Site review for Google I/O attendees

If you’re attending Google I/O next week then you might enjoy the SEO site review session that we’ll be doing. If you’ll be attending Google I/O, you can now submit your website for review. I’ll also include the form below:

Added 5/20/2010: The site review is today and we’ve already gotten over 500 sites submitted, so I’m removing the form submission.

By the way, if you’re attending Google I/O you’ll probably want to install the very spiff Android app for it. You can search for [Google I/O] in the Android Market. And if you want to know what to expect in the SEO site review session, here’s the video from the panel we did last year:

If you see me at Google I/O, please say hello and tell me what you wish Google would do that we’re not doing. 🙂

Added: Note that sites and comments submitted to this form may be publicly reviewed in our site review session.

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  1. It’s very interesting Session. Can we see this live through video and if so, where can we watch?

  2. Wish I were going now. A chance to get my site reviewed by the masters of search would be awesome!! Maybe next time I’ll find a way in now that I know about it.

  3. Matt,
    Bir tane site yolladım umarım bakarsın kaç gündür sorunu bulamadım. Çok gerilere düştü Chat kelimesinde.. Kullandığım arama motoru

    Meanwhile, prepare your form has been excellent..

  4. ralf schwoebel

    hi matt – already got a reminder for the keynote streaming on youtube. will G put other sessions online, too? I will be watching from Germany 😉

    also: it would be great if you would touch the MayDay update and the thoughts of your engineers behind it. As you might saw on WMW: the update gives great results on “shorter keywords” but a lot of webmasters think the long tail is messed up. Is it an onging process? There are some flaws (“restaurants in soh”o) and very local effects in the new SERPS. Not sure if I/O is the platform to elaborate on these issues?

  5. Turkish’m sorry I wrote..

    I sent one site, I hope you look for a few days I could not find the problem. Chat with fell far behind in words .. I used the search engine

  6. Hi Matt,
    For the past 10 years has been on the first page for Washington DC. In February, we migrated to a more robust server and dropped down to page 5. Our programming has remained the same. Does Google temporarily drop web sites page rankings when an ip associated with a a domain name changes?

    Thanks for your help.

  7. Why do I have to attend Google I/O to submit my site?

  8. For those of us who prefer non-Verizon service providers (in the US) and are stuck at Android 1.6, we can’t get the I/0 2010 app; need 2.x or better to see it in the Marketplace.
    A nice alternative is Schedule Bot. Can’t wait for this session as it was the highlight last year!

  9. Hi guys,

    Thanks for sharing the video.

    Kind regards,


  10. Hey Matt that’s a great opportunity for both Google and for webmaster. We would get our solutions regarding the website as well as Google would also get advice and suggestions to be more accurate and informative.

  11. This is unbelievable Matt you have no idea how much I truly appreciate you posted this video. My current schedule doesn’t allow me to actually attend any of the sessions like this, but I must make time in future.

    For weird reason I haven’t seen this video before.

    Once again thanks,

  12. What an engaging presentation!

    The many porno references cracked me up, tough crowd!

    More quick consulting videos like these would be great. Thank you Matt

  13. I wish I could make it, sounds like something that should not be missed.

  14. This will now be the 3rd time I wanted to go, but couldn’t get time off……..ah well such is the life of a poor SEOer


  15. After these reviews are completed, will the results or your general findings be posted somewhere so that we can all learn the search tips and rules that you reveal?

  16. Hi can anyone tell me if Google I/O is held in london to , coz i love to go

    Thank you

  17. I would love to see the results from all 500, is that possible, also I wonder if many people took this as an opportunity to deliberately post sites that were competitors with bad SEO techniques or spam.

  18. I have 8 portal, everything of portals are same i means duplicate copy. if i change only meta of portals it will be effective or not. Client does not want to change in design and content. What should do i ? Pls guide me.

    ___Umesh Yadav SEO

  19. Hi Matt,
    As I cannot attend Google I/O in america but any chance that you would present any such conference in Australia in near future? I would love to attendent that. You are an excellent speaker and after watching your 1 hour presentation it felt like the presentation only went for 15 mins.
    Regards from Australia

  20. Great blog post Matt, I normally don’t read your blog but this was a huge one off.

    From viewing your video it really has cleared up some of the questions I always asked myself and was unsure. Especially that H1 question and the alt tags. I’ve always said to me that building keywords upon keywords doesn’t do much for Google’s bots but then again it does prove everything in proportion is good (H1 and keywords).

    I look forward to a next site review session and was wondering where could I find out whereabouts these take place and prices etc. Thanks in advance.

  21. An excellent video Matt – Just one question though.

    How much of it is still relevant? I’m wondering about removing time-sensitive content from my own blog, or going through posts and adding “updates”. I know that people often come into a post via a Google search and don’t check the date of the post.

    Just an observation.

  22. Matt, this seems like a great opportunity to shake some hands! I can’t seem to find out if you’ll be doing it in 2011? Thanks for what you’re doing man.

  23. Hi Matt

    I just wanted to know when is your next I/O meeting in london please let me know