Unboxing the Everex $200 Linux Computer

Let’s lighten things up with a gadget post. You may have seen that Everex launched a $200 computer that runs Linux. It looks like Wal-Mart sold out of them, but not to worry: more are on the way.

Why should you be interested? Well, instead of Windows, it comes installed with gOS, which is a version of Ubuntu that is customized to work well with web-based tools from Google, Flickr Facebook, and Skype. When I heard that, I had to order one of these PCs to check it out for myself. 🙂

In this post, I’m just covering the unboxing. I’ll use the PC for a while and let you know what I think in a later post.

First, the box. The “gPC” stands for Green PC, not Google PC as some people have thought:

green PC box

When you open the box, you’ll find a pretty flyer on top of the PC:

green PC box opened

Here’s what the flyer looks like in more detail. For people that have never seen Linux, the flyer is a great little introduction:

green PC box flyer

For $199.00, I was expecting a barebones machine, but it comes with a PS/2 keyboard, mouse, and even USB-powered speakers:

green PC box peripherals

The front of the machine looks like a standard computer. You can see the DVD-ROM drive, speaker and microphone jacks, and two USB ports. There are also two silver buttons for power and reset:

green PC front

The back of the PC is pretty standard:

green PC back

Directly connected to the motherboard, you see four USB connectors and an ethernet port. The expansion card is a modem, but I believe the machine only supports broadband connections, not dial-up.

The machine itself is light but sturdy. I jostled it quite a bit and didn’t hear anything loose or rattling around in the machine. Okay, that’s it for tonight. Tune in later to see what I think of it. 🙂

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  1. Really more of a fleshed out system than I expected (with regard to the peripherals). Would be interested to see the inside of the case.

    Post is on Digg: http://digg.com/linux_unix/Unboxing_the_Everex_200_Linux_Google_Computer

  2. What I want to know is if you think our Moms could use it:)

  3. Where can I download the gOS?
    I like it.

  4. I see a picasa icom on the dock in the flayer.
    Is there a picasa for Linux that i wasn’t aware of, or does it use wine?

  5. Should be interesting to see if you can do all your regular activities on it or if it dies after a little bit of hard work. Would be nice to get machines in the hands of more people. Too bad Flash and a few other things are such a pain on Linux.

  6. http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/linux/everex-200-linux-gpc-hits-wal+mart-bowls-rednecks-over-317284.php
    Gizmodo & Wired have reviews from last week

  7. gizmodo.com/gadgets/linux/everex-200-linux-gpc-hits-wal+mart-bowls-rednecks-over-317284.php
    Gizmodo & Wired have reviews from last week

  8. thanks for the shots.

    @Uzi…good eye on that picasa icon. i’m curious to know also. i downloaded the gOS iso and installed it as a guest in virtualbox. there was a facebook icon there. this must be an update. i tried to install picasa but aborted after waiting 2 hours for the scan to complete. it ran in wine.

    checkout this flickr slideshow

  9. I love to use google everywhere for the reason if its robustness, speed and step ahead technology.

    I am just wondering and imagining what would be the experience of using gOS.

    In very first sight I am feeling that the size of quick launch icons is bigger. I really appreciate the and wishing good luck to google on gOS.

  10. Isn’t that shelf called a ‘dock’? Bunch of ripoff artists…

    Matt, do you have any idea if Google will be paying the same kind of amounts for searches from this machine as through the firefox toolbar? It’s so prominent (and highlighted in the 5 point explanation even), it must be part of their business model.

  11. Come on man open it up, want to see the inside 🙂

  12. Heeee – Wikipedia icon in the dock. Do they bundle an app for it, or is it just browser window that goes directly to the best site on internet? 🙂 Now we have MS to add ‘wikipedia’ button on the taskbar, and total domination is achieved.

  13. hey matt, where is Monitor?
    I was expecting more

  14. iirc, gOS is not affiliated with Google in any way is it?

  15. Interesting

    I belive its based on a mini-itx board having a ruler/cat for scale would be nice so we can see the size.

  16. Hmm – quite fancy one of these but as usual we’ll probably have to wait years for these to arrive in the UK

  17. That looks really cool, i dont suppose they will be in the Uk anytime soon?

  18. You Americans! 🙂

  19. That is really cool! I am eager to see your final review on this. Also, what *exactly* makes this a “green” PC?

  20. uhh.. lucky you..tryin Ubuntu ehh? Looks like a kewl PC..

