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I recently completed a huge “Media and Journalism” project: I transcribed over 500 hours of the Nancy Grace TV show on CNN. It took a long time, but here is an exhaustive Wordle tag cloud of all the words used in those 500+ hours of television:

It's all about Caylee

It appears that all 500+ hours consist of those six words repeated over in different combinations.

I’m not serious and didn’t really watch or transcribe 500 hours of Nancy Grace. In reality, Nancy Grace uses more and different words. It only feels like every sentence is “little Caylee” or something similar.

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  1. No I actually agree with you, I don’t get the point of her show at all. Never have because it’s all about that one case.

  2. I accidentally was exposed to Nancy Grace because I was stuck in an airport waiting for a flight, and that was on all of the monitors in the gate area. What’s your excuse?

    (Based on my one sample point, she was indeed talking about Caylee, and making no sense at all. Actually I was wondering why she hadn’t been sued for defamation. I’d chip in for the legal fees.)

  3. Hehe. At first I was like, “Matt, what the hell are you doing transcribing 500 hours of TV. Don’t you have a job at Google already?”

    2 points on Nancy:

    1) The other night she had some guy on and they were in outrage over some other dude who’s selling a Caylee Anthony doll. “So disgusting! Such an outrage! Who would dare try and profit off the death of a young child!?… Stick with us. We’ll be right back after a message from our sponsors.”

    2) Am I the only one who finds this new missing girl case strange? Her name is HAILEY (rhymes with Caylee) and she’s from Florida.

    I think all your Wordle was missing, Matt, was a little “hailey” in the bottom-right corner. And maybe the word “florida”. And “twins”. 😉

  4. it makes me sad that people listen to what she has to say.

  5. She has also the “story of the man who threw his 4 kids off bridge”. She is not one trick pony.

  6. I don’t really like Nancy Grace but I commend her for what she does on that show.

    If you don’t have childern, you won’t get the show. If you do, then you know what the show is about.

    Speaking for those who can’t speak because some brutal excuse of a human took their voice away.

    Nuff said.

  7. Hilarious 🙂 I had a conversation about this last week, that is too funny..

  8. Hello Matt,

    I made a script to calculate word cloud of your blog posts and here are the few top words in the cloud:

    “Google Hate Spam”

    And here are the top words in the cloud for the comments in your blog:




  9. Is it just me, or does anybody else just want to punch her after watching 10 minutes of her show?

    She’s got the worst attitude ever – and she asks stupid questions to her guests then berates them when they can’t answer them.

    The last one I watched she spent 30 minutes grilling a lawyer about why the prosecution would take the mom’s sunglasses… he gave like 4 answers (maybe they found a lens or piece of plastic at the scene, maybe somebody saw a lady wearing sunglasses, maybe she dropped them and they left an imprint in the mud) and then she just told him he’s an idiot there has to be some other reason.

    I’ve also noticed an all too familiar theme to her issues: Cute, Missing, White, Female.

  10. The fact that you made it through 500 hours of Nancy Grace amazes me. I used to catch her show on the way home from the office on CNN Headline News when I still had XM radio and she made me want to die.

  11. Her work on the Duke lacrosse case was beyond disgraceful. She’s more of a glorified Sally Struthers than anything else.

  12. I’m amazed! So many people have caught her show, more than once. I have to confess I don’t know who Nancy Grace is, Hasn’t made it to the UK but I don’t feel left out. I think it’s probably a good thing we’ve been passed by.

  13. Dave (original)

    I have no idea who or what “Nancy Grace” is. But she sure sounds more popular than people here are willing to admit 🙂

  14. Mike Wilton, I didn’t really transcribe 500 hours of Nancy Grace. I was just joking at how much the show seems to cover that sort of material. I’ll try to make the disclaimer in italics more clear.

  15. That’s hilarious. I actually watched about 14 hours of Caylee footage because everytime I was flipping through the channels I always stopped on Caylee. It was always something new about her “partying mom”. Nancy Grace loves talking about this case.

  16. Hi,
    That reminds me of my professor Alain Cotta who had first theories of clouding political messages and comparing latest 10 French presidents speeches. So much fun and it tells a lot.

    Obama’s speech cluster:http://www.google-kai.com/barack-obama-speech-cluster.html

  17. I can’t her point properly… she make this little bit complicated for some reason. Advertising i guess.

  18. Who?

    Your going to have to explain some of these USA only induhvidulals to us matt or is it case we dont want to know

  19. Oi, horrible. All she ever does is flip out over it, and convict people before the courts do. oh bai2u fair trial.

    Want to buy.

  20. Why would anyone even watch one word of Nancy Grace? I’ve never watched program, but the multiple parodies are enough to give me an idea of what it’s about.

