Working at Google is full of surprises

I’ve only been working at Google for a day, but I’m surprised at how many people I already know and how much work there is to do!

I have to admit, it seemed a bit odd at first that they wanted me to take over Matt’s blog, but I guess it really is where people go to hear “the human voice of Google.” This whole “me going to Google and Matt going to Yahoo” thing is a bit weird, but we both got great deals.

Having visited the Googleplex a few times (mmm… sandwich bar), I knew the food was good, but I never had chance to sample one of the snack bars.

Oh. My. God.

So much for all that weight I lost last year.

Well, there’s a ton of web spam feedback to deal with now and a bunch of 20% time projects to play with. I hope to keep writing as I find the time… somehow.

— Jeremy
(Looking for Matt? Remember, he’s over here now.)

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  1. Hi Jeremy


    How about telling us something about when the next PR/Backlink update will be.

    Btw, do you have a cat or a dog or both πŸ˜€

  2. ya right. happy april fools to u too :). and whats the fun in an even trade?


    Nice April Fool’s joke, you guys. Let’s see how many others don’t clue in.

  4. Great news!

    Does this mean we can now buy one-way links from the Cutts blog? Let the bidding wars begin…

  5. Good stuff JereMatt. Don’t forget that your first Google job is to post the entire Google Algorithm here. Scoble says transparent blogging is good for a company’s health.

  6. LOL, I guess Zawodny’s cushy days of long lunches, conference vacations, and taking days off to fly are OVER.

  7. Nice April fools joke πŸ˜‰

  8. Good News – perhaps if Google used Yahoos index until they fix there problems. πŸ™‚

    Jeremy – you must be able to have a word and get that arranged.

  9. Haha, very nice… this is so much better than what SlashDot is doing… *shivers*

  10. Swap blogs, swap jobs, swap personalities. Wouldn’t it be more fun to combine?
    Jeremy and Matt combined at last…

  11. Great to see that there’s a still sense of humour at both your companies! – had me fooled for a couple of mins!

  12. Baaaahahahahah. Jeremy you wienie. First I thought this was a joke. Then I read more and when no way, is this possible. After thinking about it for a while what would you do at Google Jeremy. How would you ever fill the super geek boots of Sir Matt Cutts.

    Jeremy I like your blog and read it from time to time but Matts blog, who can blog like Matt.

    (Er, if you are reading this comment Matt keep in mind it is April the first.)

  13. Welcome to this part of the world Jeremy. To be honest, I’m really pleased that you are here. I never like that Matt Cutts guy, anyway – he was always too much of a know-it-all, if you know what I mean. And he tended to beat about the bush too much, appearing to answer questions but never really doing so – pretending to be helpful, but all the time fishing for any information that he could lay his grubby little hands on, so that he could penalising people’s sites.

    He was a real pain, and I’m really glad that he’s gone! I’m hoping that you will be much better than he was, and that you will be honest in your writings here.

    Welcome, Jeremy.

  14. Glad to have you onboard Jeremy. Don’t forget to update this blog’s template. Matt was kinda lazy when it came to that kinda stuff.

    I’ve posted this three times already, but Matt keeps ignoring me. The link on the blog banner doesn’t have a trailing slash – he’s going to confuse Google and hurt his rankings.

    Finally, if you’re taking over for Matt don’t forget to ask him for his pirate outfit. That’s Matt’s secret weapon for fighting spam.

  15. Very cool to see you all having fun and getting along. There might be hope for the world after all :):)

  16. Hi Matt;

    Nice joke πŸ™‚ You had me going for a second but then I figured it out :-0
    I’ve been trying to find a way to ask you a simple question but I can’t find a link saying “Ask Me a Question” πŸ™‚

    It’s a good one and it’s simple !!

    I installed a new firewall and it blocks people from accessing my site by IP address. I noticed that a lot of Googlebots get denied access (drum roll please) because they are trying to index my site by IP address.

    Have I crippled my site because of this or does it matter? Will the GoogleBots learn or will they keep trying to get to it by IP address? Some of them make it and index but a lot don’t.

    I’m worried!


  17. Wow, I am an idiot and went for the whole switch gag a full day late. It is funny how there is no MSN expert bloggin huh ? Anyways, PM me with both updated algorithms when you get time Jeremy. TIA.

  18. Geez!!! it’s April 1st, need to get a calender. Had my noodle twirling for a minute…. Aiiii

  19. Now i’ve definately got to get a calender, it’s the 4th, LOL!!!!

  20. the PR update is on right now – but only for new domains and inner pages of old domains. Is it going ot stay or will it be another prank for the month of April

  21. Yahoo! can have me too as part of their Web 2.0 deal πŸ˜‰

  22. When will the next pr update ? May or July? Have you got any idea?