Submit video topics and webmaster questions

I’m planning to record some new webmaster questions next week. I made a Google Moderator page where you can submit topics and vote for different questions.

Please ask your questions in on the Google Moderator page, not in the comments here. When the comments are in Moderator, people can vote them up and down.

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  1. Awesome! Your YouTube videos have helped me out a lot with my SEO. Thanks a lot Matt and keep up the great work!

  2. Best YouTube videos ever.

  3. Is it just me, or do about 95% of the questions have a Panda, Penguin, or link theme?

  4. Matt, thanks for giving this opportunity, I have try to reach you and other folks at Google to find out how can we help Google to improve SERPs for US-Hispanics, I wanted to add a question about this but is not possible.
    This market is by far one of the best ways for a US company to grow and based on my experience Google is providing a less than decent experience to users of this market.

  5. These videos have not been posted yet to YouTube correct?


  6. Please keep doing these awesome videos. These are the main resources we trust amongst tons of speculative information.

  7. Why is this good for nothing EMD still ranking?

  8. Hey Matt,

    When are you guys going to prevent users from submitting Moderator questions? That has to be the worst round of them ever (through no fault of your own…the people asking them are just parroting others). Might want to put the lock on the door before it gets any worse, knowhatImean?

  9. Hi Matt!

    The Google moderator page is great, I´ve been reading that page for a while and I already see your answers in webmaster videos. For instance, many people have asked for the disavow tool, and there it is. Keep up the good work!

  10. Matt,

    Why does Google decide for me what language Google should be presented in? When I go to I want English. Not the language of my location.

    I did some research online and there are many people complaining about this. Fix this problem please. It’s like spam and might even be considered a privacy issue.


  11. Can you provide any insight into why sites that steal content are able to rank above the sites they stole the content from FOR that stolen content. Is there anything outside of constantly pursuing the content thieves that we can do to remedy this?

    By way of example, I often spend 20 hours or more working one one game which I will test over and over in a party situations till it gets the best results. It would be impossible to deal with the number of sites that copy such a game, but it’s the ones that copy them word for word and then outrank me that become particularly frustrating.

    I realize that every business online or offline has to deal with stealing. I get that. Still, I’d love to know if there is anything I can do outside of putting a pink STOP sign on my pages to say DON’T COPY to help keep content thieves from ranking above me. I actually have done a pink stop sign and even LARGE images and copyscape warnings over time, but it doesn’t work either.

    This is probably not a priority video-worthy question, but a girl can dream… !

  12. I have been working with website owners that are using commercial SEO tools. I have noticed these tools recommend the removal and disavowing of no-follow links pointed at their site. Is it possible for no-follow links to contribute to a bad link profile?

  13. ross eldrin taupa

    hi matt, can a blogger do promos that has the mechanics of: “share this promo post to social networks a random sharer wins an iPhone 5” is this kind of promo legal?