  21. Ok. I couldn’t resist. I actually made one: http://www.wordle.net/gallery/wrdl/680883/Nancy_Grace_site_and_blog

    No, no transcribing. I just grabbed her CNN web page, and her blog.

    You weren’t very far off.

  22. IMHO, NG is up there with Jerry Springer and all the rest of muck that exploit people for money. Very sad.

  23. Dave (original)

    Bring Judge Judy back! Now, there’s a Woman who never suffers a fool.

  24. Good point Matt. As tragic as that single story may be, *millions* of children have died in the meantime of painful disease, malnutrition, and abuse. Maybe Nancy could spend a bit of time reporting the massive global tragedies?

  25. From the sounds of thing I’m relieved Nancy Grace hasn’t made it to the UK…Wordle on the other hand is great fun although it can eat up a lot of time if you let it!

  26. The worst part is she makes us live in fear over the well being of our families and loved ones. Whether or not we are well informed is one thing but the fear mongering is part of what is destroying America and eroding civil trust and pushing everyone into wanting to own a gun to prevent violence only to have that gun perpetrate violence. Thanks Nancy, now my neighbor shoots first and asks questions later. Great post Matt! Now lets work on Glenn Beck. . .

  27. My wife watches that show and I swear that’s all I ever here. She’s made an empire out of those words. Good call Matt!!

  28. I still do not understand the point of this post! If it is to criticize Nancy Grace constantly talking about one case in particular, than I have to agree, with so many things happening World Wide after a few days she should change the subject and only talk about the important updates on the Caylee case.
    If you created this post to share how cool Wordle is than let me share my own http://www.wordle.net/gallery/wrdl/686126/SEO_Articles which I believe looks great!

  29. Can’t believe “tot mom” didn’t make it into the cloud.

  30. Dave (original)

    Maybe Nancy could spend a bit of time reporting the massive global tragedies?

    Nah, no money in that as it happens every second of every day and is not happening on home soil, many don’t speak English, either. People like it when the tragedy is close to home, the person speaks their language and we can point the finger of ignorance.

  31. I seriously hate to love the show. Seeing how she exploi…I mean help these families that are missing kids is crazy. Of course I find myself tuning in at 1am every night to get an update on Caylee or Haleigh

  32. That’s hilarious, and wige’s also… oh and your reply to Mike Wilton. Thanks for the cheer; I needed it right about now!

  33. Hi Matt,

    A million $$ question for you.

    Since we all know that last PR update occurred on 1st jan. and now its time for another update. So would you be able to inform us about when can we expect next PR update ??


  34. Dave (original)

    If you mean the PR Google’s uses as part of it’s algorithm, then it’s updating all the time perpetually. If you mean TBPR, who cares?

  35. I believe Nacey Grace is AWESOME she is the voice for these victims and anyone who criticizes her for her honesty is nuts!! She says what we are all thinking. God Bless her.
    Thank You Nancy

  36. The woman is horrible. Honesty, you have to be kidding me. Once upon a time she was a felony prosecutor advocating victims rights. Which I respect deeply and commend her for. However, she makes judgment without knowing all, if any, of the facts about a case. Basing her judgments on what has previously been reported or her sick little fantasies.

    This is an abuse of her power, and worse irresponsible JOURNALISM. She has actually turns criminals into victims under certain circumstances in my eyes, because there is no way these criminals can receive a fair trial. Scott Petersen was guilty before in the publics eyes before police even began releasing certain aspects of their investigation.

    I pray for the day she wrongly accuses a suspect. So she and CNN (they bare responsibility too) are sued for every nickel they have. Hopefully someone can bring a lawsuit against her for slander or liable in the meantime.

  37. Nancy Grace is a joke. I no longer have any interest in her abuse of power. Her hateful, spitful
    ways nor the ugly faces she makes. It appears she thinks she is god’s gift to ever hit CNN with
    her know it all attitude. What do the shrinks she has on her show think? She is a dingbat!

  38. Most of the people who have been criticizing Nancy Grace have admitted that they have either never seen her show or only seen bits and pieces. I have been watching and following her show closely for the past year now and I love her and her show. Not that I do not see any problems with it or even her at times. Sometimes she’s a little more aggressive than I could be, however that’s part of the reason I Love her. She’s smart, strong and mostly brave enough to say things most of us wouldn’t. I agree with her 90% of the time. At times she can be harsh. But if a male was doing exactly what she does, he would not be getting all this flack. People would either just ignore him or go olong their way, unless he would say something totally politically incorrect. But since she is a strong, blunt woman, no one can just walk by her without calling her the “B” word. Well “F” you all, if you don’t like her, don’t watch her. She yells, screams, and berets some people for victims, especially young children and defenseless women whose psycho husbands or boyfriends think they have the right to abuse, torture, and in many cases even completely desecrate them by raping, killing , chopping their bodies into tiny pieces and discarding them out like trash. If it weren’t for her and her show we wouldn’t even be aware of how prevelant this is in our country today. I for one, as a woman, the mother of 4 beautiful young daughters and 3 little grand-daughters am thankful to her for making us aware, in order that we make our young women aware of all the dangers out there. If you really care to save our society from monglars and people filling the air space with hate and hypocracy, you should fight to get PIGS like limbaugh, o’reiley and the rest of the hog herd off the screen.

