Back from Foo Camp…

I’m back from Foo Camp 2007 but omigod, I’m so sleepy that I’m seeing double. I stayed up until ~4 a.m. Friday night and 5:30 a.m. last night, and breakfast started at 8 a.m. Some of the late night time was chatting with people and some of it was the Werewolf game. No way around it — getting up for work tomorrow morning is going to suuuuck.

I think Foo Camp is off-the-record, so I’ll make only one observation that anyone could make from public photos. Jay Adelson of Digg looks like he was separated at birth from author Neil Gaiman:

Jay Adelson Neil Gaiman

Adelson’s hair is longer than his picture, so the resemblance is even more noticeable. They also both strike me as bemused at the world. Jay and Neil, you guys should meet each other.

Okay, I’m off to bed. Thanks to Tim and the O’Reilly folks for a fun (un)conference.

Update: The Foo Camp on/off-the-record policy is nuanced. Talking about the general experience as a participant (“I got my laptop laser-etched!” or “They stock the restrooms with Make magazine here!”) shouldn’t be a problem. The preference is that sessions not be recorded/live-blogged (so that people can be spontaneous), and that anything said in confidence should be kept that way as if it were under NDA. People should to be careful to check with other participants to make sure that any commentary preserves the expectations of whether the conversation was public or private. When in doubt, assuming something is off-the-record is the safe policy. If you want to get a flavor for Foo Camp though, Kara Swisher did a short video about it.

Back in town; one more week of vacation

I hope everyone in the U.S. is having a safe Memorial Day. My wife and I were out of town last week and got back on Friday. A couple people on my 2007 vacation suggestions page mentioned Mexico, and that’s where we decided to go. We found a resort in Los Cabos on the Baja peninsula and just relaxed down there for a week by the beach. The weather was perfect for reading summer books. Here’s the view (my wife took this picture):

Los Cabos

When I look at my personal Google Reader trends page I can see where I’ve been reading fewer feed items during May, and then no feeds at all last week, followed by a couple catch-up days:

Recent feed reading

I’m still on vacation this week. The first work-related thing I’ll do is talk with webmasters for SMX Seattle 2007 next week. I’ve never been to Seattle/Kirkland/Redmond/Bellevue before, so I may try to go up a little early and see the Google office up there. I’d love to see where the Google webmaster console magic happens. 🙂

Where to go on vacation?

I mentioned that I was planning to take several weeks off in May. Well, it’s May now and I’m starting on vacation really soon, but I haven’t planned any travel. Okay, that’s not quite true; I’m heading back to Kentucky to see family early in the vacation. But I haven’t planned any other travel yet. Anyone want to offer recommendations on good/fun places that I could visit in May?

Travel/vacation plans for first half of 2007

In case people are interested, this is how my travel and vacations appear to be shaping up for the first half of 2007:

– I’m taking next week off. I didn’t really get to take much time off between Christmas and New Year’s, and my seven-year anniversary is this month (!), so I’m planning to get out of town with my wife, read a few books, and not check email. At all. 🙂
– mid-February: I think I’ll make it to SES London and then stop by Google’s Dublin office. It’s been a while since I’ve been to a search conference outside the U.S., and I’d love the chance to visit Google folks in Dublin. For that matter, I’d love to visit other Google offices from Hyderabad to Zurich, but it’s important to start somewhere. 🙂
– March: nothing but work planned. There’s a couple search conferences in Australia, but I think other Googlers will do a fine job speaking down under.
– April: I may hit SES New York, depending on how busy things are, but it should be a good month to get work done.
– May: I’m hoping to take a few weeks off in May.
– June: mostly work. But I may duck up to the Search Marketing Expo (SMX) for a couple days because I’ve never gotten to visit the Kirkland team on their home turf. 🙂

Right now the second half of 2006 2007 is looking like a solid expanse of work, perhaps with a trip to PubCon in November.

I’m in Omaha

I’m in Omaha, so light posting this week. I’m checking with PR if I can post pictures of my slides from the “Search Engine Smackdown” talk at PubCon. And since my slides were all nice, polite, and smackdown-less, I expect that I’ll do a “poor man’s version” of the talk on the blog sometime soon.