Traveling => Light posting

I’m not-in-California for a few days, so expect light posting. If you want to try to guess where I’m visiting, I may start posting “Where is Matt?” hints on my Twitter stream for people that want to play along.

While I’m gone, enjoy the Android coverage. Even though I love my iPhone, I think lots of people appreciate the concept of an open phone. To the people that point out potential flaws, I would mention Android’s software will only get better. And I love the ideas behind the Amazon music store where you can buy MP3s and listen to them on any device. If a Shazam-like application is coded for Android, I have a hunch that a lot of people will be impulse-buying music any time they hear a song they like.

Lastly, you should really check out Project 10^100. Also known as “May Those Who Help The Most Win,” it’s Google’s 10th anniversary contest where you can propose ideas to change the world. Google will ultimately commit $10 million dollars to the top ideas. I know some of the people that worked on this, and strongly believe that it’s an important project. You can help by submitting your idea for how to make the world better.

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  1. Matt,

    Have a good trip. I’ll be checking out Project 10^100 today. Thanks for the direction. πŸ˜‰


  2. Matt,

    My idea to change the world is to eliminate webspam, but I figure you’ll do a better job writing the proposal than I will. Feel free to give me credit, though:-)


  3. Make EVERY day Speak Like a Pirate Day!

  4. An open phone and the T-Mobile network are the big reasons why I’m eagerly waiting to get me my Google phone.

  5. @Mattcutts:

    Cool. But I was noticing a lot of sites are bouncing around PR wise. Is there a new PR update taking place?

    Last time you told us. I guess it’s no big deal, but is how I gauge whether Google trusts me or not! πŸ™‚

  6. Dave, we’re 1/365th of the way there! πŸ™‚

    panzermike, I wouldn’t be surprised if new PageRanks started showing up this weekend or so.

  7. lol. Thanks Matt. I was wondering why I am seeing so many PR6’s going to PR5.

  8. …but will you be answering questions while you’re away?

  9. Guess where you are? I wonder if some clever hacker could trace you when you use your 3G iPhone?!

    Have a good and safe trip, wherever you are!


  10. I had an I phone for like 2 days, but went back to Blackberry.

  11. Matt- this was a great post- I played with this tool. Answered some questions and posted others- Cant wait to see where Google takes this. This could seriously reduce travel for Focus Group moderators and increase cost savings for product and brands looking for feedback on their services and offerings.

  12. It’s great to see the Project 10^100. Another reason why people love Google!

  13. Kentucky again, eh?

  14. hi matt
    Have a good trip, you shold come to israel, to drum with me and bring the peace with the drum! the Project 10^100 is what i need but with no ani mony
    too bring all the leader of the world to drum together in jerusalem….
    i”m sory abut my english

  15. Have a good trip, you should visit Romania!

  16. Hello Matt,

    Sorry it is unrelated to the post, but just a quick query on PageRank. You commented on how low PR sites might outrank high PR ones on the Sphinn thread about PR update. Its a valid argument considering Google uses 200+ other signals. However, some people associate high PR sites as those with trust and authority. In such a situation,isn’t PR a false metric and misleading to those customers who are aware of the PR metric. Particularly in the online retail industry where some of the bigger retailers outrank small businesses despite focusing little on user experience?


  17. Matt,
    I noticed that there is not a PR toolbar in Chrome. I’ve found a couple of alternatives or things being worked on…

    1) Will Google be making a PR tool for Chrome?
    2) When will Google be adding these to the list of automated services/products that are discouraged in the WebMaster Guildelines?


  18. Hi, I have ideas about Google business (Project 10^100)
    who will get the money if my idea comes in top 5? (since Google is not an organization). please use my mail to answer me!

  19. Scott.. quick q.. did you show mr cutts how to google? come over to my grans sometime and bring some eggs πŸ™‚

  20. Hi Matt,

    Question – (off topic but you brought it up first, so it’s fair game!) is Google going to increase the regularity of the PR exports?

  21. Hi Matt-

    Have you considered attending Internet Summit 08 in Chapel Hill on November 19. Visit your alma mater and give a boost to this local event.

    — Don

  22. After hours of reading your blog I am as confused as ever about some of this SEO. I am a newcomer to internet business and still in web development for my new travel company. Where do I go besides this blog for the truth behind SEO and best practices? I do not want to “accidentally” violate any rules. I have read numerous blogs, forums, and articles from people that come off sounding very authoritive yet contradict each other. Are there ways to learn this stuff that you could recommend?

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  24. Matt, this was a great post- I played with this tool a bit;)