something I should be reporting to Google??

  11. John, that’s outside the normal realm of what I’d call spam, but I would send us this feedback as well. In the course of trying to improve our ranking, it would be interesting to hear more about this.

    Doug, I see your point. We’ve always avoided that because we didn’t want to have a conflict of interest with money and our editorial results. We are trying to improve the webmaster console in our Sitemaps tool to help people with some common crawling problems.

  12. There is such a thing as an ex-Googler? I figured the Googleplex was kind of like a black hole or the Hotel California.

    You don’t see many Google departures making the headlines.

    I had visions of Brinn and Page posessing something much more dangerous than a airborne chair that they use to ensure that nobody can leave.