Which hotel are people staying in for PubCon?

I’m booking my trip to Vegas for PubCon, which starts in a couple weeks. Does anyone know what hotels will have lots of webmasters hanging out late? Which hotel are you staying in?

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  1. Matt,

    I see you only participating on one event; Special Event : Open Search Forum with The Engines and Special Guest Moderator Guy Kawasaki.

    Would love to see you on this one too Link Buying, together with Paid Links Evangelists Jim Boykin and Aaron Wall. That would have been very exciting πŸ™‚

  2. I’m at the Wynn.

    Should be a good time.

  3. I’m thinking about going, but not sure yet. I’ve booked at the Wynn.

  4. Richard Hearne (RedCardinal)

    Two of us flying in from Ireland – we’re booked into the Hilton, and hoping there’ll be a few others there to hang with. Although being Irish we’re both complete tea-totallers and like to be in bed by 9PM πŸ˜‰

  5. I come from Tuscany (Italy), and I’ve booked at Luxor.
    First time at PubCon! And………… first time in Vegas!

  6. Richard, call ahead and request the North Tower, you’ll be glad you did. The rooms are nicer and were recently redone.

  7. Ask a ninja

  8. You’re going to Vegas, and you want to hang out late with Geeks ?! :-p

  9. Matt,

    It is my understanding Brett had Wynn set aside quite a few rooms for PubCon. The first block of 100 rooms were reserved the first day, but Brett kept getting more. Everyone I know that is going is going to be there.

  10. I’ll be at the Courtyard by Marriott Las Vegas Convention Center. This is my first PubCon, so I can’t wait.

  11. The Wynn. But since it is such a big hotel I have no idea which bar people will be hanging out at.

  12. The Wynn.

  13. Many are at the Wynn (sold out) but it’s so big and a mile from the convention center that I’m sticking with the Renaissance and know many others that are staying there. Still the most convenient hotel.

  14. Wynn

  15. Matt, since the Wynn is sold out I am booking at the New York New York hotel. This is my first time going so therefore I don’t know all the nice hotels to stay but this one looks nice and is affordable. Plus you can ride the train over to the conference.

  16. flamingo 58$ per night = winnar

  17. What Google says about it?

  18. WYNN – Brett hooked up a rate a few months ago of $169 per night.

  19. Wynn, of course.

  20. Also at Wynn.

    Why aren’t there any *official* gathering threads this year?

  21. The Wynn – not sure I’d call myself a webmaster though. πŸ˜‰

  22. I will be staying at the Wynn with my wife.

  23. The Wynn

  24. Well crap, this is what I get for waiting until the last minute. πŸ™‚ Sounds like the Wynn is sold out, so I grabbed a room at the Renaissance (right next to the convention center) as a backup for now.

    Does anyone know if the convention is in the same spot in the convention center (towards the Renaissance) this year?

  25. The Wynn

  26. I will be staying at the Las Vegas Hilton, as the Wynn was booked.

  27. I will be staying at the Wynn with my wife.

    Kind of like taking scuba to the Desert πŸ˜‰

  28. Dave (original)
    My wife after reading to her your comment is saying “I am the brake? I am the brake? and is now waving her fist in the air. I think we are off to a great start πŸ™‚

    At webmaster world there has been discussion by the users of it being where it was last year, and Brett has not corrected them to my knowledge. I have been operating under the assumption that it would be at the same end.


  29. The hilton for me, I reserved late also. But it’s right near the convention center too, so I figured that was good enough for me. Besides, I’m too old to party like an SEO rockstar anymore, so I’m kinda glad I’m not at the Wynn where all the action will be!

  30. Matt,

    After my wife got done waving her fist in the air, she suggested that the Palazzo hotel might be open and then again maybe not.

    They are scheduled to open in December.

    It is right across the street from the Wynn and next to the Venetian, and the same distance to the Convention center as the Wynn.


  31. Final note, (Jo the wife) says you can register for the Wynn on Expeida for the nights, but it is a little pricey.

  32. Matt,

    I just booked my room at the WYNN from http://www.skoosh.com/ for 210 a night – not bad. I found it through a sidestep price comparison search.

    Better then 350 direct.


  33. For first night in one hotel and i’ll find another one tor the rest of them.
    Depends of the distance and the price.

  34. Harith, I’m also doing a keynote Q&A in addition to the open search forum.

  35. The Las Vegas Hilton has some good room rates and it is walking distance. I will be staying their like a few years ago, I really enjoyed that hotel. My rates were $95 per night

  36. Matt wondering if ya plan on playing in the poker tournment Thursday nite Purposeinc has put together?

  37. I’m there for the entire week, coming in Monday and leaving Saturday, and spending an extra $800 to stay at the conference hotel just seemed like a total waste of money this time, since it’s so far away.

    When the conference is at or near the hotel it makes sense, but as you know, in Vegas it’s a little different.

    I’m staying at the Sahara, which is old, but decent and clean enough, starting at only about 60 bucks a night, leaving me an extra thick wad of cash to spend on links – errr, I mean drinks πŸ˜‰

    The Sahara is right on the monorail line too, with a stop at the hotel, just two stops from the convention center so you can get there in five minutes.