  39. The problem with her is she was a horrible prosecutor, playing dirty to try and convict people she THINKS are guilty. She has a bias towards those she thinks are “criminals” because her fiance got murdered back in the day. I totally understand her psychology, but that’s where it, anger and prejudice, stems from. You think Hitler was a happy man his whole life? She’s just a hurt, twisted woman taking her pain out on others. Research her Duke lacrosse statements for a good laugh. She’s so transparent; She should be studied in Psych101.

  40. char calderone

    Does anyone notice that most of the complaints and nasty comments about Nancy Grace are
    from Men!!!! Typical, is she were a male she would be hailed as the greatest news
    commentator ever. Men just hate it when a woman is assertive and dares to challenge

  41. I wish everyone would stop calling the child “blanket”, he is going to have a tough time growing up as it is!

  42. Nancy, I am not a Joe Jackson fan and I really think he is over the edge about a lot of things but I wish you would listen some time to other side of view. I was spanked not beated with a belt as a child as many others people of my age and I truly don’t think Micheal was beat either when Micheal made the statement to Opha he was laughing about being beat and as a child I felt it was a beat down as well, maybe you were not spank as a child but many others were here in America because that was how they were taught and here is a question: how many other Jackson’s have came out and said that Joe had beat them as well. The media make a lot out of black men not being there for their family Joe had nine childern six boys and three girls and he was their for all of them. I believe he did the best he could even though I don’t always agree on how he went about the business side of how he ran the Jackson’s but I believe he did the best he knew how at the time. And if there was no Joe there would have not been No Jackson’s Five nor Micheal Jackson. Again I am not taking up for Joe but you need to look at more than one side of the coin.

  43. Well Char, I’m a woman, and I find her obnoxious. It doesn’t matter if we’re referring to a man or a woman, being self righteous and hostile all the time doesn’t make a person very popular.

    Thanks Jeff for the info on her background. Hadn’t watched enough to know about her tragic past. Can’t say I’m surprised.

  44. Nancy Grace can be harsh at times and sometimes I think she should just listen to her guests and not talk over them, I cringe for her ‘panel’ but you know, she does seem to care. I am glad she has finally stopped reporting on Michael Jackson’s death (for the time being) as this will go on and on and on for years to come.

    Her ‘producers’ often don’t have all the information and appear to love the sound of their own voices! Never mind, I still enjoy NG and as for Glenn Beck and O’reilly etc.. leave them alone. Everyone has an opinion and it’s good to see both sides so then you can make an informed decision and not to rule them out just because they are on Fox!

  45. I guess my whole problem with “news” shows today is that they don’t really talk about news that affects me. I know a little girl missing/dead in Florida is sad, tragic and unfathomable and it grabs readers/viewers, but it has nothing to do with me. It is not national news and would have appalled Walter Cronkite and his gen to have gotten so much coverage. Then again Brittney (sp?) Spears is not news either. I think the economy may be boring but that is news, the fact that the regular joe is still overwhelmed by the economy and the govt. is giving the car companies a bail out and a hand up by pretending to help regular joes with a 4500 incentive that really only helps the car companies, and puts the regular joe in more debt while not really affecting the environment at all, that is news, why isn’t Nancy all over that???

  46. I KNOW!!! It’s sad, but it’s not real news and it gets on my nerves. There’s so much other stuff going on in the world.

  47. PLEASE have Nancy Grace’s sustitute host (author of “I Want”) STOP plugging her book. She constantly plugs it and herself, and it is VERY OBNOXIOUS. WHO cares about her???

  48. Bombshell, B.S. Breaking news, B.S. All they do on the show is regurgitate essentially the same junk day after day and show the same pictures and slides ( amateurishly ) day after day. The last few months they have focused on the same two families and little or nothing changes. The only thing that keeps the show going are the clueless women that keep calling in clueless questions. Nancy always says they are great questions and passes the questions off to someone that she later berates and tries to make a fool of. I don’t know why the guests are dumb enough to keep appearing on the show unless they are being paid well to take all that crap and abuse. How long does Grace practice her various ” snob ” faces in front of a mirror before she goes on the show each night? I watch the show occasionally in hopes it would get better but it doesn’t.

  49. To the writer who accidentally watched Nancy Grace because it was on at the airport; I had a similar experience….had never even heard of the woman and for several minutes thought I was watching a ‘Saturday Night Live’ re-run.