Video: Recap of SES San Jose 2006

I recorded this last week and I’m just now getting around to pushing it live. If you didn’t get to attend Search Engine Strategies San Jose, I’ll mention some of the stuff I saw.

Session 14: Recap of SES San Jose 2006:

A short review of news from SES San Jose, and some educational or funny moments.

– Industry news
– People I got to meet and didn’t get to meet
– Some of the changes happening to people or companies recently
– Fun moments

I only talk about the high-order bits, but I hope you get a little bit of a feel for what the conference was like.

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  1. Concerned Webmaster

    Hi Matts

    Just an idea for your sitemaps team. Would it be possible for them to develop a tool to locate duplicant content with a site (only dups related to a particular url) and display the relevant urls for the webmaster to take action against.

  2. You could so a search with:

    “your content”

    to find content within a site so I don’t see why that wouldn’t be a tool that could be developed.

    What I’d like to see is something that will warn me when someone else is stealing my content. Kind of like Copyscape but automated within Sitemaps.

  3. I meant to say “do a search” and not “so a search”. It’s late…

  4. echolu

    hi matt,
    need your helps. thanks in advance!
    my question is most of guys think backlinks=inbound links, i though so before, and i thought backlinks are not include internal links, but i see backlinks through google toolbar, found backlinks include internal links, i am confused, because glossory explain inbound links is “Links pointing to a website. When a user arrives at a website from another site, that link is called an Inbound Link.
    ” pls notice is “from another site” not “from another pages”, it is different, so i think inbound links arenot include internal links, inbound links not = backlinks, backlinks’s explain is “Backlinks are links pointing at a specific page. Most major search engines allow you to see who is linking to a page or site. That process is called “checking backlinks”. Some toolbars have shortcuts for this process. The syntax is often “link:http://example-url-here/”..
    “. what do you think it? i am crasy for it now, need your help really!

  5. Thanks Matt

    I like the videos

    I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say thanks for the time and effort, it’s much appreciated.

  6. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the info. Great video. SES San Jose sounded like lots of fun.

    One thing I have noticed though; I can still do a site: search on Yahoo and I don’t have to authenticate myself. I do get redirected to, but don’t have to signin to get the results.

    Ok, I am authenticated on Yahoo siteexplorer, but I wasnt signed in to get the site: results. Unless I missunderstood your comments in your SES video?

    Anyway, thanks for the info and look forward to your next blog.


  7. Concerned Webmaster


    If you have a lot of content and a lot of pages it would take forever to identify dup. content using such a command, I’d prefer Google’s dup. content filter to trigger a warning to give you a clue where the filter has been triggered. Its not as though I publish duplicate pages, but if some are very similar and trigger a filter, then I think that I should be entitled to be warned about it if it will have detrimental effects on my site. As for scrapers, that’s Google’s job to find that stuff.

    Also, great video’s Matt.

  8. I hope ViperChill will transcript that video too. It’s an other video that we have to translate… Or you could add subtitles Matt 😛

  9. Hmm? Yeah Matt, that would be interesting to know. I mean what’s duplicate and what’s not? We made a site with lots and lots and lots of photos on static pages… generated them with Picasa with some modifications, not a bad tool for that by the way… so pages are similar aaand… and there are pictures that i put up in more than one album, for there are themed and regional ones as well, and they fit in either. If the title and directory and links are not the same… is it still okay? I wonder.

    I wonder if i’ll get to know the answer someday 😛

  10. Yes, many thanks. Learning alot from these videos.

  11. Danny Sullivan Leaving Search Engine Watch over Contract Disagreement

    I’m leaving Search Engine Watch as of December 1, given that its owner Incisive Media and I have been unable to agree on terms to renew my contract. I’m also leaving the Search Engine Strategies conference series at the end of this year. Leaving Search Engine Watch on my personal blog Daggle explains my reasons for departing in more detail. I won’t get all mushy and sad to say goodbye to readers yet, since I’m still planning to work just as hard as ever for Search Engine Watch through the end of November. I have no news on who will be taking over, but I or someone else from Search Engine Watch will keep you informed as Incisive makes those plans

  12. Hi Matt,

    Did you recently check your XHTML & CSS validation?

    I did….

  13. Dig the old-style rocketboom like background

  14. Hi Matt, thanks for the update on industry trends, it definately helps because I read bits and pieces from all different places, and you gave a summary of all.

    And I’ve also noticed site: command takes you to another place in Yahoo and it requires you to log in and such. It’s not just the site: command, it’s everything SEO related, such as linkdomain: and such.

    Great job Matt,
    – Paul Zhao

  15. Matt, I wanted to meet you and say hello, but everytime I was you there was a crowd of 5-15 people around you. Oh well, maybe in Vegas I will say hello. Oh, and keep the videos coming.