    >>>but I believe the machine only supports broadband connections, not dial-up.

  21. Darn! the comment snapped..

    I was tryin to say, do open the CPU cover with your diamond studded screwdriver, you should see some free PCI slots for the dial Modem .. but hey do open it :p

  22. I do not want you to lighten things up.

  23. Aaron Pratt,

    “I do not want you to lighten things up.”

    Dont say that 🙂

    Let Matt “lighten things up” by telling us for example when we should expect the next PR update 🙂

  24. I had read about this new machine and frankly I expected less than this. I wait your post about the performance. And please, tell us if this PC is only for United States or also abroad.

  25. Excellent – there are a lot (far too many) of people here in the US and my native UK that can’t afford a “high end” computer and this is a great step forward in helping anyone get a PC.

    Will there be a gMac 😉 ???

    Nice move whoever – even the poor people can maybe learn computer related stuff now.

    What was it Bush said??? One person one computer???? I have yet to see that happen – I may be wrong


  26. I’ve been playing with gOS since it was released. My opinion is that it’s easy to use, but only because it’s a completely stripped down version of ubuntu. I mean it’s got almost nothing on it.

    It took a long time to get it installed on parallels for the mac – as it doesn’t install the normal way.

    If anybody’s curious, here’s how:

  27. Oh, by the way. What’s Google’s stance on this os? It seems like they’re trying to appear Google related, what with the g, the loco on their “shelf” and all the Google apps built in.

  28. Robert Konigsberg

    I don’t see a port anywhere for video. Am I missing something obvious, like monitors now run on USB ports?

  29. I think this is a great alternative for people who want to get online and do basic word processing without spending a ton of cash.

    It’s also a great that this might be the introduction to the mainstream public that computing doesn’t mean you must have a Windows machine.

    Great timing too with the slow acceptance of Vista and release of Leopard. I like how it resembles OS X more than Windows in the interface. I just hope you can shrink the shelf so it doesn’t take up so much screen real estate.

    Also, I don’t know about all the questions about Google and this machine. I personally think Google does a great job with it’s apps, especially if you look at the alternatives.

    I hope more people buy this machine and more people get online. This machine will enable users who can’t afford an ‘internet ready’ machine a great and secure platform to get online, and hopefully to my websites.

  30. Looks pretty good for $199.

  31. @uzi
    Yes, there is a Linux version of Picasa. It isn’t as full featured as the Windows version. I run the Windows version under Wine.

  32. Pretty nice machine like for this price and it’s great that it comes with (modded) system of my choice. :] However I’m willing to buy Eee PC for $399. It’s notebook with 7″ screen, 0,9kg weight and it comes with Linux based OS too.

  33. Hey Matt, see those two screws on the right hand side of the case in the last pic, twist them counter clockwise about 10 turns and slide that black metal piece towards you and take more pics :).


  34. This computer might actually turn out to be a great option for those who cannot afford more expensive laptops or desktop computers but are looking for a low-cost computer that will satisfy their basic functional needs. Looks like this one might be the best one out there until more companies come out with similar $200 computers.

  35. Guess this means I have to go to Wal-Mart here in Toronto to see if it’s available in Canada, eh?

  36. You can get pics and specs of the mamaboard here:


    Click on the small pic of the MB to get a large-scale view.

    The Via CPU involved is very low drain.

    It’s also possible to add the complete Ubuntu/Gnome desktop to this via:

    sudo apt-get install gnome-desktop

    …or similar. The desktop shipped is stripped down, but the guts are pure Gutsy (Gibbon, Ubuntu 7.10) :).


  37. I’ve never really understood the whole “unboxing photos” thing. What’s with that?

  38. “I’ve never really understood the whole “unboxing photos” thing. What’s with that?” So we can imagine that smell of virgin vinyl gently wafting up towards us, the gentle caress of plastic and Styrofoam and the sound of packing tape torn from Asian cardboard. That’s why.

  39. And what do you see when you turn it on? Oh yeah, no monitor…

  40. Chip are you nuts – he’ll void his warranty!

  41. >>>>I’ve never really understood the whole “unboxing photos” thing. What’s with that?

