Hey folks, I hope you’re doing well, and wanted to catch you up to speed on some new life happenings. Namely: babies. Two of them at once. Lindsay and I welcomed healthy fraternal twin boys into the world a few months ago.

So far, Twin A is big, open, loud and easygoing with his smiles. He’s also built like a tank, and a one-baby workout for anyone’s back. Twin B is smaller, quieter, and more shy with his smiles, but when you get a smile from him, you feel like a million bucks.

The babies are thriving and happy, and Lindsay is steadily recovering from a required C-section. In classic Lindsay form, she’s done a remarkable job with the kids, all while recovering from major abdominal surgery. Some of which includes, breastfeeding, non-stop pumping, running an ad hoc HR department (ie. sourcing help), hosting humans, sending me flowers with love notes, and more. All on very little sleep. Women are phenomenal. My woman in particular. She regularly leaves me in awe—and the boys are lucky to have her as their force of nature Mom. ❤️ 

It’s strange to observe the different standards for men and women as parents. Men are often glorified for doing small things (“You took your baby for a walk!”). Meanwhile, Lindsay dealt with all-day nausea for 6.5 months during pregnancy. In her “stubborn meets perfectionist” way, she also gave up coffee, her favorite foods, refused to take any painkillers, and more to make sure the babies had their best shot at optimal health.

Pumping breast milk for twins means she hasn’t gotten a full night of sleep for months. Women carry so much weight (literally, as Lindsay points out), and it’s often treated as though “it’s your job.” It quietly goes unquestioned. It also seems people rarely check-in regarding how much women might be holding throughout the whole process. Our society needs to learn how to recognize, support, and celebrate women in these spaces more.

Instead of the highlight reel that people see or post on social media, I hope we can move towards creating more spaces that talk about the challenges of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. It would be a more honest way to live and interact with one another, which is kind of what life is all about.

Sometimes when I’m trying to get a baby to sleep, Lindsay will come up behind me and guide me on how to sway or move or shush. It feels like dancing and it’s a wonderful way to learn how to sooth babies. One of her most impressive feats (to me) is taking a baby, coaxing him to sleep, then taking the *other baby* and coaxing him to sleep. Back-to-back baby whispering. 

We still haven’t decided how we feel about pictures of them being on the internet, so here’s a tasteful silhouette of Lindsay and twin B instead:

Lindsay and Twin B

So if you’re wondering what we’ve been up to over the last little bit, that’s it. 🙂

We’ve spent two cold winters in Canada, and are hoping to be elsewhere during the winter months. If you have thoughts on warm/fun places to spend the winter, with a baby-friendly tilt, let us know. California, Washington DC, Costa Rica, and Europe are all places we’re considering. Let us know if there’s places that are great to spend a winter with young ones!

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  1. Congratulations Matt on the twins!! You guys will definitely be busy with your hands full. Thanks for the update:)

  2. Stephane Poirier

    Congrats to the 4 of You… Very Nice Words, well said Matt.

  3. So happy for you both – congrats! Wishing you and your family all the best!

  4. Congratulations Lindsay and Matt!! Lindsay, I love your content on Instagram, always calming and peaceful. Keep smiling xx

  5. Oh this made me tear up. Congrats Matt and Lindsay! What a wonderful journey you are embarking on.

  6. omg.. congrats!!

    So Far 4 + years and NO pictures of “Paisley” (boy) online… i wouldn’t.. but that’s me.. Google Photos are cool.. but private.. you can also make books from pictures every holiday and year ending.. Google Assistant can read the alphabet and count numbers and spell words.. hint.. place one next to changing table… if you ever need daddy advice.. please ask.. p.s. you can do totally plant based after the breast feeding stops.

  7. Congratulations on the twins. Thanks so much for your thoughtful commentary on the challenges women face in parenting and life.

  8. Matt,

    Congratulations, hope you consider moving here to San Diego, love to catch up from the SMX/Pubcon days.

  9. Damien Anderson

    Hey Matt, congrats on the twin adventure with Lindsay! 🎉 I’m so happy for you both! Twin A sounds adorable, and Twin B’s shy million-dollar smiles, magical.

    Lindsay’s a real superhero, recovering from a C-section while playing HR boss and running a dairy operation — talk about a pro juggler!

    Thinking about warm winter, you could try somewhere you’ve both not been to much, for more adventure. Valencia in Spain is super relaxing or Germany’s festive Christmas markets could be awesome spots for your duo.

  10. Woo-hoo! Twins are the best! As you know, we started with twins, and i know it’s not a question of which parent has a baby… it’s now more which one do you have? Enjoy the chaos. It’s delightful, and they grow up fast.

  11. Congratulations 🙂
    You might enjoy Sicily…

  12. Twins are called “ blyznyuky” or “ dviynya” in Ukrainian.
    Congratulations! 🎉💪

  13. Parenting is a lot of work. Children are our continuation in this world. I am the father of two girls and I know what children are. 🙂 Children are joy! Children are happiness! Health to the little ones, congratulations to the wife!

