Gaping hole costume for Halloween 2009

This year for Halloween I tried to do a see-through hole in your body costume:

Gaping hole costume

It worked okay, but not great. The biggest problem was that I didn’t have a gadget lying around the house that could output live composite video. Both my normal video camera and my digital camera had exhausted batteries that wouldn’t recharge, which is a gadget fail on my part. And while my Flip video camera is tiny and it can output pre-recorded video through a composite cable, it can’t output live video (?!). Lame. I didn’t care enough to buy a new battery-operated gadget that could send out out live video. I settled for projecting scary Halloween images and video, but it wasn’t the same as a hole going right through your body.

I found a plastic “Roman centurion” breastplate for $10, but that led to the second problem: the breastplate was too bulky. I trimmed the breastplate down a lot, but it still was too substantial:

Gaping hole costume

Next time, I’d go with just cardboard and duct tape. On the bright side, the costume was comfortable and quick to take on and off. It wasn’t that hard to make, either. Just a little bit of cutting and duct tape did the trick:

Gaping hole costume

I might circle back to this idea down the road, but I think it’s safe to call Halloween 2009 a mixed bag.

Halloween 2008 wrap-up

I missed a few Halloween tidbits:

– Our Halloween post on the Google webmaster blog gives you a feel for Halloween at Google. The dog dressed up as a lion was pretty awesome. There was also a guy dressed as the Android from Google’s mobile phone OS.

– What happens when a witch accidentally collides with a telephone pole? This is what happens:

Witch accident

– Besides the yummy mummy cupcakes, my wife also made chocolate candy corn cupcakes:

Chocolate candycorn cupcakes

– Fitz took a turn as the Dude.

– And my cat Ozzie decided that he wanted to be a feather boa dancer for Halloween:

Ozzie with a boa feather

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween!

My Halloween 2008 Costume: Rick Astley

For Halloween this year, I decided to be Rick Astley. With a little bit of hair spray, spray-on hair color, and some make-up for a widow’s peak, it looks like this:

Rick Astley in blue jeans

Matt Cutts as Rick Astley in blue jeans

Rick Astley in trenchcoat

Matt Cutts as Rick Astley in trenchcoat

Rick Astley in suit

Matt Cutts as Rick Astley in suit

What fun. To make the costume complete, I took my Android G1 phone and bought a copy of Never Gonna Give You Up from Amazon for $.99. Then I put the song on continuous loop and turned on the external speaker. The G1 can really belt out music! Presto, not only do I look like Rick Astley, but I’m Rickrolling everyone who comes within ten feet of me!

In order for you to fully appreciate the experience, I’ve added an “embed” code into this blog so you can experience the costume for yourself. Let me know if it works for you. 😉 (Update: Apparently Firefox and Chrome don’t like embedded MIDIs and other Web 0.1 technology, so I’ll spare you the audio experience of getting rickroll’ed.) Thanks to my wonderful wife for the idea and for her help with the costume this year. She also made a special treat for people at work:

Mummy cupcakes!

Yummy mummy cupcakes!

Other Halloween fun from previous years.

Halloween easter egg: Google protects itself from zombies

You probably saw Google’s Halloween logo today:

Google Halloween 2008 logo

But you may not have noticed that Google made another change for Halloween. Check out Google’s robots.txt file today:

Google Halloween 2008 robots.txt

That’s right. Zombies are disallowed from accessing /brains on Google today. You can never be too safe! 🙂

Hat-tip to Google Blogoscoped spotting it first and to Search Engine Land for a round-up of Halloween logos.

Halloween 2007: LOLCat

This picture pretty much says it all:

Matt Cutts as LOL cat

The T-shirt is hand-made with an iron-on. The only thing you’re not seeing is my tail in the back, and the back of the shirt says “K THX BYE.” 🙂

If you don’t spend all your time on the internet, you can find out more about LOLCats here.