Play hockey at Google

I don’t do Googler-only posts that often, but this is one. Everyone who is not a Googler, please stop reading–thanks!

Okay, now it’s just me and 9,378 Googlers, according to the latest public numbers. Hola, recent Googlers! As Google gets bigger, it’s important to maintain our Googliness for as long as possible. But what can you do to help preserve Google’s culture? Well, there are lots of ways, but I’ll just suggest one for now.

I submit that if you work in Mountain View, you should try playing roller hockey. We play Tuesdays and Thursdays around 4pm or so. If you’d like more information, go to Google’s intranet search and search for [roller hockey]. Look for the page with “RollerHockey” in the title. It’s a little-known fact that once you play hockey 7-8 times (enough to show that you play regularly), Google will reimburse much of the cost of protective gear.

If you don’t work at Google (hey, why are you reading this post?!), first get a job at Google, then come join us for roller hockey. 🙂