Two Cats One Laptop

The new iPhone 3G camera seems to work pretty well. Here’s a test shot with me, two cats, and a laptop:

Ozzie and Emmy at rest

The iPhone 3G still doesn’t work great for close-ups on very small stuff, but it seems to work well in the four to six foot range.

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  1. Is that a T-series machine ?

  2. Your cats are SO CUTE! Looks like the iPhone did them justice.

  3. I suspect that these cat posts get far more attention than the normal ones.

    Anyway, may I be the first to say ‘nice cats’, this time. 🙂

  4. Is that an IBM laptop? Do they still make those?

  5. Awww… Cute picture. (I need to get a cat) I develop pictures taken on my iPhone all time and they turn out apprizingly well for a camera phone.

  6. Love the cats but have to ask a serious question.

    Do you even have anything to do with the spam team anymore?

    The results in google are just plain wacked. In one result, you filter out paid link buyers, hit search again and guess what, they are right back in the mix, hit the search again, you get a total different set.

    Giving paid link buyers 1 out of 3 in the search results is not much of a penalty at all.

    Whey even bother reporting them.

  7. Looks like a pretty decent camera.

    And to jump on the “aw, cute kitties!” train, your cats are adorable. And I have a very similar IBM laptop, I think – and my cat loves to lay near it/try to sit on it too.

  8. lol!
    Excellent photo Matt!
    Is the second cat trained to hold your screen open/up at just the right angle?
    Perhaps they’re just wondering where the “mouse” is..

  9. I have two laptops and one cat (he fits across both laptops with room to spare)

    But no iPhone.

  10. I’m worried that you and the cats are looking stressed!

  11. Matt,

    Thats a very nice family photo. To my best knowledge and RAM, this is the first time we see Emmy and Oz sharing the same photo, right?

    And I’m just did you get OZ to sit so quite? was Mrs. Cutts standing behind the camera keeping Oz busy with something 🙂

  12. hey Matt thats a great shot. I see you are still using your IBM/Lenovo (my T41 is still crankin’) .. just curious, what product do you use for backup?

  13. When areyou goint to change the name of this blog to: Gadgets, Google, SEO and Cats? 🙂

  14. I see that not content with being a must read blog for search engine news, you’re also making a play to be an interweb pinup! 🙂

  15. Aww.. here kitty kitty kitty.

    What are the cats’ names? Mine are Caspian, Kenobi, and Tai.

  16. Nice pic!

    Is the camera (lens / sensor / etc.) on the new iphone actually an improvement over the old one? The specs ( are vague (2 megapixel) but don’t suggest that.

  17. Don’t forget that chair Matt – seems like a nice piece of woodwork 🙂

  18. I am thinking about getting one of the new iPhones too… would you recommend purchasing one to your readers/friends?

  19. Awww, this must be the cutest entry on this blog, ever!

  20. Btw……

    @seanmaguire has posted very nice LOLCUTTS photo 🙂

  21. Matt,

    Any chance on an update for;


  22. Both of my cats decided to lay on me at 3:45 am. I’m a sucker. I let them do it.

    No laptop though. But I did break out my iphone since I couldn’t sleep. 🙂

  23. Don’t know why but I thought that you’d be the proud owner of a macbook pro!

    No offence to Microsoft, but Vista made me want to throw my laptop at a pigeon (don’t like them either!).

    Good clear pic though! Quite surprised @ the decision to keep the iPhone camera @ 2.0M!

    Here’s a question – do Google staff get free Google Stress Putty and would you recommend it?

  24. That’s great quality for a phone! I was wondering what model laptop you have with you. Looks like a Lenovo/IBM, but which one?! Cute cats by the way!

  25. My sister had a kitten. One day the kitten walked on her lap top while it was open and hit the delete button. Both the kitten and the delete button disappeared. It is a true story 🙂
    (I have the picture of the laptop just after the incident occurred. I will show it if requested.)

  26. Those cats look like they are sucking the life out of you Matt! 🙂

  27. I’d almost say that that picture is a little too sweet,.. 😛

    By the way Matt, I took up your advice in one of your latest videos and created a spam protection like you do in your blog. It works like a charm! In stead of receiving 50 spam submissions for every real signup, we now get 0 spam submissions for every sign up.

  28. Hey Matt, is your cat stepping on your PC making the rankings go up and down? What is up with the recent Yo Yo effect that is noticable and was mentioned at SE Roundtable and Webmaster World?

  29. Jeff – Google uses pigeons for ranking, not cats. While cats are cute, it turns out pigeons are easier to train and generally superior when it comes to detecting subtle differences. Check it out here:

  30. Shit!

    Matt – you are getting older!

  31. erm Matt; is that silver in your hair I see? Oh my; and I thought you were still young? 🙂

    Yes; nice cats. Another cat lover here, but I only have one right now.

  32. Oh, those cats chased away the pigeons…

  33. Yeah Matt: That laptop was stoled from the set of Raiders of the Lost Ark dude. Dude I’m gettin you a Dell!

  34. Can’t help but think you ought to participate in the OLPC program: one laptop per cat.


  35. Doug Heil,

    “erm Matt; is that silver in your hair I see?”

    Of course not. Blame it on that new iPhone 3G camera 🙂

  36. Ahh I remember my black cat jess. She would soak up the sun, the outside of her fur would get really hot but not the inside, she’s come to nuzzle me, and she’d soak up the heat by pressing her fur against my face. You know, like how your jeans get warm against a fireplace and when you sit down it’s then that the heat soaks into you.

    I remember we did this one time on a public wall, when I looked around,we’d attracked quite an audience. I told them it’s OK, because we’re married.

    Ahh fond memories. 🙂

  37. Your cats are pretty. My cat looks like your grey one. Her name is Pepper. She doesn’t like me but she likes my daughter just fine.
    I personally don’t care for the iPhone or any cellphone for that matter. Sorry but people who drive and talk on them drive me nuts and I talk at them through my window screaming for them to get over the fact of feeling the need to be so doggone connected.
    Whew….feel better for getting out a little road rage.
    Thank you.

  38. LOL, great photo! We just lost our cat Gizmo last year, but she was 14. Cranky at the end, but she had a good life. We’ll probably get a new kitty when our two year old Son gets a little older.

  39. Qué lindos los gatos!! y la calidad de la foto esta muy bien…

  40. Hey , what a resemblace with the cats..I’ll say 3 cats and a laptop..But all very cute.

    have a nice day

  41. Cute kitties. Great photo. At first glance it looked like you were laying in a baby crib. Had to take a second glance to see it must be a lounge chair. 😉

    Hope you are doing well, Matt. I’m still working on search engine stuff. Lost a bunch of pages again in the index and have no clue why. 🙂 Still working on PR too. Just can’t seem to find related sites with a higher PR than me. I appreciate your insight!

  42. More cat photos please! 🙂

  43. I had been hearing some bad press about the iPhone internal camera, but it is looking fine from that example. It may help sway me to buying one when I upgrade my Viewty.

    And love the cats by the way. It was nice of them to allow you to be in the picture with them. 😉