Halloween 2006: Zombie Jeeves

I really enjoy Halloween. Let’s recap. Sometime in 2000 or 2001, I went as our chef Charlie (the one who once cooked for the Grateful Dead):

Matt and Charlie

Then in 2003, I colored my hair and went as punk rock Matt:

Matt Cutts as a Halloween punk rocker

In 2005, I picked up the blade of the six-fingered man to become Inigo Montoya:

Inigo Montoya!

See, it’s not a pirate. It’s Inigo Montoya. I was drawing a blank this year, so I asked for suggestions. One suggestion I liked was Silent Bob. He’s easy to do (just a trenchcoat and baseball cap), plus you get full mobility and full facial recognition. This morning, I tried it out to see what I thought:

Matt as Silent Bob

Not too bad. But earlier this month I was thinking about a halloween costume that was specific to search. We were always told that Jeeves “decided to retire in style and cruise the happy seas.” That’s always been the official story:

Jeeves happily sailing around the world

But what if Jeeves didn’t retire? Someone should Ask™: what if someone decided to retire Jeeves by deadly force? My high-level contacts within the search industry have suggested that JEEVES WAS MURDERED!! I have compiled this infographic diagram to illustrate one potential situation:

Ask(tm), who killed Jeeves?!?

In Halloween memory of Jeeves, I decided to dress as Zombie Jeeves.

Matt Cutts as Zombie Jeeves for Halloween

Rest in peace, Jeeves. Rest in peace. Here’s the typical Jeeves pose:

Zombie in profile

And now spammers can have a zombie after them in addition to Inigo:

Zombie on your trail, spammers!

So, are you doing anything special for Halloween?

My name is Inigo

It’s Halloween, which means a chance to dress as something else. After my Earl experience went pretty well, I decided to have fun for Halloween. This time, my name is Inigo. Hallo! My name is Inigo Montoya. You spam my index. Prepare to die!

Ingo #1

And of course some Inigo grooming of the moustache was in order. A perfectly good mullet wig had to die for this outfit:


Will any spammers feel the blade of Inigo today?

Spammers, feel my blade!

Anybody care to post their Halloween pictures? 🙂


I tend to get into Halloween every other year or so. A few years ago, I went as Charlie, our chef who cooked for the Grateful Dead, and who is now opening up his own restaurant called Calafia. Here’s what it looked like:

Matt or Charlie? Charlie or Matt?

Recently I was in San Francisco and ran across a bright orange sport jacket. Hmm. Mikkel deMib Svendsen is known at conferences for wearing his trademark orange blazer:

Mikkel deMib Svendsen

How would an orange blazer it look on me? (This is before The Great Shave.) Let’s see:

Matt in orange blazer

Meh. Maybe among SEO/webmaster folks, but nobody else would get it. What do you think I should go as for Halloween? Or what are you planning? By the way, my vote for best Halloween costumes goes to cockeyed.com. I think I’ve spent about five hours reading his site over the years.