Wordle for Nancy Grace TV Show

I recently completed a huge “Media and Journalism” project: I transcribed over 500 hours of the Nancy Grace TV show on CNN. It took a long time, but here is an exhaustive Wordle tag cloud of all the words used in those 500+ hours of television:

It's all about Caylee

It appears that all 500+ hours consist of those six words repeated over in different combinations.

I’m not serious and didn’t really watch or transcribe 500 hours of Nancy Grace. In reality, Nancy Grace uses more and different words. It only feels like every sentence is “little Caylee” or something similar.

Miss Kentucky wins Miss USA

Tara Conner, Miss Kentucky, won the 2006 Miss USA contest.

Respect to a fellow Kentuckian. Next stop: Miss Universe. After that? Miss Multiverse, baby. 🙂