Do you know the way to SES San Jose 2006?

Joe Morin has posted the official party list for Search Engine Strategies (SES) 2006 in San Jose. That includes Google Dance V at the Googleplex, which all SES attendees are invited to. It’s a great chance to see the Googleplex and enjoy music, food, drinks, and talking with Googlers.

At the conference itself, Danny Sullivan and Google CEO Eric Schmidt will sit down to talk at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, August 9th:

Google CEO Eric Schmidt talks with Search Engine Watch editor-in-chief Danny Sullivan about how the search leader is growing and dealing with challenges and issues in search.

Then at 11 a.m. that same day, I’ll be on a “Speaking Unofficially: Search Engine Bloggers” panel. Those are fun because it’s pretty much all Q&A, so I can leave my PowerPoint at the door. I may do some other sessions too, but San Jose is a great time to rotate in new Googlers and let them soak in the experience of chatting with webmasters, advertisers, publishers, and users.

I love the San Jose conference because I can talk to webmasters until late, then drive home and sleep in my own bed. 🙂 Who here will be at SES San Jose? I’d love to meet a few new folks this year.

Update: This always happens. As I get closer to a conference, I’m like “Oh, I forgot I promised I’d be on that panel.” So I’m planning on being at the Duplicate Content & Multiple Site Issues session on Tuesday, August 8th, at 11:15 a.m. On the plus side, I’ll just be there for Q&A (no PowerPoint again! woohoo!), and I’ll get to sit next to Tim Converse, the Yahoo! analogue of my webspam self. On the minus side, I won’t get to listen in on the Blog & Feed Search SEO or Search Arbitrage panels.

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  1. Google Dance? That’s the first I’ve heard of it. Sounds great though!

    Unfortunately, I can’t attend but would definitely like to do so in the future.

    Have fun!

  2. Looking forward to it. 🙂

  3. Will be in San Fran again, around that time, would be really nice to steal away for a few hours to get down there –

    But look at this
    April 10 – 13, 2007 New York, NY 🙂

    Search Engines Web posted a few months about how insane if was to keep having SES NY in cold Febuary as opposed to warm April – and look what happened – THEY CHANGED IT after three years –

    They should offer a complimentary conference pass for generating that idea 😀

  4. Looking forward to the fifth dance. It’s one of the best SEO events of the year!

  5. I won’t be able to come to SES this year, but I will try to be up at Google over Christmas time and I’m hoping to be able to stop by and meet you Matt. We’ll see how that works out 🙂

  6. Had planned it – and was thinking we might actually get to really meet this time – but projects killed my schedule again. I’m going to get to Chicago in 07 – hoping to hook up with some of the iEntry guys or others around Lexington who might be heading up. I’ll see if I can get you a new Ale-8-One shirt sometime.

  7. I’ll be there Sunday but need to bug out Tuesday afternoon, so I’ll miss Google Dance and seeing the plex, but the soda’s on me Sunday or Monday night if you are around.

  8. I’ll confirm my spot ahead of time for SES when it comes down/ (up) to Canada. Here is my unofficial official bid for SES Calgary ’09 😛

  9. I’ll be there! It will be my second Google Dance!
    Will they be doing the “Ask an engineer” thing again? I hope so.
    If I catch you in the bar, I’ll be sure to buy you a Sprite.


  10. I can’t wait for yet another SES & Google Dance… of course, I am not sure anything will ever top last year’s Google Dance 😉

  11. If i could get from UK to San Hose beleive me i would be there. Pretty hard to justify. Roll on the next SES london.

  12. I’ll be there, dancing the night away – well, standing awkwardly at the bar while others dance anyway 😉

    Think I might get some evilgreenmonkey t-shirts printed up so that people recognise me. If no one ever notices you or gives a glancing eye, do you really exist?

  13. I’m with shane… Can’t justify the UK to San Hose (Unless someone can sponsor us both .. hehehe)… Roll on SES London!!! 🙂

  14. Oh man, can’t I just fly over and come party at the googleplex anyway 😉

  15. Lol is Search Engines Web altering his name capitalisation to avoid your spam filters? 😀

  16. I will be there. Booked at the Fairmont.

  17. SES San Jose is a must see SEO conference. Wouldn’t miss it. Am looking forward to more blogging with Barry, Ben and Chris. Hope to get a few min from you if possible Matt.

  18. I’ll be attending, along with the usual contingent from Verizon.

  19. I’ll be there, it’ll be my first visit to CA, let alone the Googleplex 🙂

  20. See you there.

  21. “Zoom!” … I’ll be there watching multi-faceted ideas just fly over my head.

  22. I’m there…
    Who’s the DJ for the Google Dance V.
    I would love to do it, hell I’d do it for free just to merge my worlds a little. I would love to throw wax at an SEO party at the Googleplex.

  23. Will be my 3rd conference…can’t wait to attend again. See you there Matt.

  24. Hello friend,

    looking forward to your message from it.

