Submit video questions for May 2010

It’s that time! On Monday morning I’ll record some new videos. I created a Google Moderator page where you can post questions or suggestions and vote topics up and down. I won’t be able to answer every single question, but I’ll tackle several popular ones plus a few of the more interesting questions. Please submit questions that lots of people would be interested in, not just a question about your specific site.

Just a reminder: please leave your question on the Google Moderator page, not in the comments here. When you leave a question on the moderator page, people can vote for the questions and I can see which questions people are most interested in.

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  1. I like the personal responses you cover in your videos. Looking forward for more interesting questions to be answered this time.

  2. I’ll definitely be adding my own questions to the moderator page. There’s no shortage of great questions to ask Matt Cutts about SEO .. Cheers!

  3. Thanks god, I suspect many webmasters have something to ask about the latest weeks …

  4. Looking forward to it Matt, especially if you pick my questions πŸ˜‰

  5. The G. videos have been a consistant source of knowledge and inspiration and offering viewer input for types of questions to be answered sounds like an excellant idea.

  6. Hi guys,

    This is great news Matt. I’m looking forward to the videos. Thanks for sharing.

    Kind regards,


  7. Excellent Matt, thanks again.. It’s always a good watch seeing your take on popular questions.

  8. I think Andrea above is probably correct. Imagine lots of questions about the new SERP and underlying changes.

  9. This is not supposed to be a comment, just notifying you the the link is broken
    and returns a 502 code… its bad for your SEO to have a broken link…

    Just kidding, i want to ask a question on the panel but cant reach it,
    please fix the link !

  10. i’m having the same issue as Stav, would be great to ask/vote on some questions but just can’t get to the site πŸ™

  11. link is working fine for me. please try again.

  12. Thanx Matt -as a beginner, reading Your blog helps a lot in terms of learning.
    additionally,your approach and style makes it even easier to understand all of
    complex seo language and tools-especially for newbies like myself.

  13. I promise I won’t monopolize this round of questions like I did the last one. I’ve only submitted one question so far…. but thanks Matt for answering all of the questions I submitted last time.

    By the way.. If you want to email me back a good time to catch you at SMX Seattle, that would be great. I’d still love to do a quick video or what not.

  14. Hey Matt,

    I think you underestimate your popularity, the questions are piling up dude, and looks like most of mine have been asked.

    Good Luck!

  15. Matt you are always full of creativity and ideas really nice.

  16. Looking forward to the video – I see you have over 300 questions there already!

  17. Hi Matt, I voted two questions hope i will get the answer of these questions. I love to watch all your video questions answer.

  18. We looking forward to the video……Hurry!!!

  19. I’ve noticed a major problem with your moderator page, it works in firefox but returns a blank page when using chrome. It has been blank in chrome since you put it up.

    Chome does not render the page becuase the wrong DOCTYPE is uses, so you owe me a cookie.

    For anyone having this problem, the page is reachable in firefox until they fix the doctype. Or you use inspect element in chrome and edit the doctype.

  20. i write a question.
    thanks for help.

  21. thanks Matt, you are a great help and also advice about learning things about search engines.. thanks very much.. just wait for my questions!! lol. I am hoping that they may be good.

  22. 30 day no extra work (only 9-6 job nothing after or weekends)

    goodluck Matt

  23. Can you please let us know when you’ll reply the questions. Thanks

  24. Hi, Matt,

    Adobe is investing heavily in their Adobe Business Catalyst hosted cloud platform, but there’s a big problem with sites launched there. When you develop a site, you start on Later you atttach a domain name,, and that is how visitors later reach your site, although it is always still available at Then there’s a third domain: if you do any secure transactions, Adobe shows the whole site on, since you can’t have your own SSL attached to their hosted CMS plaftform.

    The issue is Google is initially crawling the site because it’s visible first, later also crawling, and even crawling and seeing the exact same pages on three domains.

    Adobe currently provides no way at present to do a 301 redirect between these three. The only way to avoid a Google duplicate penalty would be: 1) put a robots.txt in the root saying ignore all pages on although that seems risky as it might cause Google to also ding or 2) register in Webmaster Tools and ask URLs to be removed.

    Is the only true solution getting Adobe to completely block all client sites on subdomains on Google crawls daily of course since Adobe has all the Business Catalyst content on the same domain: forums, help, their sales and marketing, as well as thousands of client sites around the world. When I post on the Adobe forum there, Google has it indexed the next day.

    I have searched the Google Webmaster forum for an answer to a unique problem like this with a hosted CMS and multiple domains and can’t seem to find a true answer of what a webmaster should do.

    Any advice?

  25. Dear Matt,

    In an interview you stated that a site needs to be built for the customer (as we have always focused on with success) you also said that search engines faceted navigation can be difficult from a search engine perspective (to my understanding and interpretation it’s a little conflicting which leaves me confused).

    Which brings me to my Question:

    With positive customer feedback we have been expanding faceted navigation (narrowed down sets of the same original content creating multiple pages by adding parameters in the URL) to help users narrow down our wide range products in any given category.

    Does Google view it all as duplicate or low quality content? If so what is the best solution to make it clear for the crawlers to index all the variations for the right relevancy?

    Jay, Monmouth NJ

  26. Hello Matt,

    I got important question for you. I have a site that is not .com .org. .net or .us. Does it matter to get links from english sites to my foreign country site when looking at seo.

    Thank you.

  27. I have a general question about a organic seo keyword

    The keyword is [website] and [web site]

    I have a domain name that belongs in this organic cat., but I notice doing research that it seems google has blocked this specific keyword, [No new Domains added] [and search results stay the exact same over time]. Some site likes godaddy being on the top of the list there might be benefiting from this but I think its rather unfair to all the rest of the google users for these keywords to be blocks if they are indeed blocked.

    Whats your take on this Matt?


    Paul J

  28. Hi
    I have a question with no concrete answer in help forum(didn’t found one yet).

    If I have a domain and someone will do 301 redirects from spammed,banned domains to … why my website is be affected?
    It’s a simple way to be eliminated from first 10 .com domains, do the worse things to them to be banned from google….and after that redirect them to a competitor…
    I think it(301 redirect) should be related/connected to same google-key.

    Thank you.

  29. Hello dear Mattcutts
    we, as a Online Marketing Planner in Iran have some difficulties with RTL languages, specially in SEO tools.
    what is your recommendation for that?