    So we can all see what is inside.

  42. Unboxing photos are awesome. Gives you a better idea of what you’re potentially going to spend your money on.

  43. The keyboard is a good “ruler” to measure the case with.

    I saw where the machine was put in a larger case than the motherboard needs… because they found people thought it was more powerful looking in a big box than a small box.

    For the laptop: http://laptops.engadget.com/2007/11/02/everex-hatches-plans-for-sub-300-gos-wal-mart-laptop/

  44. There is a picasa linux port available here:

  45. Hey Uzi, yeah,Picasa now works on Linux:




  46. Hi Matt, great post!

    This is Dave Liu from gOS. It’s great to read about gOS/gPC on a blog that I read often.

    Let me know if you have any q’s or want to meet up sometime, possibly to ask you to autograph a print out of this blog post… jk 🙂


  47. Ryan, I doubt Google cares as they’ll make a lot of money from this. I’ll bet they buy these guys out in the future.

  48. I agree with David above. The second we hit that critical price point, where almost everyone has access to a P.C. and highspeed internet, any global domination by evil forces will rapidly lose its stronghold.

    Freedom through information!

    At the price this is offered, I might even get the courage to dive into Linux!


  49. If “the “gPC” stands for Green PC, not Google PC”, the side of the box now reads, “Everex Green Green PC”.

  50. I Hope is a laptop better.$199 you could buy a normal computer.
    but its possible producing a laptop on $199.

  51. The PC looks great and all but still, paying $200 for something that does little more than access the internet is rather expensive.

  52. This PC would suit the needs of someone like my mother. All she wants is to be able to check e-mail, browse the web, and create documents.

    No, it’s not a powerhouse machine, but I commend Wal-Mart and Everex for bringing an alternative to Windows to the masses.

  53. I am anxiously waiting for the review on its performance.

  54. You can install gOS (this version of Ubuntu) on your PC if you are interested.


    I am installing it virtually as we speak…it looks sleeeek 😀

  55. What’s the point of the machine including a modem, if it doesn’t support dial up? I’m not exactly seeing how the machine could not support dial up.

  56. I download Gos LIVE cd and used it on my ACER LAPTOP. It was quite nice, its basically for anyone who really doesn’t know what they are doing with computers, or only want surfing web etc, they do not support wireless cards, hard network only folks

  57. UZI: picasa runs pretty well in linux. It is not a native app but runs under a wine wrapper.

  58. Very good pc, I’m pretty impressed.

    It’s a shame that it has only a DVD ROM, having a DVD burner for just a few bucks more would have been PERFECT!!!

  59. Zareason (http://www.zareason.com) sells this computer online to several countries other than the US, including Canada and the UK.

  60. “The expansion card is a modem, but I believe the machine only supports broadband connections, not dial-up.”

    If it is using a supported Linmodem (I’d be surprised if it didn’t) and the driver is already set up, then it does. There are still ISP’s out there that officially/unofficially support Linux and don’t require their own dialer.
    The one that I’m using is Fry’s. http://shop2.outpost.com/isp/index.html

  61. Looks pretty sweet. The faster Linux spreads the better IMHO.


    There is a Linux version of Picasa which can be found here: http://picasa.google.com/linux/

  62. Since it looks like Google has massaged the Ubuntu, I am hoping that this machine can run Google Earth with Sky. Actually is the only software that has ever crashed my ubuntu machine… not being able to run Google Earth is a huge downside for me.

  63. Someone may have addressed this question already but Picasa probably is running through WINE. Last time I fiddled around with Ubuntu you could install it as a package using the Automatix installer. Anyways hope that helps anyone else wanting to use Picasa. It also works with Google Earth. Depending on your processor it can be pretty snappy but it just varies from PC to PC.

  64. Maurice,

    “I belive its based on a mini-itx board having a ruler/cat for scale would be nice so we can see the size.”

    See the specs and the dimensions on Wal-Mart’s *shudders* product page:


    I guess if they’re bringing Linux to the masses, they have to make dirty deals with big corps. Go to http://www.thinkgos.com for more info about the company.

  65. That looks awesome, I might try and buy a gPC after seeing this. I think the OS looks cool, although I must say the “Hackintosh Leopard” looks a little bit more appealing to me.

