SEO Answers on Google Video

Okay, I took at stab at answering several questions on Google Video. Here’s what I did in chronological order:

As you can probably tell, I shot these videos at home this weekend. I wanted to make a video so that I could give a little more detail and nuance than you’d get from reading a sentence or two. My video camera has an internal hard drive so when you connect it to a computer with USB, it looks like a hard drive with mpeg2 files. All I did was upload the files directly to Google Video from a web browser. The videos are rough because I didn’t do any editing; I just shot single takes and copied the files up.

Let me know if these are helpful, and if they are, I’ll try to make more.

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  1. πŸ™
    Any “official” transcript available? (perhaps someone could make one) Watching videos in the office doesn’t look enough like work πŸ™‚ and is not “quotable”. Oh well, it’s novel (but is it good?).

    It’s also bad for your SEO, Matt!

  2. Nice videos… but:

    I’m used to written english but I’m not used to spoken “american” english.
    So I wasn’t able to get all of your very interesting information. A transcript and/or subtitles really would be very helpful.

    Thanks, Lars

  3. If someone links to my webpage containing the video feed, will this help my video rank on Google?

  4. Hey Matt, Dave here.

    Works great here… (running 3MB though, I would hope it would).

    I think some ‘set design’ as you touched on. Maybe even say… a Pirate theme.. Naw,,it would never work…

    IT’s a nice change from reading articles, Blog and Forum posts.. I must try this, (no Pirate outfit though),,, well, I must sleep a few hours now…

    Speaking of which, have you cloned yourself or something?

    David Harry – Getting too old for these SERPs –

  5. Hi Matt,

    The video’s look good! A very good initiative of yours, and i think you need to continue doing this!

    I don’t know if you’ve read the question, but the user Win asked when the duplicate content filter kicks in… How much of the content should be unique and does link text count as content on that same page?

    Thanks in advance!

  6. Matt, is this the start of GTV and will it compete with webmasterradio?

    On another note, a programmer that resorts to video claiming typing is too slow is distressing. Is this an admission that some Googlers are hunt-n-peck slow typers thus explaining the painfully slow duration between updates?

    Let me know in the next video update πŸ˜‰

    P.S. Thanks for the videos, good info!

  7. It eats up a lot of time. If you answer questions via blog post you can easily search for the stuff that matters for you. On Video you never know if a topic is mentioned at all and if you do know that, where in the video it is. It takes around 13 minutes to watch the video. A blog post is scrolled down in a few seconds. Then there’s the usual stuff: not searchable, no quoting, no linking, no images…

    But it’s cool to watch Matt Cutts while having breakfast πŸ™‚ I like the idea of answering via video, and I know that its a lot of fun taping these.

  8. Great videos Matt – keep them coming!



  9. Hi Matt

    Thanks for the post and answering a good number of question. I know you cant ask all.

    Would have loved to have known your thoughts on where the homepage/root page appears on a search as I have a feeling that the changes on the 27th June/July effected this – so whether Google is handling things better/differently in the future for sites effected in this way who knows.

    For some reason your video posts on Google video are associated with a Cat Ozzie jumping – must be Optimisation = Ozzie πŸ™‚

  10. Thanks for theses videos. I’m trying to translate them in French.

    Is Ozzie your cat ?

  11. This is excellent matt could be the start of something big.

    Well done!!!


  12. The videos were great!

    Thank you.

  13. Wow, I got a little worried knowing Matt was home alone and the first couple of lines were “I wanted to make a video”. πŸ™‚

  14. Encore πŸ™‚ Should I also be thanking reseller for these knockout vids?

    “40% of all html has syntax errors. and there’s no way search engines can remove 40% of its index, just because somebody didn’t validate.”

    Matt, are you saying Google has no problem crawling buggy html? I think you’re saying Google will index a page even if its buggy and a page won’t be penalized for invalid code?

    This Google article seems to implies some coding errors do matter, like meta name=description value= instead of content=.(?)

    When Google parses a page to generate description snippets to display on a site: search (on sites that doesn’t use the META description tag), I believe some HTML errors / ill-structured HTML can make it hard for Google to find where content begins in the source code (I know Google handles stuff like H2 closed by an H3 pretty well, and getting better on other stuff). I see this happening where Google sometimes displays text in IMG ALT, NOSCRIPT, and A HREF at the top of source instead of H2/P text buried at the bottom or buried inside layers of TDs. Or am I just imagining things?

  15. He he he, no, you don’t look like you’ve been kidnapped, you’re not holding a recent newspaper in one hand. πŸ™‚ In any case, noisy backgrounds be damned.

