SES Chicago this week

I won’t be at SES Chicago this coming week (brrr it will be cold, so bundle up). But many, many other Googlers will be there. On Monday, there’s a Google-sponsored session that will cover multiple products:

Drive traffic to your site with Google
Looking for ways to improve traffic to your site? Perhaps you’re interested in knowing what the top drivers are to your site? Or how Google sees your site? Maybe you’re looking for ways to add additional content or functionality to your site? If these sound like questions you’ve asked, come learn what Google has to offer. In this panel, you will learn about some Google services that will help drive traffic to your site. Even if you’re familiar with these products, hear tips and advice directly from the experts.
Jessica Ewing, Product Manager, Google Gadgets
Vanessa Fox, Product Manager, Google Webmaster Tools
Shashi Seth, Lead Product Manager, Google, Inc.

Followed that same day by lunch with a bunch more Googlers:

Lunch With Google Webmaster Central

Come learn about the special tools and support that Google Webmaster Central offers to publishers, from error reporting, to page submission, to statistics and more. The team will explore some common site crawling and indexing issues, plus there’s plenty of time for questions.
Danny Sullivan, Founder and Editor-in-Chief,
Vanessa Fox, Product Manager, Google, Inc.
Amanda Camp, Software Engineer, Google, Inc.
Trevor Foucher, Member of Technical Staff, Google, Inc.
Adam Lasnik, Search Evangelist, Google, Inc.
Evan Roseman, Software Engineer, Google, Inc.
Maile Ohye, Support Engineer, Google, Inc.

That’s quite a few Googlers working on communication. 🙂 On Tuesday, Amanda Camp will be on a panel called “Bulk Submit 2.0.” Also on Tuesday, Hal Bailey from AdSense will be on the “Domaining & Address Bar-Driven Traffic” session. Then Adam Lasnik will talk about “Duplicate Content & Multiple Site Issues,” and Vanessa Fox will help teach the “Bot Obedience Course.” Tuesday finishes out with the dynamic duo of “Meet The Search Ad Networks” with Gretchen Howard and “Meet The Mobile Search Engines” with Sumit Agarwal.

On Wednesday, Shashi Seth returns for the “Social Search Overview” panel and Vanessa Fox returns for the “Images & Search Engines” session. Then Paul Botto from Google Analytics participates in “Vendor Chat On Measuring Success.” The “Flash & Search Engines” session has Dan Crow on it, then Dan Crow turns around and does “CSS, AJAX, Web 2.0 & Search Engines.” Go Dan, back-to-back panels! 🙂 The “Auditing Paid Listings & Click Fraud Issues” session will have Shuman Ghosemajumder on it.

On Friday, the final day of the conference winds down quietly. You can attend “Meet the Crawlers” with Evan Roseman, and Adam Lasnik closes out the Google participation in sessions with a “Search Engine Q&A On Links” panel. Sorry I won’t be there, but a ton of Googlers will. Heck, Vanessa is doing four panels! So there should be plenty of Googlers at the conference if you have questions or want to give feedback.

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  1. Awwww, that’s a shame. Looks like I’ll have to get to know what the other Googlers actually look like!

    It would be nice if you could make it to the London SES.

  2. Too bad for people who went to SES just to meet Matt. As for me, I had a feeling that Matt won’t be in Chicago so I stayed in Sweden watching how to deal or help Google in any possible way to get all those easy .edu and open hole spammers out of top 20 SERPS.

    Matt, more and more spams are out there, did you stay home for this reason or are we going to see a major shift in Google’s algorithms ?

    Kai – Sweden.

  3. Will someone publish a report off the session ? Cause for people who lived in foreign country like me it’s a little hard to come ^^

    Thanks 🙂

  4. Sorry, the precedent message needs corrections :

    Will someone publish a report on the session ? Because for people who live in a foreign country like me, it’s a little hard to come ^^

    Thanks 🙂

  5. Adam Longfellow

    Just a friendly note that SES actually ends on Thursday (with Meet the Crawlers etc). If anyone is still there on Friday, it may be because of storms or airport delays that seem to hit SES Chicago often.

  6. Hi Matt,

    Last week you scared us in Vegas at the site clinic by mentioning domains by the same registrar without any other link between each other can hurt each others rankings. Now I have some domains parked with SEDO and I’m not sure if I understood you correctly. Is this harmfull?

    Please clarify this point in Chicago or on your blog, because many SEO’s are wondering if there is any truth to what you said. Are you using scare tactics by just implying it, or can a parked domain be harmfull?

    Kind regards,

    Peter van der Graaf

  7. Wow…. well Matt such a wonderful session will really gonna miss you!

    Take care

    Manish Pandey

  8. I was looking at Google Docs and was wondering the link value in publishing articles via google doc and interlinking them. Would these pages get a page rank and would the links be credited as inbound links?

  9. That sounds pretty interesting for those who are a bit adicted to SEO 🙂
    Well good luck Matt take care

  10. Matt:

    Any thoughts on this article I posted about sitemaps?

  11. Hmm, should I mention to Matt that when Danny asked the question “Raise your hand if you trust Google” (in response to a question about whether or not people wanted to give Google their analytics / conversion data) in the Evening with Danny Sullivan session, not all of the GoogleGang(TM) in the row behind me raised their hands? Nah, I’ll not bother 😉

  12. hi Matt. We missed you at SES Chicago. And you were definately right. It was Especially for those of us from So Cal who are used to 70 degree weather right now. I wanted to bounce something off you I was talking to Adam Lasnik about at the show. It has been my experience (although I could be wrong) that Google doesn’t index past a # character (anchor tag). If that’s true, I would like to start using that character instead of the ? character for tracking codes on my clients links. I am working with some analytics vendors to see if they will enable their software to track those urls seperately (which they currently don’t) but that would solve the problem of tracking codes causing duplicate content issues.

    Additionally, if Google sees and as the same page, it would also consolidate the page rank and other signals correctly which is another problem with tracking codes.

    I was wondering if you knew if it was possible to enable Google analytics to track these two urls seperately. It is my understanding that they currently do not. Thanks and I would like to compliment Adam on his insightful presentations about best practices.

    Have a great weekend.


  13. Catfish, I do believe we drop fragments or named anchors or whatever you call them (stuff after the ‘#’) by truncating from the ‘#’ onwards. I would feel free to run tests to see if using this method will get you what you want.

  14. Hi Matt,

    I have a couple of questions about Google Mobile Search. In particular, there seem to be some issues with Google listing websites in the Mobile Web index if they are already in the regular index, even if they are fully coded in Strict XHTML, which is mobile compliant.

    Could you shed some light on this?

  15. Hello Matt,

    i am a serious lover of and i had bundle of your notes, fine but we are in india and not having much money to visit chicago or london as you and people talking, why don’t you visit india, you have a big fan over here. Try to make a trip to india once.


  16. hi matt, please let us know after finding any diff in either google see the both url’s as same or different like what Mr.catfish asked. We had such urls for trackbacks

    With Regards
    Ms.Thulasi SVNL.