Stand up for your demographic!

For the last week, I’ve been filling out a radio diary for Arbitron ratings. That’s right, they gave me a cool $10-12 just to tell them what I listened to on the radio for the last week. If you’ve read some of my past posts, you know that I’m skeptical about metrics, especially ones based on sampling. So I agreed mostly so that I could whinge online that Arbitron doesn’t have a checkbox for “I listen more to web radio than regular radio lately.”

When the radio diary arrived, I found out that they did allow for you to write in internet radio! They also have a comments section at the end. After my week of listening, I wrote in the comments field:

A year ago I moved from radio to XM. Six months ago I moved from XM to podcasts. I put the MP3s in my car and listen there too. My favorite podcast is Danny Sullivan’s “The Daily SearchCast” and I listen to it about 30 minutes a day. Juice + SD card + MP3 player in car = podcasts rock!! *

With a metric computed by random sampling, the odds of hitting a power podcast listener are pretty small. So I felt like I had to stand up for the podcast-listening demographic and represent. 🙂

* Disclaimers:
– In my comments in the paper diary, I did not write the hyperlinks.
– My commute each way to work is 15 minutes each way. That’s 30 minutes a day, or 150 minutes a week. The Daily SearchCast is four days a week and rarely goes over 30 minutes/day, which is 120 minutes a week, so I’m running a SearchCast deficit. Danny, I need an additional 30/5 = 6 minutes/day of SearchCast! Talk longer, sigh more, or throw in extra rants. 🙂

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  1. Podcasts Rock – what you want, when you want.

    I’ve just got into my office and have just been listening to SEO Rockstars. Although all the podcasts over at WMR are great Shoemoney’s the one that I really look forward to downloading the most – makes me actually look forward to my daily commute, the time doesn’t seem wasted.

  2. “Danny, I need an additional 30/5 = 6 minutes/day of SearchCast! Talk longer, sigh more, or throw in extra rants.”

    – I’d go for more singing 🙂

  3. You have a 15 minute commute and you drive!!! Why not an Ipod and a bike!! :O)

  4. Hey Matt,

    If you have a deficit, I have a daily 15 minute show you can use as fill while you’re waiting for Danny!

    (I love Danny’s show, too, especially his Google rants)

    My show:

    Not just for college students, either. Actually, I’d welcome having you as a guest on my show to talk about how to use the power of the big G to find scholarships!

    Let me know if you’re interested?

  5. you rule. i only got a dollar for mine.

  6. Sigh. I’ll get to work on that. You know, I might have more time to rant if Google would stop doing so many things to write about! There, a sigh and a rant 🙂

  7. Based on sompling, Danny has 10MM listeners during the very lucrative morning drive time in the bay area! 😉 … Get ready for the ‘morning zoo’, ’10th caller wins $1000′ and a car-a-day giveaway…. sweeps in weeks away!

  8. My favorite was the “recursive rant.” You were right in the middle of a rant (last week?) and then you hit on a mini-rant. 🙂

  9. I was just listening to the Daily SearchCast and decided to come over here for a visit. I actually just put out a request for some more internet marketing related podcasts. Here is the list of the ones that i currently listen to other than the the Daily Searchcast that you may want to check out:

    For Immediate Release
    Managing the Gray
    The Search Pulse – See Barry, you have listeners 🙂

  10. Northshore, I’ve biked in, but it’s major roads the whole way, and the cars aren’t all that friendly.

  11. Wait a minute. Geeks exercise?

    I sit here reading blogs and listening to podcasts 12 hours a day to learn how to get better results on SERPs and you guys are now talking about biking to work? Next you’re going to tell me I should eat right and take vitamins.


  12. Course you should take vitamins, Ken. Why do you think we all get those emails telling us how small our male members are and how we can take Percodanaramalamadingdong or whatever the wonder drug of the week is to cure baldness, increase muscle mass, become more attractive to women AND raise our IQs fifty points? Take your vitamins, dammit! Spam commands you!

    Now Matt, oddball observation…

    – In my comments in the paper diary, I did not write the hyperlinks.

    What is this “writing” of which you speak? Have we not gone past this in our information technological everything-is-typed-except-for-the-random-notes-all-of-us-have-on-our-desks-explaining-things-in-mental-shorthand-that-we-were-supposed-to-deal-with-six-months-ago age? Have you gone completely mad, sir?

    (Damn…two hardcore sarcastic retorts in one post. That’s some impressive work on my part. I want a cookie now.)