  25. I’ll be there, as usual. But this time, you can actually meet the whole SEOmoz crew – including Matt, Rebecca, Kat & my mom – Gillian. See you there 🙂

  26. Looking forward to my first Google dance… skipped it last year for an A’s game 🙂

  27. Hey Matt-

    I know Google likes to rotate speakers because I know that you, Daniel, Craig, and others need to do your “real” jobs. 🙂

    Nonetheless, you and other Googlers are great speakers and provide a wealth of information, both on the stage and off. Some Google speakers are sorely missed.

    I don’t know if I’m going to the Google party. You guys tend to drag me into focus groups and stuff. I need to REEEEELLLLAAAAXXXX. 🙂

  28. I will not attend because I hate planes and also do not like walking on unstable earth, BUT out of all the “events” this one would be the coolest. 🙂

  29. I’ll see you there, Matt.

    What’s that make… 8th SES and 5th as a speaker… I’m getting old. 🙁

  30. Cool, lots of folks! 🙂 Simon Heseltine, I think you’ll like CA. Rand, you should ask the whole bunch of folks to wear yellow tennis shoes. 🙂

    We like picking your brain, Shari. 🙂

  31. I am going for the California weather first, SES second.

  32. I’m tryin’ Matt! Hope to see you there!

  33. California in August? Seems like they should have put that old New York date to good use. Summer is one of the few times I actually enjoy Michigan..

    Although I never have been to cali… Might be making a visit to san diego in a few months though.. Too far for me to come visit the plex though. :'(

  34. It will be a first for me in San Jose, I attended the London conference, had a great time and met a lot of interesting people.

    I’ll be utterly jetlagged since I am flying in from Rome, Italy. Couldn’t get a direct flight so it will take me about 24 hous with two layovers in New York and Dallas.

    Nonetheless, I am really looking forward to it and can’t wait!

  35. I’ll be there if for no other reason the beer is free

    Maybe this year they’ll hang a porkchop around Matt’s neck so the webmasters will play with him.

    Who am I kidding, Matt will need to spray himself with DEET just to be able to walk down the halls without getting attacked by all the pests 😉

  36. Can’t wait! Briefly met and shook your hand in Boston… Hopefully, I’ll be able to wade through the Cuttlets to say “hi”… 😛

  37. Hey Matt,

    See you there! As always, I look forward to chatting…

  38. It seems that there are more parties there than the actual sessions. 🙂

    Nevertheless, I will be at the one in NYC. Hopefully we’ll get few of these after-parties here as well.

  39. Wow – my 5th GoogleDance and going for my third picture of me up on the GoogleDance Party Pics page!


  40. Matt see ya there!

    I can’t wait to get a few questions answered.

    I am working on a newer project with ASP.Net. If there is anyone that is attending the conference and is familiar with ASP.NET. Email at mansonj001(at) and I would be happy to buy you a beer and chat.


  41. Can’t wait for the GoogleDance. Definitely the best gig of the year. This year, we will have a handful of attendees.

  42. Matt — would love to chat with you there, but usually you’re in the midst of a voracious horde. If the moment presents itself, i’ll sneak in.

  43. Hey from Virginia where I’m at a family reunion but back in time for the Google party and some of SES. Quite a contrast between the horse and buggies you still see here on Shenandoah Valley roads and … the Google Dance.

  44. Hey Matt, I’ll be there; had a great time at the dance last year… oh yeah and the conference was good too! 🙂

  45. Matt,

    I won’t be there this year, (wife’s birthday) but Monte will. I’m sure it will be a blast. Hopefully there will never be another “search” for beer at the Googleplex like 2 years ago. I’ll be sorry to miss it.


  46. Dave (Original)

    RE: “GoogleDance”

    The PR is falling, the PR is falling!

  47. awww… i wish we got such thing as SES here in the Philippines. and unfortunately, i can’t come there since i’m a way behind the globe. 😛

  48. I wish I was coming – maybe I will next year 🙂

    I hope you all have a great time!

  49. Wish I could come Matt. California is a long way for me though! Enjoy it, hopefully next year I’ll be there!

  50. I wish I could organize an event like that in my country, Pakistan.

    I am keeping a positive attitude and hopefully will start working on organizing an event.

    We in Pakistan are catching up with the indian outsourcing market and hopefully will make a place for ourselves.

  51. Can’t wait, it will be a nice break from nyc and the old castle.

  52. Very much looking forward to my first SES San Jose & Google Dance.

  53. A couple of days in San Francisco, an excursion into Sonoma Valley, and then a week in San Jose. I’m looking forward to it, too. It will be my first Google Dance and SES San Jose also.

    Be a pleasure to split a couple of sprites with you Matt, if you have the time.

    Rand, you should ask the whole bunch of folks to wear yellow tennis shoes.