  66. Reading through the comments I can see that some people are not familiar with Linux . Flash is not a problem anymore. The Enlightenment desktop environment does not require a lot of processing power. Picasa has been around for Linux for about two years now. All of the Google engineers use an Ubuntu variant themselves. Unlike Windows XP which doesn’t install AVI and other codecs by default the gOS can play just about anything.

    Additionally, there are more than 20,000 pieces of free software in the Ubuntu repositories which gOS uses via the Synaptic package manager. In fact with a little knowledge, if one wanted to one could convert the gOS into a full blown gUbuntu.

    For me everything worked. Although there are no accelerated graphics. So this is not for hard core gamers (obviously) but all of the Gnome games, etc. work fine.

    What I found interesting is that I could still open and run more apps simultaneously with the gOS than I can in Windows XP Pro. Good deal for the money !

  67. It doesn’t look like that, does it? That’s just an E-Machine with a port of linux on it…

  68. @ Sam I Am
    >> Isn’t that shelf called a ‘dock’? Bunch of ripoff artists…

    nope, they are called shelves.

  69. Very Cool Post!

    The gOS gets a great review on http://www.linux.com/feature/121151

  70. The previous post about flash on Linux is no longer true. I’ve run GOS from the live DVD and CD many times. All I do is bring up Firefox, and then Google for a known flash site. You then are prompted to install the plug in. The JRE (java) is more complicated, but not hard. The motherboard is not a mini-itx from what I understand, but a standard matx. The one large issue for me is what appears like a lack of a clock setting GUI in Enlightenment. Bob Eiser

  71. This is awesome. You have nice carpet Matt.

  72. Please get some shots inside the machine, I’d really like to know what kind of expansion possibilities this machine has.


  73. Trite self-promotion, imho. What value did this post share, besides to show Google partnering up with a hardware provider to increase its share of search?

  74. Still debating on whether to pruchase one to play with I have the OS and I’d say that usuability is pretty good, still doubtful it will give microsoft alot of run for its money, but could very possible become a better known OS we’ll wait and see.

  75. I’d like to know more about the ‘green’ credentials of this machine. Are they real, or are they just another example of marketing hyperbole – hopping on the ‘green’ bandwagon.

    I’ve checked out their site and it suspiciously lacks any information of real substance on that topic.


  76. Thanks for the info, Matt. I’m thinking these could be great vehicles for our ET apps for kids with disabilities.

  77. As for those of you asking about what makes this a “green” PC — although its named after the os (gOS=greenOS), the via c7 (while not the most powerful processor by any means) is a very energy efficient processor:


    I’d like to see someone plug one of these into a “Kill-a-watt” energy usage meter and see how many watts the entire unit consumes… I’m willing to bet its less than half that used by some of the entry level to midrange dell/hp/etc systems out there…

  78. I’ve never really understood the whole “unboxing photos” thing. What’s with that?

  79. Why does it have a modem, if it doesn’t support it???? Mind-boggling 🙂

  80. YaY! This is pretty awesome!

  81. Nice to see a slow but steady downfall of M$…

  82. From an earlier post by Steven Vaughn-Nichols: “At the heart of the gPC TC2502 is an energy-efficient 1.5GHz, VIA C7-D processor. This CPU draws less than 2W on average (with a maximum of 20W). Operating at a mere 28dB, the gPC also ranks as the quietest Everex desktop computer ever produced.”

    So the “g” stands for Green (not Google). This is going to be a slower PC than current XP or Linux Boxes, but still faster than Vista Home (Need minimum 2 gig ram for Vista to run right). Today’s typical laptop runs about the same speed.

    Unless you need specialized software for job, school, etc., this PC will be just fine for the Web and working with typical files, music, scanning (provided you have an HP device – which work well with Linux). At $198, a decent bargain for those that have to watch where every $ go’s.

  83. Is the mouse optical or an old ball mouse?

  84. Henrik Kibak said Google earth crashed with Ubuntu.
    I had the same problem with Feisty. Crashed when I tried to launch it.
    I installed the proprietary drivers for the graphics card and it worked fine.

