Sign up for our webmaster chat

We’ll be doing a webmaster chat tomorrow at 2 p.m. Pacific time. You need to register in advance for the chat, which you can do with this link.

Last quarter we did a webmaster chat and it was a ton of fun. I spent the entire time responding to people in the live chat. This time I plan to participate again, but I’ll be answering questions in the Q&A section of the session. There will also be a presentation by John Mueller about personalization, plus three other Googlers will do mini-presentations of a few minutes each.

It’s free, so I encourage interested webmasters/site owners/SEOs to sign up!

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  1. Hi Matt,

    I am so glad to be the first one to register and comment here as well.

    Matt – I am really really bad at this, can you please tell me what time is it going to be here in Pakistan? I live in +05 GMT. Tell me the accurate time so I don’t miss it.

    Thanks Matt – Can’t wait to catch you there!

    Zafar Ahmed

  2. Zafar, try to convert 2 pm Pacific time to your time zone.

  3. Ok, like he’s going to take time out of his day to convert the time, but lucky for you, I have! Well, sort of….use this: and use the tool to convert the time, based on where you are and what location you want to convert to.

  4. This sounds like fun 🙂

  5. Geez Mat, that page you recommend to Zafar is a pretty heavy adsense site with little to no content, how does this sit with the goggle guidelines?

  6. Hi Matt,

    completely unable to participate in this webmaster chat (d’oh) being in Australia and all. I tried to contact you on Twitter regarding a couple of questions for a business magazine article I’m writing on Google webmaster guidelines to appear on stands in August, but you’re a hard man to catch. Please let me know if you are able to help or if you are too busy. More than happy just to send you a short questionaire if it is easier, but will fully understand if you can’t help.

  7. Cool, I signed up. And there’s even a toll free number for us here in Brazil.

    Zafar, in Google gives you the posibility to change your time zone, so it recalculates for your time.

    Matt,.. you didn’t know that??? 🙂

  8. This should be fun with lots of interesing stuff like :~

    why doesn’t my site appear #1 when it is the best in the world?

    can I pay to be #1 on Google?

    How does the algorithm work?

    I follow the webmaster guidelines including keeping weevil. I have studied them as per the Google mantra so i DO know Weevil. yet still my site is nowhere to be found !

  9. Hi matt,

    i went to the registration page and i registered myself, but only thing i would like to ask, is it is open for people of india because when it asked my country in the list box my country India was not Present in India,

    So my question, Is this Online chat is for SEOs, Webmasters, of India also.
    Can we participate, and the time in India is too odd(Morning 2 A.M) which is our sleeping time.


  10. Thanks for info Matt.
    For residents of east(india) it will around 2.30 early morning on 20 th june so unfortunately we wil be missing it 🙁

  11. Matt,

    I think this kind of initiative is really beneficial for all the Googlers across the globe. In India the time for the session comes to about 2.00 in the night. I am upbeat about the entire stuff but I do also understand about other webmasters who may or may not be able to participate so for them do you plan to host the presentations on a microsite kind of thing


  12. Very good, willl be partisipating in the chat. Will there be a podcast to download later on?


  13. It will be great if you can post a recorded version of the chat as it will not be possible for everybody to come online during that time.

  14. I have just registered to the event and invited some else, also:)

    Now lets see if I will be able to stay on the chat at that time.

  15. small sites representation

    What about the paid links in Spain?

    The most important pages are doing and nothing happens.

    The price of a link at all sites of a media group (Gupo Z) is 1,800 € /month

    This is one of the largest media groups in Spain and does not penalize, everyone in Spain knows it.

    Sorry by the off-topic

  16. ErnestHemingway

    kinda stuff i luv
    i have signed up
    hope to hear some good stuff..

    thanks for the update Matt

  17. Having it at 5pm Eastern time is a little problematic, unfortunately. Usually the Google webinars in which I particpate are at 10am or 11am Google time, which makes it so that a few more people can see it. Oh well. Maybe next time.

  18. Thanks Matt. So, it’s going to be 3AM here. I’ll be up 🙂

  19. Hmmm, 9pm… What better way to spend my night! 😉 This will be my first one, how long do these webinars run for?

  20. I am also awake today at the time where everybody sleeps in d country, its now just 3 min. to go….

  21. Ok, so ermmm I think I’ll wait for audio transcripts, if made available? Tech probs and seeing questions such as what is the name of your cat(s) Matt made me realise I just don’t have time for this right now.

    Earlier timings some other time would be sweeeeet. 🙂

  22. The webinar just ended. It was fun, I got one of my question answered by Matt. Thanks a lot.

    I met many Googlers that I never knew. I am not sure if the webinar is saved anywhere, I took screenshots of it though 😉

    Zafar Ahmed

  23. That was cool Matt. First time ever I got the chance to interact “live” with you guys. 🙂

    In the survey after it I mentioned I’d like to see more Google philosophy presentations the next time. More of the “why” we do stuff. The “how’s” are secret anyway and also, no good SEO needs to know about that anyway.

  24. Matt,

    Didn’t realize we’d be able to ask questions on the Webmaster Chat so I was left shooting from the hip. Afterwards, I realized I just don’t seem to have any general problems with Google these days, so I should probably keep my mouth shut. Since that’s impossible, a quick follow-up on the Google Academic question you answered.

    Why not look to every possible Google source that might contribute to quality scoring for sites? Juried papers in Academic are a reasonable filter, unless they happen to be about “bad websites”. Patents might turn up some interesting URL’s in the prior art references, etc. They cost too much for people to file for SEO purposes:-)

    And although somebody explained how upper/lower case issues came about, I still don’t see why Google would bother treating them differently. I never quite got the canonical domain name bit either, though I used the Webmaster Console to pick one. Why wouldn’t Google just default all of them to one type, at least for Google usage?

    And thanks for the patience and lightning round.


  25. My complaint with past “chats” is that there was too much noise, I find it hard to concentrate on multiple conversations going on via, live chat, the presentation and other enabled widgets. 🙁

  26. Sorry I missed this again Matt – I think these online chats are a great idea, especially for the folks who don’t / cannot make search conferences to enjoy your wise remarks in person (& wisecracks, & wise guy SEO jousts).

  27. I actually enjoyed the conference call very much. Thank you!

  28. Dang! I missed it! That’ll teach me to read your blog more often, (I hope).

    Is there a video around?

    @Dave, You were joking, right? “little to no content” means nothing. The page has something useful.


  29. Barry Schwartz has recorded the event. He has Also exported the full Q&A session as text:

    Recording & Coverage of Google’s Second Live Chat Session

  30. I really enjoyed the session thanks.

    Sadly my questions were never answered, but it was still very useful all the same.

  31. I have some takeaways, myths and questions from last night session .. can be seen at:
    waiting for a comment from you !!

  32. I’ve missed this, Is there a way to find all chat logs?