SES San Jose video interview

Another day, another video interview. This one was with Greg Jarboe at SES San Jose. You can watch it on the Search Engine Strategies channel on YouTube, or I’ll embed it below:

Some of the things we discussed:
– a quick story about interviewing at Google in 1999
– the opportunities of cell phones and mobile platforms (3 billion of them!) vs. personal computers, as well as hyperlocal information.
– cloud storage servers and storing your data in the cloud
– how it’s cheaper than ever to start an internet business, with a choice of platforms ranging from Facebook, iPhone, Android, OpenSocial, to Google App Engine.

In my last video I got rickroll’ed in the background. This time the background was psychedelic, because the main conference stage was behind us.

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  1. It is a good setting for the interview, Matt, but what I find amusing is how small the interviewer makes you look. Maybe you’ve just been dieting.

  2. I had the same reaction. I mean, is Greg Jarboe’s head as huge in real life? Oh, and nice interview.

  3. Matt you looked great!!!

  4. Sorry, this is not related… but I could of sworn recently you did a post about nofollow and how you were testing to see how the other search engines handled it these days. Please tell me you deleted the post for some reason, otherwise I’m getting slightly concerned about my mental state! … but only slightly. ^_^

  5. Thanks Unix Kungfu Panda,

    Missed San Jose nice to see new search areas poping up in moblie opening up, hyper local and hyper mobile targeting getting some coverage.

  6. Dave (originial)

    Matt, don’t you think that ANY business SHOULD at least show they are serious by NOT using a free platform like FaceBook, Blogger etc? After all, all these are socialising paltforms and NOT business platforms.

    They day I’ll use my credit card on a FaceBook site or alike is NEVER going to come.

    I started my business by buying a Domain and hosting it on a shared server for about $50.00 per Month and using FrontPage. 10 Years on, I’m on a dedicated server paying 10 times that.

  7. David, Interviewer is fat that why matt looks small lol 🙂

    Good speech matt

  8. As usual, in real time, I am putting your recommendations into action. All the answers are here if people would just take the time to follow Matt Cutts.

  9. David Airey, I have been exercising more. Jag, Greg is a taller/bigger guy than me, and I was slouching too.

    himynameis john, I think you’re thinking about maybe?

  10. I really appreciate the GPS service. My provided offered GPS service at a fee which I chose not to pay for. Imagine my please to find that I would load Google Maps on my Blackberry as my GPS!

  11. Google apps and Google Cloud. I am on it right now.

  12. Hi Matt,

    Great blog. I have a suggestion for google search results but I can’t seem to find a feedback link on google’s site anywhere (the contact us page at didn’t list an option for generic feedback).

    Since I knew who you were I thought I would just ask you: where can I send google feedback on just general usability?



  13. Matt – thanks again for taking the interview… very well done. Until next time – Matt McGowan, Search Engine Strategies and

  14. Matt, you and Greg totally blew it on this interview. Come on…hippie background and no random That 70s Show bouncing around? You totally have to take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to you.

  15. Great interview matt, im on it 😉

  16. You should start eating more meat, in order to keep up with your interviewers 🙂

    I agree that it’s easier than ever to setup a little project on the web and make a couple houndred dollars each month on advertising. But try to get venture capital these times. I wonder what the financial crisis will have an effect on new start ups the next couple years…

  17. Great interview, again! Fun and optimistic. Would have looked better, for me, without the ever changing intense colors in the back.

  18. Matt, I have a technical question, I hope you can provide a recommendation, it is related to duplicate content.

    In e-commerce site, there are often multiple category for a single item. users may get to this item from different categories.

    ideally, I would have parameter that indicate which category users are coming from, so that I can show the correct category information. such as

    you see, now I create multiple version of same product which may result in problem of either PR or other problem for search engine

    what is the best way to resolve this? many thanks in advance…

  19. Hello Matt,

    I am not your biggest fan, but I sure need your myth-busting blog posts, and videos. Is there a chance for us in the SEO community to see more of your videos, like that about the alt tags for example? I am sure we would all appreciate that.



  20. Dave (originial)

    Am I the only one who sees the ease of which anyone can start a web business as a bad thing? IMO, there are already more than enough scams and fake busineness since the advent of the Web, no need to celerbrate the fact it’s getting easier to steal from people.

  21. Great video! Love the new tools and what Google is doing with apps.

  22. Nice interview. Exciting things ahead.

    But I’m worried about the way Google is indexing websites. You claim there’s no human intervention, but could you explain me why the following is happening to my site:

    Webpage reaches first page, is dropped(meaning not ranked for the same keyword-still listed-other rankings remain unchanged) within a day or two, comes back on page 3. After weeks/months is back on page#1, to be dropped again within a couple of days; comes back on page 3, and once it reaches the first page it’s …dropped again. 3 times same scenario within the last 14 months.

    When I’m on page 3 my listing remains virtually unchanged for weeks/months. When I’m dropped it can be weeks. But when I reach page 1 I’m dropped within a couple of days.

    Note I’m not a SE spammer, the site in question offers original quality content.

    Human intervention, or is the algorithm having second thoughts each time it ranks me up there with the big guys?

  23. Dave (originial)

    John, what you desribe often happens to many web pages. Best not to constantly check rankings (SEO who chaise their Tail do this) and focus on web page content.

  24. Good to hear that Google also faced the real startup heat..looking forward to hear some more talks about Google’s early days and also about the new features coming in….

  25. Matt, I have a question if you were to see header h1 tags or keywords etc, behind an image on a website should you report them to google ? I thought that this was not allowed. or should i not worry about it and will they be dropped from the google search engine?

  26. I was wondering if categorize posts in to more than one category does it create duplicate content in wordpress, and does it count against my site?

  27. Hey Matt, i will just say.. you are one of the ones. I will call u the best and funnys guy on the internet, you way to talk and act is so cool.

    This is one of the best interviews i had seen in long time, thank ouy.

    / Paw

  28. I really like these videos instead of texts. It makes it more interesting an fun:)