One million video views!

This year we’ve been making and posting videos on an official webmaster video channel, and earlier today we hit our one millionth video view. Making these little movies has been a ton of fun and we’ve covered dozens of topics for site owners.

We decided to celebrate in a couple ways. First, we added captions to all 150+ videos (over 11 hours of information). That’s important because for movies with captions, you can translate the captions into different languages. Now if you want to watch my videos but see the captions in Portuguese or German or Turkish, you can!

The second way we celebrated is with a fun video. As you may know, I recently lost a bet with my team and they shaved off all my hair. Click to see the 30 second explanation of why I’m bald. But you may not know that my team recorded a video as I lost my hair. Now you can watch and laugh along too:

I hope that you enjoy the video! You may want to subscribe to the webmaster video channel to see more free webmaster videos in the future.

Video of my “State of the Index” talk

One of my goals for 2009 is that when I do a substantial presentation at a conference, I want to recreate that presentation for the people who couldn’t make it to the conference. As part of that effort, we just did a post on the official webmaster blog with the video and slides from when I spoke at PubCon Las Vegas late last year.

Through the magic of embedding, you can watch the talk here too if you want:

and you can view my slides online or follow along below:

This video runs a bit longer than the in-person presentation did (a little over twenty minutes); if you decide to watch it, feel free to leave it going in the background while you get other things done. You can also get access to this video in high-quality — just click on the triangle near the bottom-right of the screen, and look for the “HQ” option.

Video of my “Preventing Virtual Blight” talk

If you need a search fix, we just posted a video on the official Google webmaster blog. Essentially I recreated a talk I did for Web 2.0 and posted it online. You can also watch it below if you’d prefer:

and you can also view the presentation slides I used or watch the slides directly below:

I’m making a resolution this year that when I do a substantial (not just Q&A) presentation at a conference, I’ll try to recreate a version of the talk later on for the people who couldn’t attend the conference. I’d like Google to communicate more and more this year, so this is another step to help with that.

Hat-tip to Jonah Stein; he was one of the first people to highlight the phrase “virtual blight” and how that blight makes the net a worse place.

SES San Jose video interview

Another day, another video interview. This one was with Greg Jarboe at SES San Jose. You can watch it on the Search Engine Strategies channel on YouTube, or I’ll embed it below:

Some of the things we discussed:
– a quick story about interviewing at Google in 1999
– the opportunities of cell phones and mobile platforms (3 billion of them!) vs. personal computers, as well as hyperlocal information.
– cloud storage servers and storing your data in the cloud
– how it’s cheaper than ever to start an internet business, with a choice of platforms ranging from Facebook, iPhone, Android, OpenSocial, to Google App Engine.

In my last video I got rickroll’ed in the background. This time the background was psychedelic, because the main conference stage was behind us.

PubCon video interview

I spoke at a few conferences in the second half of 2008, and a video interview from PubCon recently came out.

The always-charming Mike McDonald and I did a 10 minute video interview at PubCon a couple weeks ago. A few of the topics that this interview covers:

– how personalized search affects SEO and how ranking reports become less important over time as a result
– the fact that Google returns different search results by country, e.g. a search for [bank] for the United States returns different results than [bank] in the UK or in Australia. (Note: I had a brain freeze and said “Thomas Cook” when I meant to say “Barclays” or “Lloyds TSB” as an example of British banks)
– the broadening role of SEO and embracing the fact that SEO is a type of marketing
– we talked about Flash, and I pointed out that while Google has gotten much better at crawling and indexing Flash, you can’t just think about search engines; you also have think about the user experience, especially on mobile devices these days.
– we discussed 2009 trends in SEO, including: 1) expect many people to embrace broader view of SEO that includes marketing and social media such as Twitter, and 2) blackhat SEO will become even more malicious
– subdomains vs. subdirectories
– we also chatted briefly about the Kentucky basketball team (Go Wildcats!)

Check out the interview for yourself if you’re interested.