  16. Couple questions on duplicate content:

    1. Will the following two URLs be considered duplicate content:


    2. Next will the following two URLs be considered too similiar and thus be considered duplicate content.


    I have recently gotten 103,000 pages indexed by Google but most of them are supplement results. I am still happy with the trend I am seeing (site traffic doubling every week; but yes still only 600 visitors a day) but why the heck are 90% of the listings supplemental results?

    I am trying to figure out the duplicate content issue so I can make the appropriate changes but nobody has made clear what is and what isn’t duplicate content (that I have found).


    Brent D. Payne

  17. Page Rank Dilution:

    Is it accurate to think that the following is an example of a site having extensive page rank dilution due to a poor URL structure?,GGLG:2006-23,GGLG:en&filter=0

    Could it also be a possible duplicate content concern?

    David Payne
    Business Development and Special Projects

  18. Matt thanks – A nice summary and good of you to point out Yahoo’s new search tool.

  19. Christian, interesting point. It’s working for me without signing in now. There was recently something on Yahoo! that required me to sign in to do site: queries, but I don’t know why it isn’t required now. Curious. 🙂

  20. Matt;

    Thanks for the shout-out in your video blog!! You should have seen Jessica and I smiling like a couple of loonies when we heard our names. You have made two very dorky girls day!


  21. Kelly Jones

    Hmmm, is it just me or is anyone else a little worried that giving all your url’s to Yahoo Site Explorer might cause them to discount any links between any of your sites? I don’t do all that much cross-linking but several of my sites link to each other because they contain related information.

    Hey Matt, last year on September 22nd our SERP’s went from page 1 to listings in above 900. While they came back a month later, the same thing happened on August 17th. Since I know we’ve followed the guidelines, how on earth do we figure out what is wrong?

    Also, please give some feedback to the sitemaps team. They list some pretty strange 404 url’s on our site. Since we have no idea how they found them (i.e. some random link), how can we know how to fix them? Just let them know that a simple idea of where they found the link would be helpful.


  22. Cool stuff, Matt. I’m glad someone finally said something about companies who use conferences to launch things…that’s a move that can backfire as much as it can help. Besides the point you made, if it’s new and it sucks, why expose it on a grand scale?

    Off-topic question: what’s the deal with ? That thing reminds me of the “Tomny Hulfiger” knockoffs you see at the flea market.

  23. Kelly Jones, I’ll pass on that feedback about 404s. TATDBTM, I hadn’t seen that site before..

  24. g1smd

    nobody has made clear what is and what isn’t duplicate content

    I thought that we had done this topic to death over at WMW in and several earlier threads.

  25. Hi,

    Good thread.

    Yes i agree with Adam is naff. The brand name is Google, it doesnt mean much in english either so there is no need to change it, unless it means something rude in Turkish, does it?


  26. Thanks for the mention Matt… I finally got my pictures from Joe, and I’ve posted them at my blog.

  27. Matt:

    This site/person claims to know and to have interviewed you and that he has the “sercet sauce” so to speak on high organic listings. Have you actually talked extensively to this person?

    I remember one of your blog posts talked about people making these kind of claims so I thought I’d check with you.


  28. Matt,

    I’ve also noticed that doesn’t redirect “site:” queries to siteexplorer? Ok, so Yahoo haven’t rolled out siteexplorer worldwide yet, or that seems to be the case.

    So you can do a site: on and still get the good ol’ traditional Yahoo results.

    Just thought I would let you know.


  29. Hey Jordan,

    I have spoken with Matt at an SES event. I went over the process I was using to build a site at that time with him.

    Matt, straightened out my thinking on how to build a site to do well in Google. I listened to what Matt had to say and now do very well in the Google SERP’s without playing the games of the past.

    Thanks again for speaking with me Matt!

    If you are wondering if Matt actually knows who the heck I am, check out this post on Matt’s blog:

  30. Al

    My company has branches in several different countries. Hence, we have different websites for each country.

    At times, our US branch releases a press release. Shortly thereafter, our various branch offices in other countries place the press release on their website as well.

    Now, the question is, will these press releases, duplicated by our various branch websites, suffer a duplicate content penalty? In other words, is there potential for Google to remove our website(s) from the index based on this?

    I ask because I notice that our press releases get picked up by various news organizations as well, which I assume is OK based on the fact that these press releases are syndicated content.

    In closing, our websites are clean and we are a large, multimillion dollar company. We just want people that visit our website(s) in other countries to be able to read the press releases.

    What are your thoughts on this?

  31. I would really want to download that whats the file size because I have some restrictions.


  32. What I’d like to see is something that will warn me when someone else is stealing my content. Kind of like Copyscape but automated within Sitemaps.