Twitter/Summize search flaky?

I’ve started to post more on my twitter account recently. Less than two weeks ago, Twitter bought Summize. Good for them; I like both companies. But should return this entry in Twitter’s search results. I don’t see it in Twitter’s search results:

No joy on a Twitter search

What’s the story, Twitter/Summize folks? I can’t escape the feeling that I would have found that entry on pre-acquisition Summize. Does anyone know more about when Twitter’s search has gaps?

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  1. I’ve noticed Summize/ not doing as good since Twitter has acquired them. Take a look at the trending topics, for example. There’s almost always one because lots of people are spreading a Digg story. When Summize owned the search engine, that wouldn’t happen. The other day, there was a trending topic that a number of spammers started. And some other times, it wouldn’t think right: “Twitter’s” and “Twitter” would be trending at the same time!

    Summize has certainly gone downhill both on the trending aspect, and the actual search. It’s a shame. πŸ™

  2. I’ve not used Twitter, but Youtube’s search drives me up the wall sometimes, it can’t seem to handle searching more than a few keywords.

  3. Great profile shot.

    I joined Twitter after seeing your last blog Matt.

    I note that it is slow and times out a lot.

  4. Matt, check this –

    This just came in the status which i posted..

    It requires your name too in the tweet and not your username out of the tweet.

    The text i wrote was – ” testing out search of twitter for @mattcutts by searching for wordpress ”
    This had both mattcutts and wordpress in it.

    But what you wrote had just wordpress and not mattcutts in it.

  5. Matt, why your worker delets my comments ? Truth hurts ? I bet that you don’t even read them, why care and think about all this depressing messages… Live’s so beautifull when you’re rich and powerfull, why waste time to answer some desperated Google’s victim posts. You only like this ass-kissing comments, because Google’s prefect, you’re like a hero and everybody loves you, right ?

  6. Matt,

    Have tried it on entry stinch (Copyright Matt Cutts 2008, All Rights Reserved) and it looks ok πŸ™‚

  7. @Nobody:

    Render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar. (sorry just had to comment on the flamer’s post)

  8. I also noticed that summize is now missing entries in its search results, and it seems to have coincided with Twitter bought them. Prior to the acquisition I never saw summize skip anything (at least that I could tell) … now it regularly leave entries out of the search. No pattern that I have been able to detect. Just more Twitter randomness to its usefulness. That seems to be Twitter’s trademark: randomly useful

  9. I’m not sure if summize captured all of the comments related to my twitter account. I did begin watching them more closely after it became search.twitter and I’ve noticed a tweet or two not pass through. Even when twitter was down for periods of time last week, it appeared that search continued to update “results” so I’ve been keeping both tabs open on my browser to follow conversation.

  10. Nobody, if you genuinely want advice on your website, I recommend that you visit the Google webmaster discussion group linked from and ask what might be happening. I gather that you’re not happy with your PageRank, but you didn’t give any specifics that would let anyone give advice.

    Harith, yeah it seems like Summize/Twitter *mostly* works. It’s just that it didn’t bring up the twitter I wanted that I knew I did a few days ago.

  11. Dave (original)

    But should return this entry in Twitter’s search results

    Why “should” it? You are starting to sound like a bitter Webmaster πŸ˜‰

  12. Matt,

    You wrote a great informative and educating post about filing a reconsideration request (reinclusion request).

    For the sake of infomation and education of webmasters/publishers, I wish you to consider writing a post about the DMCA process and why its necessary to file such notice.


  13. I tend to agree. Summize was pretty cool, very up to date. A few recent searches of post acquisition Summize has left out posts I know exits, and ones I would have expected to show.

  14. Matt,

    i found you in and now follwing you, hope i will have a word with your there about πŸ˜‰


  15. Matt, we both well know that it’s not my websites fault. Google has penaltied thousends of websites after PR update. PP has nothing to do with Serps. I’ve lost everything, I’ve invested to internet, something less stable then everything else and I’ve lost, just like other webmasters. All i want to do is to make you think about all these people and me also – think twice, before you’ll ruin someones live again. Just stop giving penalties for random websites. It’s not just a website – it my be someone’s life.

  16. @Matt Cutts

    Yes I saw this myself with the jokes we were sending to Brian @copyblogger. The results in the search were missing two of my entries to him. Very flakey.

  17. Not sure why there are gaps, but I am not a huge fan of searching on Twitter as you are right it is a bit flaky!

  18. I love Twitter. I wish I could incorporate it into my own search engines.

    Thanks matt!


  19. With all the sites out there like Twitter, myspace, facebook, etc… I think it’s pretty much over kill.

    I don’t usually have the time in a day to get my work done let alone post on 20 different personal sites.

    I predict (and hope) that any weight those types of sites have in the algo are nullified. There way to much room for abuse just like what happened with blogs.

  20. @Matt Cutts:

    What is your opinion of Netvibes, if any?

    I thinks it’s kind of a cool site and joined. Here is my profile.

    I was able to add camo back ground, which is great for a wanna be panzer kommander like me.

  21. Hi Matt,

    I also like the new Twitter search very much although it does have a hickup here or there.

    Also, thanks for leaving a post on our MindValley Labs blog the other day. We did get seriously hacked and finally managed to get it taken care of and fixed.

    Also, since you are deep into the SEO community, I thought you might like to check out our latest SEO tool… Would love to hear your thoughts.

  22. Nobody, you won’t even leave your site name as your email address so that I could try to help. Leaving anonymous comments with no way for anyone to address them isn’t constructive; I would have left a site name at least instead of a fictional email address.

  23. My answer being a correct one, why did you delete that comment?

  24. My opinion of the Google search results isn’t very good either at the moment. So I guess every search cannot be perfect. The big problem with the Google search is that the big boys hog all the rankings at the top. Even if there is a better, more focused site on a particular subject, deep pages from the big boys will cover almost at least the first 5 pages or so. Just for mentioning something, they will get good rankings.

  25. Wouldn’t it be nice to have just ONE social network that has it all and does everything right? Get’s old to bounce back and forth and add the same friends on them all. πŸ™‚

  26. in regards to the one social network, has anyone tried ?
    They are in beta still, but I can get some approval codes.

    Anyways, just tossing that out to Mike

  27. Thanks for information.I been using Twitter for almost a month and until now I did not know the features and use it. Twitter is a micro-blogging on which you can post your message and what is the benefits of using this.?

  28. Twitter just needs to completely rewrite their software from scratch. It’s a cool concept that grows on me more each day but it really has some substantial performance issues. Digg went through a similar stage but seemed to fix their bugs in quicker order.