Verisign increases .com fee to $6.86

It looks like Verisign is increasing fees to $6.86 for a .com domain and $4.23 for a .net domain. Around this time last year the fee went from $6.00 to $6.42 for a .com domain and from $3.50 to $3.85 for a .net domain. The new fees become effective October 1st.

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  1. huh? Advertising?

  2. Why do you think they are raising fees, Matt? Is there a hidden cost that will affect all registrars?

  3. Michael Martinez, I believe Verisign signed an agreement in 2006 that they are allowed to raise fees by 7% in four out of six years:

  4. 7 percent a year??? Only college tuition and medical insurance go up that fast. FTW?

  5. Nah Greg. With the inflation over the past year food products have went up substantially, something along the lines of 20% for dairy products alone.

    This probably has more to do with the weakness of the dollar than anything else. In reality, how much of an increase is this to say, the Euro?

    According to the inflation calculator (you can check for it in Google by searching [inflation calculator], $6 in 2006 is the same as $6.32 in 2007. In 2008 it had to have increased about the same if not more.

    So in reality, the increase isn’t an increase at all but possibly a decrease when comparing it to real currencies.

  6. Ah for the good old days, when domains were free and anyone could get a Class C IP block if they wanted one…

  7. Still a lot cheaper than Godaddy and you don’t have to click through 18 pages to order or renew your domain lol

  8. I didn’t even realize Verisign was a registrar, thought they just did SSL certificates and such. Still, you have to admit when owning a handful of domains, the expense of owning domains is minimal. When you’re renewing a 1000+, it’s another story.

    Are there any regulations in place on percent increase limits? I often wonder if one day registrars will bump renewal rates to 10X what they are now.

  9. Hmm, will this price increase lead to a slight decrease in spam routed through the AdWords search network from AdSense for Domains traffic? There are people at your company that don’t take spam seriously. Ridiculous.

  10. Looks like the smallest post you’ve ever written Matt 😀

  11. Dave (Original)

    That’ll send many a Web business to bankruptcy 🙂

    IMO, the standard base price should be about $100.00 per Year.

  12. I never paid a dollar to Verisign. but my hosting company.
    Yes, this post is really short, maybe a SMS:)

  13. Short post, short comments.

  14. >> Richard
    It wont help in spam thing as mostly spammers love .info cuz its cheap !

  15. Google should become some kind of -independent- TLD-domain registrar and DNS provider for a new generik TLD like .gnet or .go

    and give them away for free

    -> more people with home pages, more people produce content. more for google to serach (and monetize with ads)

    just a thought

  16. 7 percent a year??? Only college tuition and medical insurance go up that fast. FTW?

    So does gas.

    What exactly is the raising of prices supposed to accomplish, besides lining the pockets of a corporate dinosaur who continues to screw over the unknowing general public, anyway?

  17. What exactly is the raising of prices supposed to accomplish, besides lining the pockets of a corporate dinosaur who continues to screw over the unknowing general public, anyway?

    Legal fees.

  18. I agree with Dave (original) rates for a .com should be high enough to put people off domain squatting.

  19. I would better go with Godaddy or domainsite rather than verisign..
    I really had some problems and glitches with them.

  20. Highway robbery! lol – I use goduddy also and try to keep everything all in the same spot. Though I have had a couple issues I don’t think the grass is necessarily greener in other pastures.

  21. You do realize that you have to pay Verizon this prize to register your .com domain, no matter who your hosting company is?

  22. I’m not quite sure if that’s a good move in a period of recession risk.

  23. Good morning Matt,

    In October 2006 you were kind to explain to me the difference between data push and data refresh .

    Would you be kins, at your convenience, to explain to me whats the difference between “reshuffling” and “tweaking” that might happen at the data centers 😉

    Wish you a great day and a successful week.

  24. Looks like they’re taking advantage of the full 7% – it’s still cheaper than many other domain registrars.

  25. very cheap compared to some of the country domains .ie is over $40

  26. Just to clear up a couple of points:

    Verisign is the Registry for .COM. That means they administer the domain and can make contracts with Registrars.

    A Registrar is a company who has a direct contractual relationship with a Registry, for example GoDaddy or Tucows.

    A Reseller is someone who sells domains through a program organised by a Registrar.

    This news means that Verisign is raising the cost of a .COM/NET for their Registrars. They are only ones able to buy at this price, *not the general public*.

    This does of course mean the price will go up, as both the Registrars and the Resellers need to make some money. In some cases though companies will sell domains at a loss in order to try and sell additional services to you, such as hosting.

    It’s worth keeping this base cost in mind though when you buy domains though. If you see someone selling for under $10, ask yourself how much support they can realistically offer you? Will they take the time to protect my property from complaints or domain fraud/theft? Sometimes going the cheaper way costs far more in the long run, especially as domains become more valuable.

  27. Hi guys,
    I think domains are too cheap in general. I’m always for price reduction but in this case I have a little problem. People buy domains by hundreds and there must be a mechanism in place to stop that practice. High price may be e deterrent to some extend, although it may never stop a spammer from buying domains in large bulks.

  28. Matt,

    Just a quick, offtopic, question. Do you guys still do something with spam reports? Seems like it’s just a “feel good” feature now, but the reports are ignored?

  29. For Chetan :: Verisign is parent registry for com/net domains , godaddy also takes from them only. If Verisign increase it means increase for all.

    Matt, I only want to made 1 point here, increasing pricing by 40 – 50 cents is ok, but why verisign is not converting into thick registry, while all other registries are Thick Registries today only verisign is Thin Registry.

    Why dont ICANN gives a chance to Afilias, who successfully converted .ORG registry to Thick registry. This will secure MN of domain registrars (Remember Register Fly).

    Now they started RDE which will increase cost of Registrars, and in end will impact end users. For what verisign charging 6.42 USD, almost 70 MN domains they holding (450 MN USD Revenue), so why dont ask Verisign to make themselve Thick registry, and give backups of domain details.

    Waiting for your view on this Matt.

  30. Hmm… I never used verisign. Actually I should tell that I came to know that we can register domains at Verisign from this post. I usually buy my domains at GoDaddy. The process there is very simple 🙂

  31. Why should domain registration prices go up? There are 22 million .coms, so that’s $151 million per year gross for Verisign. The increase is $9.7 million per year.

    Despite inflation, computers and processing power is cheaper than ever. The domain registration fee should decrease as more and more sites are registered, not increase. It’s not costing them anywhere near $151 million per year to keep all the .coms registered.