  85. For all of you commenters who haven’t been reading every article on the new gPC, here are some links to answer your questions:
    http://www.desktoplinux.com/news/NS8172133608.html – talks about Google’s view of gOS – g stands for green, not google – http://www.greenos.org gets you to their website
    http://www.desktoplinux.com/news/NS7114714037.html – gives numbers on the green qualifications
    The Wired review linked above gives a pic of the inside, or you can see the motherboard (and buy it) at http://www.clubit.com/product_detail.cfm?itemno=A4842001#

  86. Machine looks nice. Not sure why it is called a green PC? If it used a VIA C7 CPU that only uses 1 watt in average then I could undestand it.

  87. Interesting. I will be waiting to see how well this works out. If it goes well I would guess we will see laptops with it as well. I have to admit the box makes it look like it is a Google product to me as well.

  88. Gotta disagree with you Gabriel… self-promotion re:search seems to be about 10% of this. Feels a lot more like getting a competitive os on a cheap machine that works well with all the tools Google is developing… much more than search going on here.

    Google should be sure to specify a bunch of associated hardware that works with gOS as well. Scanners, printers, wireless cards etc.

  89. Fry’s Electronics has been selling linux based computers at this price point for years with a number of minor linux varieties, some with VIA chips from GQ.

    My biggest question would be does it run with a major distro; e.g. real Ubuntu, OpenSuse, etc. That could be interesting

  90. can we install open office (or alternatives) on it? and what about other daily used apps not showed on desktop?

  91. about the apps, esp;ecially the graphic editor and the office suite, do we have to be (almost) always online or they work fully offline too?

  92. No floppy?

  93. Mark W. Tomlinson

    Just finished burning the gOS CD – looking forward to trying it (as an Ubuntu user since 2004)…

  94. As an existing ubuntu user I am really looking forward to trying this out.

  95. The keyboard is a good “ruler” to measure the case with.

  96. I installed Ubuntu http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download on a machine that was 4 years old.

    The things ran super fast. I also added in Beryl – amazing eye candy.

    Here’s a video contrasting Vista and Ubuntu/Beryl.


    The only drawback, and it is a big one, getting my most used software installed is difficult and requires a lot of hacking.


  97. Bring on Google and other wonderful applications

    We recommend Google for just about everything… Gmail, Gtalk, Calendar, Maps, Docs and Spreadsheets, and more. We’d like to welcome you to the idea that Google already is your “operating system.”


    Sorry, I do not want Google to be my operating system!

  98. @Robert Konigsberg, It is that standard VGA port (the blue one next to the serial port) where is is on 99% of all the other mid and low range computers in the world.

  99. Matt,
    Congrats ! I can see that your carpet is really clean :-O

  100. Looks like a cheap pc built from newegg parts.

  101. I downloaded and played with gOS last week – it’s quite nice – you can see it’s trying really hard to look and feel like OSX (not that there’s anything wrong with that) – the ‘shelf’ thing works a bit differently from the OSX dock (you can add more shelves elsewhere on the screen, for example). The Web apps in the shelf are just links that open in Firefox.

    It’s essentially just Ubuntu Gutsy with a different GUI – called enlightenment – not as graphically demanding as Gnome or KDE – and it works just fine. You can see the Ubuntu underpinnings in a few places (if you log out, the screen momentarily turns that peachy tan colour that is very typical of the Ubuntu ‘human’ theme).

    My suspicion for the reason it’s called ‘Green’ OS is that whoever put it together was hoping to sell the concept to Google (I did a bit of digging and found that there’s a website called googlepc linked to gOS, but it doesn’t actually belong to Google – just a private individual), but it looks like Google wasn’t interested, so they had to find something else for the ‘g’ in gOS to mean.

    OpenOffice is already installed by default with gOS, but interestingly, Flash isn’t – so although YouTube is linked in the dock/shelf, it doesn’t work until you install the Flash plugin for yourself (thankfully not difficult).

  102. By the way, UK residents wanting to get something like this could just buy the very similar e-pc from ebuyer ( http://www.ebuyer.com/product/128595 ) and just install gOS on it for themselves.

  103. What are you using it for Matt?

  104. Matt (not poster)

    The reason it is called a ‘green’ PC is because of the VIA CPU. The whole computer draws about 20 Watts on full load and about 2 on average. Compare this to a normal PC which is more than double, or a gaming PC which is way more! Not only do you save money by not paying the “Windows Tax”, you also save more over time due to the low power usage.