  14. Congratulations on the twins. Health to the little ones!

  15. Congratulations Matt! Wishing your babies a very happy childhood, and to Lindsay, a speedy recovery, and, hopefully, more sleep!🥰
    As a mother myself, I was deeply touched by your message of recognition of women’s work. I hope more people will hear it.

    As for the place to spend winters, you might probably find Portugal suitable – it’s warm in winter and very beautiful. Also big IT hub in Lisbon and Madeira.

    All the best,

    PS, the silhouette photo is masterful!

  16. Congratulations, Matt and Lindsay!

  17. Dear Matt and Lindsay
    I heartily congratulate you on such a wonderful event – the birth of two little miracles.

    Twins are double the joy, double the cuteness and double the happiness. May these two little lives always fill your home with joy and laughter.

  18. Hey Matt, congratulations on your progeny and how much your wife has contributed in this process. Give Palm Springs a consideration it’s nice and pleasant during the winter time it’s hot in July and August but the rest of the time it’s sunny and lovely and very affordable relative to the bay area.

  19. Congratulations Matt on the arrival of your twins! Wishing you lots of joy and memorable moments as your family grows. Enjoy this incredible journey!

  20. ¡Vaya, cuánto tiempo!
    Me alegro mucho de que todo esté bien. ¡Enhorabuena!
    Los movimientos feministas deberían difundir todo eso.
    Respecto a las fotos de los niños en internet: ¡NO lo haga!
    ¡Ah!, tema vivienda, le puedo recomendar dos o tres lugares muy buenos en España para vivir, con buen clima.
    Saludos cordiales.
    PD: If necessary, I write it to you in English :))

  21. Congrats Matt and Lindsay! So glad to hear you are doing well even though exhausted.

    Enjoy the baby stage. They grow up so fast they will be teenagers before you know it.

  22. Congratulations Matt! Welcome to the parenting club! I’m so happy for you and your partner!
    The first three months are often referred to as the fourth trimester. Believe it or not, at this stage, a little background music while walking them around in your arms will get them to fall asleep fast.

    All the best to you Matt!!!

    Roger Montti

  23. Congratulations to both of you! I can relate somewhat, not to twins, but to my 3-month-old grandson Alex.

  24. Congrats Matt!!! I’d definitely recommend Europe, specifically southern Europe, more specifically Italy. Italians love kids, so you’ll be able to take them with you to nice dinners.

    I love Tuscany, personally, where temperatures in winter are not too low (5-10 °C) and when the sun shines you’ll feel a lot warmer immediately. Loads to see and do, great food, what else could you wish for?

    Hit me up if you want tips for the area 😀

  25. So happy for you and Lindsay! Good luck with the twins, I’m sure it will be an adventure. I love every minute with our three – they really do grow up fast though. Enjoy every moment with them you can. All the best, Nick

  26. Wow, twins! That’s got to be double the joy and, I imagine, double the challenges. It’s fascinating how twins can be so similar yet so different in many ways. I’ve always wondered about the unique dynamics between twins. Do they really have that ‘twin telepathy’ people often talk about? Would love to hear more about your experiences!

  27. Congratulations!

  28. Huge love and congrats to you all. I’ve recently become a dad again at 51 years old, and it’s the best damn job in the world.

    Enjoy every moment x

  29. I just saw this post – what a wonderful thing! I’m so happy for you and Lindsay, and I appreciate that you appreciate her. I wish you all the best of happiness and health in this new chapter of life!

  30. Congratulations Matt on the arrival of your twins! Wishing you lots of joy and memorable moments as your family grows. Enjoy this incredible journey!

  31. Congrats, Matt! So happy for you.


  32. Ha Ha!! I came by to look up something on your blog historical and found this!!!
    I am beyond thrilled to hear about this.

  33. What an incredible gift!! And to welcome two at once… so amazing! Growing those babies, breastfeeding, pumping, months of sleeplessness… truly the most challenging yet life-giving job in the whole world. Way to go, momma! I love how real and honest you’re being about parenthood–we need more of this. We have a 3, 5, and 7 year old. Those first few years were super hard, but life just keeps getting better & better. What a joyous season for your sweet family! 🙂

  34. Long-time lurker here… I just wanted to extend my heartfelt congratulations all the way from Stockholm, Sweden, on the arrival of your twin boys! It’s truly heartwarming to learn about their unique personalities and how wonderfully they’re flourishing. My best wishes go out to you, Lindsay, and your little ones, as you embark on this incredible journey together, filled with happiness and love.

  35. congrats. huge love from India.

  36. Congratulations! Twins are always special. May you all be full of joy and happiness.

  37. Congrats Matt. Wow, Twins! It is obvious you are loving being a Dad and partner! It is so transformative. Best wishes to you, Lindsay, and the boys as you navigate parenthood.