Submit video topics for mid-2011

This submission round is now closed–thanks!

Sometime soon I’m planning to record some new webmaster videos. I created a Google Moderator page where you can post video suggestions and vote topics up and down.

Instead of short 1-2 minute video answers to quick questions, I’d like to try something new this time. I’d like to move toward making tutorials about how Google works and–more importantly–why Google works that way. I think videos that dive deeper like this video about robots.txt can be really helpful. So if there’s a meaty topic that you’d like to hear more about, please head over to the Google Moderator page and ask about it!

Just a reminder: please ask your questions on Moderator, not in the comments here. When you suggest a topic on the moderator page, people can vote for the questions and I can see which questions people are most interested in.

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  1. Please leave your questions at rather than in the comments–thanks!

  2. It would be great to have a video focused on SEO for forum owners. Google has made significant improvements in understanding and displaying post-level data for forums, but what can we owners do to enhance the understanding of google further? RDF, micro-formats, thread URL’s… Forums are treated like the bastard step-child of the social media landscape, but they provide tremendous value to their members and the general public. Help appreciated!

  3. Definitely a better approach.

    People will get much more out of a deep understanding of a feature rather than knowing many small details about it. For example it was great when Amit wrote a post a few months back detailing what Google considers to be a high-quality site rather than answering many individual concerns about what to/not to include on their pages.

    It might be a good idea to include links to these videos within Google’s SEO Starter Guide as a further resource for new webmasters.

  4. For blogs and websites, Category Pages and Home Pages that just contain excerpts from post pages does Panda consider them “thin pages” since there is no unique content on them? Will they be panda pooped on? Should they be noindexed, follow? What about if 50% of your google traffic used to land on these category pages? What to do to save your website from the evil panda poop?
    Thanks. I will post on the moderator also 🙂

  5. Hey Matt,

    Minor nit-pick, but it’s something you may want to look at:

    297 people have submitted 199 suggestions and cast 2,805 votes

    I would split this up into two sentences:

    297 people have cast 2,805 votes.
    X number of people (whatever X is) have submitted 199 suggestions.

    Again, just me nitpicking.

  6. I’ll try, thanks.

  7. Excellent stuff Matt! Will be definitely posting some suggestions so we can learn a bit more about sweet Google. Keep up the great work.

  8. Great idea for this. I look forward to watching all of the submissions.

  9. Hey there, love this idea. One problem though.. That link you supplied doesn’t actually work in twitter, meaning if I copy and paste the link in a tweet it chops it off.

  10. Sounds good. I like the idea of more clear cut guidance but I keep on coming back to that age old problem of what is quality content and what is good design. We all have different opinions and a webmaster obviously thinks his own content and design are great.

  11. I’ve cast 104 votes, uff. I’m waiting for new great videos 🙂

  12. Is good to know that Google cares about the people who are making the web with him.
    Thanks for the initiative Matt!
    I’ll see you in the videos.

    Yuri Moreno

  13. This is a great idea. Your 1 or 2 min videos were good, but sometimes it felt one to beg for more. With this, since you will provide more depth on a particular subject say ‘why one should choose separate tlds for regional targeting vs sub domains or sub pages’, this will go a long way for many people in dilemma and speculating things.

  14. I’m going to have to think of some good questions to submit. Looking through the ones that are already posted (and hearing the ones that Matt actually answers) sometimes leaves me wondering why I didn’t think of that question first!

    I’m anticipating the new set of answers!

  15. Matt, I think you should go for longer videos with more material and not just answering one single question or issue. Have you thought about podcasting or similar? I would love to check out a long video with you reviewing some of the questions coming in to you but also go through some news and stuff.

    Best regards,
    Albin Stööp

  16. Hi Matt,

    Miss your videos I will go now and submit a question hope you’re having a great summer.

  17. Dear (Cousin?) Matt,
    Sorry to post this here, but I have tried and tried to find help at Google to fix my g-mail so that all who e-mail me do not continue to get:

    “The original message was received at Tue, 12 Jul 2011 08:24:15 -0700
    from []

    —– The following addresses had permanent fatal errors —–
    (reason: Can’t create output)
    (expanded from: )”

    Even though we are receiving their correspondence. My customers and suppliers are going to much trouble to confirm that messages are getting through. And it looks unprofessional.

    Google g-mail help topics do not address this specific issue.

    Thanks for anything you may be able to do to help resolve this issue.

    Creighton Cutts

  18. Hey, Matt!

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge! Your idea about making tutorials sounds great. I’m a complete newbie when it comes to SEO but I’m more and more into it every day. Your tutorials will probably be of much help.