  105. If its a “Green” PC – why was it delivered in a cardboard box ?? Surely the green thing to do would have been to wrap it all up in recycled string.

  106. This is incredible. I didn’t realize computers are getting so cheap… I bought my last couple of computers at Circuit City and they weren’t quiet so cheap… Still a lot cheaper than the old days. My first computer was $3,000 so… It all seems rather insane.

  107. Looks awesome! I tried to order one of these as an extra box – just to play with – but they were sold out. Looks like I will get one of the next batch.

  108. Matt (E) – At least, here on the east coast, Walmart (online) is showing them back in stock. Think I’m gonna ‘play’ with one too 🙂

  109. cool!!! now we can be computing the environmentally friendly way. I guess and i hope it will be affordable to the masses as i need a new PC anyway 🙂

  110. I’m just glad that IE is not anywhere on the dashboard! 🙂

  111. I think it looks quite cool… i’d rather have one of those than some dell machine.

    dont think i’ll get rid of my imac just yet tho 🙂

  112. Will these be available in the UK?

  113. In the UK, Tesco are actually selling a similar PC for £160 preinstalled with Ubuntu Dapper.

  114. Kill-A-Watt measurement on gPC:

    I had the impression that the gPC would consume 20 Watts maximum. However, even when shutdown, the gPC consumes 5 watts! (The USB powered speaker remains on, as does the green light on the ethernet connection.) During normal operation, my gPC consumes 41 Watts (0.5 Amp at 122.8 V). The VA reading is 66 and the power factor reading is 0.61. I will definitely use a switchable power strip.

    Alas, the Green PC is not so green as I’d hoped. The old gateway PC I use for my web server only consumes 30!

    If your major concern is to reduce power consumption, there are other options: Check out Zonbu, which I heard about on ecoGeek..

  115. Hey, Nice rug!

  116. Just so people know…I have now been to three separate Wal-Marts in the Greater Toronto Area, and the gPC is not yet available at any of them.

  117. @Uzi: Picasa for linux, AFAIK, is kind of a mix of what you said. Google realeases a version for linux based on Wine. 😉

  118. I bought a gpc online from wall mart .com.
    I did not like the gos desktop and switched to openSuse 11 with a KDE 3.5 desktop.
    the speed is fantastic.
    The easiest Linux install I ever did.
    Everything works.

  119. hello
    getting it next week
    please advise how to connect wirelessly to fios using westell usb adapter(is it possible)

  120. guys… this is a normal machine with 512MB memory and 1.5 Ghz processor, with 80GB storage. although the model pictured here is a little different than the version i have (i’ve got gPC2 … only has one button -the power button- on the left side), it is the same hardware.

    you can and SHOULD remove the pre-installed gOS, and switch it out for Ubuntu 8.04 LTS. Gnome is easier to use for a beginner, IMHO, and Enlightenment is … well… kinda crappy.

    full support for the D-Link WDA-1320 wireless PCI card FYI

  121. i bought one but i cant get it to go online
    with my peoplepc can anyone help please!
    Thank you

  122. Good review but I was hoping for the list of the specs of the computer too.

    Its great to have many choices on computer units and also on the software available today. For many computer techies, all is a must try experience to be able compare the quality of the product itself.

  123. Dominik Hoffmann

    Everex, as of today, it seems, has folded. Their home page states:

    Everex is Closed

    We regret to inform you that Everex is no longer in business. We have closed our operations and are in the process of liquidation of all our assets.

    All current issues that are currently in for repair work will be completed and returned to their respective owners. This will be done in the order that they were received. All items that are not returnable will be held in our liquidation assets pending contacts or liquidation, which ever comes first.

    We would like to thank all those whom have supported us through the years.

    Thank you and Good Day.

    – Everex Staff

  124. Flash hasn’t been a problem for since Ubuntu 8.10You gotta click ok to install the first time you load a website with flash but after that,smooth sailing.Now SHOCKWAVE on the other hand is still a no go for linux.At least it is for people who don’t know how to work with the commandline.

  125. What is the point go download Unbuntu and enjoy free mainstream stripped down computing.

  126. Hi I purchased a Everex computer about two years ago, I have misplace my disk that I need to put in my 25 code to run my Microsoft Word is there any way that I can get that code to run it.