    Somehow, I can picture this. 🙂

  54. I’ll be there, been in this industry 6 years & this is my 1st OS SES event, looking forward to it. Planning on doing similar events in Australia.

  55. Enjoy guys,

    I look forward to seeing the photos, recaps and happenings out there! 🙂

  56. I will be there along with a co-worker, I’ll be sure to introduce myself. I’m sure you’ll be surrounded with SEO Groupies the whole time…

    I hope the event won’t be too much like your blog.. we’re all sitting around talking about current events.. then some kid come up and asks:

    “hey, why doesn’t my site…” 😀

  57. Goodman.A.HVAC., please do say hello. And Loren. And Bill. And.. 🙂

  58. Looking forward to Goolge Dance V.

    My first one, now I just have to go find a Lab Coat.

  59. I’ll be there. We met briefly last year over a canonical url question. I’d love to say hi, but fear being labeled a cuttlet. Perhaps I’ll just grill you with some hard questions that make you wish you were working off a powerpoint 😉

  60. I’ll have to cash in those Adwords + AMEX = airlmiles 🙂
    Look forward to it.

  61. Will be attending SES for the first time … would very much like to attend Google Dance too, but is it at all possible to bring in someone else w/out a SES badage? Just doesn’t feel right going all alone. 🙁

  62. I tried and I begged-n-begged-n-begged till I couldn’t beg anymore. My company won’t send me. Please everyone have a drink for me!

    I hope to make it next year!

  63. Hi Matt,

    My name is Dave and I’m travelling all the way from the UK, to see my friends Aaron and Adam they work at Google too..


  64. Going again this year – Google Dance was top on my list! Speaking this year too, so maybe we’ll get to meet, too!

  65. This will be my (Cindy’s) 5th Google Dance and looking forward to it! Also the sessions, thanks for agreeing to do the one you are doing, I am looking forward to it. Great hot topics! Perhaps a personal “appearance” on the eMarketing Talk Show is in order soon? We’d love to have you! : )

  66. I’m feeling lucky today – finally still got a ticket from Austria – looking forward to my 3rd conference, 2nd Google Dance – Imho that conference is THE main conference besides Brett’s WMW in Vegas/November … all others seem to be just so much smaller and you never have all the SEng Celebrities together on the others (according to my observations…)


  67. I just booked my trip today after i got the 20% discount from Google yesterday in the email.

    My first show!

  68. Christoph,

    Where are you in Austria? Could you take any information twice for me and send me a copy when you come back?
    You are the first one I hear from around here not thinking SEO is about adwords and metatags.

    I would love to come but there is no chance I could make it, especially when people here already think I am crazy looking all the time on Google things and say I should work for Google (which is not the least my branch of activity).

  69. This will be my second SES. About 6 months after the last one I realized how much good info was presented…. If you read between the lines. This time I’m actually do what the panel members from Google suggest!

    So Matt – Is it best to offer to buy you a beer or coffee?

  70. Hi Matt,

    This will be my first San Jose SES, and also the first Google Dance party (also, this will be my first trip to USA).

    I’m looking forward to meeting some Google Engineers and chat about Information Retrieval and other geek topics! 😀

    See you!

  71. I hope to be in attendance. Google Dance is amazing! What’s the best conference discount at this point?

  72. i hope i can be there..

  73. My first SES and I loved it! The Google Dance was great, I can’t imagine why there weren’t more people at the “meet the Googlers”.

    My mug even appears twice in the pictures which were posted at

  74. Hi Matt, thanks for the update on industry trends, it definately helps because I read bits and pieces from all different places, and you gave a summary of all.

    And I’ve also noticed site: command takes you to another place in Yahoo and it requires you to log in and such. It’s not just the site: command, it’s everything SEO related, such as linkdomain: and such.

    Great job Matt,
    — Paul Zhao

  75. When is the Google dance in 2007 ?

  76. Where and when will SES conference be held this year ?

  77. Can’t believe that people are still posting on this thread, but to answer your questions:
    – The next Google Dance will probably take place the same time next year during SES San Jose.
    – The next conference is SES London on 13th-15th February (next month). The next big SES in the US is SES NY during April.

  78. Seems like not all DCs are updated. Anyone knows when they will be all updated ?

  79. Seems like not all DCs are updated. Anyone knows when they will be all updated ? Help please.

  80. ”Seems like not all DCs are updated. Anyone knows when they will be all updated ? Help please.”

    Sterling Silver Jewelry.. they are updating today! 😀

  81. Thanks for sharing the conference details!

  82. Excited about attending my first ever SES San Jose – does anyone know the best way of getting to san jose from London?? Any airlines fly direct? Or any stopovers people would recommend?

  83. butlimous & Becky: This conference was over a year ago. Did you check the time stamp on this post? 😉

  84. LOL mark, some people don’t read very well, do they?

  85. Lol, I wonder how they felt after finding out the conference was over 😛

  86. So was there a 2007 event and if so, how did that one go?