    Thanks again!

  19. Having looked over the questions, I think you’re going to have to be creative to get what you want out of this while still giving everyone else what they want, Matt.

    You want to go deep into issues and the majority of people seem to want yes/no instant and definitive answers. You may have to roll 5-6-7 of the questions together to make a few deeper topics while still supplying the masses with those nice short 1-2 minute videos as well.

  20. This is an excellent idea. Thanks, Matt, you always create the best videos and help me to achieve the best results possible. My hat’s off to you! =)

  21. Matt:

    Just want to let you know about a post I wrote relating to your 30 day challenges and your TED talk:

    The post is about how we can change our own brain circuitry by doing and practicing new things.

    To quickly find the part that covers you, scroll down to the section heading “Application – micro and macro zones.”

    Thanks, Matt.

  22. Thank you for the constant education, Matt. I’ve spent two week of lunches and breaks going back through the old videos.

  23. wow..

    realy straight forward made system. really good one 🙂

    thanks to the person or a team who came up with it (deserves a bonus),

    p.s. just, to be honest, this is the only place where I have heard about it – more ads are needed 🙂

  24. I would love to see more videos. It is much more interesting to me to watch someone on a video than to read an article.

  25. Matt,

    Is there a such thing as guaranteed placement on Google through AD Words. Is there such a partnership with Google with companies claiming this.

  26. wow…Its really good and very helpful for webmasters.

  27. Great, just submitted my question! 🙂

  28. I would love to see videos on how and why google works the way it does. People are begging for information like this all of the time. I’m begging too.

  29. Hi Matt,
    Great idea, I have watched all your videos which have been so helpful but more in-depth tutorials would be so much more informative for me. Thanks

  30. Great idea! It is so much easier to follow a video than a pdf manual for the lazy ones (like me!)

  31. Left my question at the forum, look forward to hearing the answers. I think we all could use all of the help we can get

  32. Matt I love this blog, I have been learning SEO on my own and I am so thankful you take the time to put this information out so we can make what we do better. I am subscribing to this blog and will highly recommend it to my friends. What can I do to make sure I don’t get Google bonked? Thank you again.

  33. This is a great idea, and you can also point the folks that make the Adwords Certification program study material in the same direction. We know Google likes content, but video content is better than written content.

  34. Sounds really cool and very useful for webmasters. Look forward to seeing them once they are finished, yay 🙂

  35. Sir, I check Google quality guidance and my site ( ) is not violating your guidance but i don’t know why Google is not approving my site, if my site really violating your guidance then please tell me where and which point my site is violating, I also send many reconsideration request but no action taken, I already lose all my traffic, please help me.

  36. Video tutorials giving clear instructions that will help to enhance the quality and visibility of good content would be awesome. Especially in lieu of the fact that everybody and their brother are busy running over to facebook.

    I think that regardless of what anyone says about seo, it is the best and most worthwhile traffic a marketer or any webmaster for that matter can get to their site. Looking forward to checking out the latest videos.

  37. Well this will add to the whole idea of Video SEO that people have been talking about for ages. Yet to see much in Google about it all but we’ll see how these videos rank (I predict high rankings under certain keywords).

    Lots of new companies setting up for creating Website Based Videos for advertising and promotion, they say it helps SEO but we shall see.

  38. Thanks Matt, this will be great for webmasters. I’m sure you know that a lot of professionals depend on your information to keep their business going.

  39. We want more good videos from U man!

    I look at Youtube when U talk!

    We want more 🙂

  40. Thanks Matt, Good update, really useful for webmasters like us. Keep the good work up.

  41. Great news Matt, I’m interested with that video tutorial again. This would easily help us understand any update regarding our work. Thanks

  42. Having looked over the questions, I think you’re going to have to be creative to get what you want out of this while still giving everyone else what they want, Matt.

  43. Matt, I know that this is not the place but I don’t know where to post this. I have several Google accounts, my home email (we bought our own domain and manage thru Google apps), my business email, a business gmail, and I manage my Toastmaster’s club YouTube. I do this to keep information separate. I HATE GOOGLE’S NEW FUNCTION OF NOT ALLOWING ME TO LOGIN TO MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS AT THE SAME TIME – EVEN IF I AM IN DIFFERENT BROWSERS. IT HAS MADE MY LIFE SO INCREDIBLY HARD!!!!!!! I have also tried to enable multiple sign in but that is a mess.