  38. I’m at the Paris. Close to the monorail, and the prices were reasonable. Plus, the food at the Paris…. Puhleaze.

  39. Hey Matt,

    I too waited too late and the Wynn was booked as well at the discount rate (well, I also called and they have a few rooms at that rate for mon – wed) and the other nights at 700 a night. Yikes.
    @Rich – I almost booked New York New York until I read Adam’s review on Yelp – http://www.yelp.com/biz/OLV_SvalAqooxsKR4iMdRw

  40. I’m at the Sahara at the moment but was just told it was a building site and so am looking at Planet Hollywood.

    Sahara is def. cheapest at $50/night (last time I checked) but there is a charge per day for phone and electric (is that normal?).

  41. I am staying at the Las Vegas Hilton. It’s connected to the convention center and not too bad.


  42. Hey Matt,

    All the SEO Chicks are staying at The Wynn =) Did a facebook question asking where everyone was staying, most are staying at The Wynn, I’m paying $200 a night, but that was booked ages ago =)

  43. Hey Matt, the registration for the Poker Tournament is now open. I expect it to fill up as there are limited seats. For now you will need the password “highroller” Harith, Adam, Dave, and everyone else here you guys are invited if there is still room when you register http://www.purposeinc.com

  44. Wynn baby

  45. Hilton

    It’s connected to the convention center. Go to the lobby and walk over to the conference. That’s what I’m talking about.

  46. I live in vegas and used to work for one of the vegas travel websites. I recommend staying away from the older hotels.

    The good thing that if you are on the Strip you are usually never to far away from anything. The paris is very nice, excalibur is cheap but nice, caesars is nice but expensive, Venetian is really nice but more on teh higher end, just to name a few…

    BTW…if you guys are looking for something fun to do while you are here how about http://www.vegashorsebacktours.com….(sorry for the plug)..maybe I hook Matt and a guest up for free πŸ™‚

  47. Walk straight up to any Hotel reception and ask to toss a coin for double or nothing on a room cost. If they refuse, they have no right operating in Vegas πŸ™‚

  48. I’m In! looks like Matt you gonna stay at Wynn.. haha..

  49. There’s about 15 of us staying at the Bellagio – The more the merrier! I can’t wait!

  50. For those of you wanting travel using the Las vegas Monorail, there is a special 20% off all and any ticket type of your choice for PubCon Las Vegas 2007


    Also, PubCon, for this year, will be located in the larger south hall, located int he same area as last year, and next to the Renaissance Hotel.




  51. Just don’t stay at the effing Frontier. Have stayed several places around the strip, and it is (by far) my least favorite.

    The best thing about Frontier? Close proximity to Treasure Island’s kick-ass breakfast buffet. It’s totally worth the price gouge!

  52. Wynn : booked early at $189 a night.

  53. Wynn, got the early rate too.

  54. Flamingo is right on the monorail, pretty nice, and the price is right. Stayed there last year and it was great. Booked this year for around $65/night.

  55. Sorry to miss you this time Matt – I’ll be at CES in January but missing PubCon this year.

    Just don’t stay at the effing Frontier
    Good advice Gwendolyn – it was demolished last week. A great video of this online – they used fireworks to “mimic” the explosion.

  56. The Wynn is the best hotel in Vegas – we’re gonna burn the mutha down!

    Drop by the bar Matt!

  57. Hilton for me – we have a travel coordinator that always waits until the last minute to book stuff 😐 but it looks nice and is attached – so I’m not complaining too loudly – definitely better than the slum I stayed in during ses san jose.

    Hope to see you there!

  58. Treasure Island — walking distance to the convention center, Mirage and Ceasar’s.

  59. Staying at the Wynn for the first time and looking forward to my first PubCon as well.

  60. We got offered a penthouse at the MGM which was hard to turn down. Especially with the jacuzzi heh. Hopefully the Wynn will let us crash the bar though πŸ™‚

  61. [ http://www.vanessafoxnude.com/2007/11/14/a-million-things-and-a-million-places/ ]
    Vanessa Fox said: *** Come say hi. I’ll buy you a beer. ***

    With an offer like that, just maybe the queue to speak with Vanessa will be bigger than the queue for Matt Cutts for a change?

    Now, there’s a challenge!

  62. Staying at the Renaissance with my wife. Um, I mean laptop. πŸ™‚

  63. I am probably the only one at the Riviera – $49 and rising later in the week but an easy walk to the LVCC. The Sahara is cheaper.

    For the person at NYNY, there is a first-timer from South Africa who is also staying there. No idea how you can hook up. πŸ™‚

  64. Makes me wish I was going now.

  65. Matt,

    Motels.com still shows some rooms available at the Wynn.

    We just ordered a booth at the LV conference. If you have a sec stop by the GoGuides booth and say hi.


  66. Wynn was sold out and I don’t know Vegas at all. I’m at the MGM, looks like I should have booked at the Hilton. That’s ok, i’ll hang out the Wynn’s bars.

  67. Matt

    I am sure most of the attendees are at the Wynn, but a bunch of people will be at the Palms (myself included) because the Wynn sold out quickly. The Renaissance is obviously the closest.

  68. My vegas reviews:

    NYNY- make sure you stay sober the rooms are very hard to find.

    Bellagio- if you are bringing your spouse this is the place to go. The fountain view rooms are worth the extra $$$.

    Planet Hollywood- nice rooms, fair price, great location.

    Tropicana-total dump

    For those looking for poker action search Google for poker forums, there is a great one whre everyone reviews all of the poker rooms.

  69. Based on this string of info, I changed my reservations from Treasure Island to the Renaisance right next door. Looks splendid – and I’m hoping to find a roommate to bring the cost down and help pay for the seeming luxury. That way I might be able to splurge elsewhere, like at LOVE, which is a simply awesome Cirque show, Beatle-music through 6 speakers in each seat.