Site down?

The site was down for a few hours today. I had visions of hordes of overenthusiastic SEOs, but my webhost said it was nothing to do with my site specifically–they said their server crashed “catastrophically.” I wanted to ask if they were sure the server wasn’t allergic to me, but they seemed rather busy.

It’ll make a good reason to talk about downtime sometime.

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  1. Sid

    Give us some good tips about algo and see you site crash again by the hordes of overenthusiastic seo’s of your dream ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You can make this dream reality ! just follow the little white rabbit :p !

  2. Nick

    Ani Difranco fan, Matt?

  3. Why can’t we comment on all posts at the moment? Sometimes, it says “Comments are closed” and similar.

  4. Matt,

    Great meeting you at SES. No need to approve this comment unless you’d like to, but I would like to ask about getting SEOmoz on the Google whitelist for automated queries, and see if your offer to visit the ‘plex was a serious one. You can e-mail me at the above.

    Glad to see you’ve started blogging openly; I think you’ll find it’s a great way to connect with the community. Now to enable comments on my own blog so I don’t sound like a hypocrite :)

  5. Love this Google talks.
    I’m just stopping by to say hello this time, but I’ll be sure to come back often.
    Hop, just added your blog to my Firefox Live Bookmarks.
    As Sid says, please tell us about the algo ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Love the little rabbit as well ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Definately glad to see some Google talk going around. Time to shut down some ridiculous theories and get webmasters back to serious webmastering instead of playing the ‘Black Hat’ SEO game.

  7. Matt; nice to see you sharing your knowledge with the rest of us.

    How about a post like “Top 10 reasons why Google Penalize Sites”?

    Should be very helpful for webmasters who have been penalized but can not work out why.

  8. Good luck with the new blog. Glad to see you chose WP as I think it is one of the best things going on the web these days. Not to bag on Blogger, but WP is simply far superior and still super easy and intuitive to use. Now if you could find a host that actually worked…:)

  9. noone

    When is Google going to buy TiVo or offer TV/Video search for TiVo?

  10. We are on our big mountain and would like you to take a look:

  11. Good luck with the new blog. Glad to see you chose WP as I think it is one of the best things going on the web these days.

  12. How about a post like โ€œTop 10 reasons why Google Penalize Sitesโ€?

  13. Top 10 reasons why Google Penalize Sites

  14. Thanks for the link ninodsa. I heard Google penalize sites that buy links now…gettin harder..