    I love your blog, I learn so much, your videos make you seem like you actually care, so I thought I would post this here to see if I can get some help.

  44. Matts thank you very much for your videos. It would be desirable to be translated into other languages ​​with Spanish in my case for a wider spread, not all videos are translated. But I repit Thank You!

  45. Looking forward to your videos. There are so many “meaty” subjects that you may have a tough time narrowing the list down.

  46. Hey Matt,

    Great to hear that the videos are in the can and looking forward to seeing the end result.

    Congrats on conquering the massive 1 Day Challenge at the SF Marathon. Awesome effort!

    Just as well you got all those videos shot before taking that one on 🙂

    Incidentally, what’s your view on including transcripts when adding video to website pages? A little disagreement around here as to whether it is good for usability or seen as repetitive and annoying. Any thoughts?

  47. Hi Matt,

    Really pleased that you decided to make the videos a little more in depth than before. I always enjoy watching them, but sometimes feel like there is more I want to know on the topic.

    Looking forward to getting a look at them soon. Is there a schedule for when they will be released?


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  49. Matt… thanks. This moderator page realy helps to cast the best questions… Several of those I didn’t know, but were my questions too.. It’s almost a reverse tutorial!

  50. Thanks Matt, Can t wait to see these videos, I think the information you give us on this site is invaluable
    keep it up

  51. I’d love for there to be longer videos. Would really begin to explain more about a subject as a posed to just answering that one question. As you can imagine answering one question for me opens a whole can of worms and I think of a thousand more on that one subject. I still think there is soo much I still don’t understand about links.

  52. Hi Matt,

    Why dont you do a video on the easy way to get top rankings. Just buy a subscription to seonuke or Xrummer. When are you going to do something about these guys?

  53. PS. I’d really like to know where you guys get your maps feed so I can get it correct and stop messing with this issue. I’m tired of talking to semi drivers who tell me they are 3 miles south of Interstate because they “typed our address in google on their phone.”

  54. Hi Matt
    i have a question about google page rank.

    if domain (index page) rank is 5 and most of other sub pages rank is 4.
    and if you just add 3 new external link in index page (with in 4 days) why Google take off page rank from index page from 5 to 4 and other sub page from 4 to 3.

    Does this 3 new external link in index page can effect entire website. If i take off new 3 external link from index page does Google give me back page rank to index and sub pages.

    Thanks in advance.
    Nuzhat Nehem

  55. @MattCutts,

    I only would have a question: Why in the world a scraper should outrank an original source? But I guess you don’t have an answer to this question, do you? 😀 #EPICFAIL

  56. Hi Matt,
    Was that you who had posted about good youtube/google channels to subscribe to (or hidden gems or should subscrible kind of list) ? I am searching for that post from 2-3 hours and I don’t seem to get it. It listed googletechtalks, reporters central, and probably google io that I remember, however there were few other resources/links that I don’t remember and I wish to explore those.
    It was a Google employee/ex-employee who blogged about it, or it could be one of official blogs, I can’t remember. Please help.

  57. Great ideas. It will be helpful for webmaster. I looking forward that video tutorial.

  58. Did you notice this –

  59. Looking forward to your videos.


  60. good idea to change things up Matt.

  61. Hi Matt Cutts,

    I had seen some comments with your name at some pages of website, so here by I want to know, that these comments are posted by you or not. If posted by you then what you may do to stop that, as all Indian blog/sites of the same niche are doing the same. your comments on are below ..

    1st Comment – Google Search Team says: August 3, 2011 at 4:47 pm
    Hello Dear,
    We have been observing you for long, your site is being observed for policy violations. The list is following:
    1. You are writing the domain titles of other websites in your post titles which is a serious policy violation as you are misrepresenting your site to fool the visitors.
    2. You are writing speculative posts. Don’t write on events which have not taken place. Our team is contemplating serious action against such violators.
    I hope that you understand that we have to make the Internet a safe and reliable place so please comply with the Guidelines.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Matt Cutts

    and 2nd Comment – Matt Cutts says:
    August 3, 2011 at 4:48 pm
    Hello Dear,
    We have been observing you for long, your site is being observed for policy violations. The list is following:
    1. You are writing the domain titles of other websites in your post titles which is a serious policy violation as you are misrepresenting your site to fool the visitors.
    2. You are writing speculative posts. Don’t write on events which have not taken place. Our team is contemplating serious action against such violators.
    I hope that you understand that we have to make the Internet a safe and reliable place so please comply with the Guidelines.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Matt Cutts

    hope you will answer –
    Pankaj Singh (New Delhi, India)

  62. (A bit irrelevant but…) Not sure on what Google’s “spam” policy is against those buying/selling +1’s, but here is a company who is openly giving examples of sites who have bought +’1s through him… Assuming this is bad (as I am certain it is) His clients will be ticked if they see this! …

  63. It is really a great idea for users. Google Moderator page where we can post video suggestions and vote topics up and down.. It is easy to use and Instead of short 1-2 minute video answers to quick questions.

  64. This sounds like a really good idea, i hope to see a video about how internal links are seen and judged by google and how important it is. Also mentioning good practices for internal linking recommended by google. thanks.

  65. These offers are all over the net,

    Another great Google idea exploited by the BH’ers. I suppose it gives us something to talk about until next month lol


  66. Hi Matt,

    I know I’m posting in the wrong place but ….

    Well done Google on your backing for Bletchley Park.

  67. I have question about “link” two type of link. I will ask you on webmasters forum.

  68. I have a fundamental question. I have a blog for almost 9 years. I’m sure my blog has quality. I work hard. I worked many years as TV reporter, I learned to make texts short (1 minute), when I started doing blog, I did not know anything about blogs. I created a blog full of errors, not optimized with the help of others. Today, I know how to make blog, but my texts continues have a few words. result? high bounce rate. Now, Google cut my PR and my visitors have fallen a lot of ( Panda)
    is correct, Google, (banish) someone just because of the bounce rate? I am very devastated with this situation. I have worked hard to learn and make a successful blog. Now I lost everything. Sorry my english, and sorry, but My question has no answer in the forum/webmasters

  69. Why is it that Google thinks Canada is closely related to Australia/UK?

    I live in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada.

    If I search [weather] my top hit(s) are BBC weather, New Zealand Weather, South African Weather, Australian Weather….

    Weather Environment Canada is #4 on the list

    If I search [collingwood weather] I get the forecast of ‘Weather for Collingwood VIC, Australia’

    If I search [collingwood ontario weather] I do get what I expect.

    I often see UK and Australian results… this is just weird. Is it because of our ties to Queen? 😉

    note, none of this is signed in, however, being signed in does improve things.

  70. Matt, is Google + growing? Or to ask in another way, are you using it more or did any friend ask you for an invite?

  71. Dear Matt:
    I wanner report this websites spam,scam!
    this websites spam links,scam my money and selling the fack products.
    please check them and do something.

    Thanks you

  72. Matt, why did you stop posting on your blog, we (or maybe just I?) miss you..

  73. Wow! Seriously, the video tutorials are magic. They do wonders for me. Thanks!

  74. There are many companies who is openly giving examples of sites who have bought +’1s through him

  75. Cool, thanks Matt – I will submit a question via the Google Moderator page shortly 🙂

  76. Matt,

    We think domain age factor interrupts panda update. Copy feed fetcher sites takes advantage. Any thoughts?

  77. Looking forward to the new series of videos.

  78. Great idea. It will be more helpful then the 1-2 min videos

  79. Hi Matt,

    Any update on the videos. I love the idea and your previous videos have always been helpful. Let us know if there is an ETA of the “winners”.

  80. I would like you to cover the new changes in Google, for example why pages are ranked higher if they have been shared by a friend on linkend.

  81. As usual I am late but it looks like the quality of videos are getting better. I really hope Google can start addressing more “post Panda” SEO solutions. There are a ton of SEO blogs that talk about Panda update but I really like to see some actionable things I can do to improve from Panda. I know sites that invested in quality unique content and nothing much happened.

  82. Hey Matt,

    I went over to the moderator site you mentioning, expecting to see other people who submitted ideas as to not post any duplicates. I take it, I can’t see what has already been posted huh?


  83. This sounds like a great idea. My only concern is will there be any unique voting implementation to keep voting fraud to a minimum.

  84. Thanks Matt, This will be great for webmasters. I’m sure you know that a lot of professionals depend on your information to keep their business going.Thankb you.

  85. “Some browsers are capable of parsing “non-western” characters in the URL slug e.g.日本語/blog/ but others just render gobbledygook. Does it help search engines or hinder them to use “non-western” character URL strings?”

    and BTW WHERE and WHEN can we submit questions for the NEXT
    Matt Cutts video blog series i.e. is This still the right place to post them?

  86. Your 1 or 2 min videos are good stuff, but sometimes I feel I need more info….I’ve cast 10 votes. I will be waiting for these and other great new videos !!