    I appreciate your wish to experiment with video, but it’s not easy to do a websearch on the content is it? It’s going to be more difficult to use your blog as a reference site and lookup tool with the content inside videos?

  16. Thank you for this. Very interesting, useful and a nice way to get information.

  17. Good work those videos.. hopefully more in the near future



    It would have been more convenient if all the VIDEOS were simply One Video for DIGGING purposes

    – if this make the homepage – share the pageviews stats – please

  19. Excellent videos, Matt! Really helpful. Looking forward to more of the same!

  20. Dear Matt

    Great Work.

    Video quality is good, I feel this much better to read, and we all can view your expressions. I think it will not be possible to meet you, but your face, your voice, your gestures will remain alive in our computers ! Please provide download link also.


  21. Greath Matt. You are brilliant and original.

    Waiting for a transcription to transtale it into spanish.

  22. Good questions, and i love the video

  23. I would love to watch the videos then again Google has decided that I can’t at the moment (I’m in China) and asks me to have patience. Any chance to youtube the videos so the rest of the world can participate

  24. Dave (Original)

    Matt has been kidnapped and is being forced to say things he doesn’t really mean. Don’t believe me? Watch the video πŸ™‚

  25. I bet this saved your fingers a lot of work Matt! LOL

    These are great videos, hope you use this often, this is a nice way to “humanize” what you are saying and for people to better understand what is going on at Google and their own SEO efforts.

    Great work!

  26. Matt,
    Good Stuff, It really makes a change to sit back and relax and listen to advice rather than staring at the screen for hours reading.

    I hope this becomes a regular thing after your grabbags.

    (Just to liven things up …why don’t your wear a different hat or something in each clip)


  27. Great stuff – hats off to you

  28. Take 1

    Hi Matt

    I’m so pleased to be one of the first to see almost a preview of your Oscar winning video documentary performance.

    We’re almost a day ahead of you and being one of 20 million people nicknamed “Ozzie” down here [ like your jumping cat ] …. kinda makes the Pacific Ocean shrink to the size of a creek in terms of first class communication .

    All the best for future productions … I’ve booked my ticket in advance.


  29. Lol, your video disclaimer looked indeed like a hostage video.


    I hope you do this more often, great stuff…


  30. Nice jump to a video presentation, for a first timer you hit the most important basics like background and background noise. Resolution is excellent also for full screen view. Light, reflections and voice need some attention. Any amateur video producer couldn’t do a better job. And last but not least as always good information.
    Personally I like one advantage of video – Quick copy-and-paste is over.

  31. Nice videos Matt πŸ˜‰ Keep them comming!! πŸ™‚

    And how we can send in more questions?? maybe you can set up a vidoe-question page or something like that?

  32. Holy smoke! you’re right, he has been kidnapped by the fairy folk of El-googleda πŸ˜€

    Excellent videos!

    I’ve got a technical question: if i have some informations in popup windows opened by javascript (i’m talking about “clean” popup, onclick() based, with real content) the robot are probably not going to read those contents. (they don’t use javascript).
    Is that some way to prevent this and let the robots index the contents ?

  33. Great stuff, love it, almost a human approach (except for the dude in the video..)..sorry, only joking!!

    More, please!

  34. It’s really sad that the bold element in HTML is ranked slightly higher than that strong element. It has been marked as deprecated by W3C (the strict doctypes) so it should really not rank higher. It would be really interesting to hear _why_ it works like that, I’m thinking of something like “more older pages use bold and those are of higher quality”. Anyway, a bit annoying for someone like me that tries to promote using web standards properly.

  35. Good Morning Matt, excellent stuff, it was great seeing you in action. I am sure we all look forward to many more videos.

  36. I see you answered my question… Thanks Matt!!

    ….I can now safely point a few old (and new) clients to this video πŸ™‚

    Thanks for confirming what I’ve always told them πŸ™‚

    does adding “my name mentioned in a matt cutts video” to my resume make it better? hehe j/k

  37. Well done, keep up the style! Interesting stuff. It might be nicer if you sit in front of a window or bookshelf or something to avoid the “hostage” effect πŸ˜‰

  38. Yeah.. you should do it in the libraryesque area where they do the adsense blog videos… It makes it look like they’re in the waiting room of a pediatrician with the colored small chairs, and jukebox and the like…

    Or at least in front of a computer.. It’s always fun to see other people’s workstations…. I still want a monitor like Battelle has.

  39. Finally, some great questions answered. That was the best piece of content yet from this site.
    Thanks again Matt!

  40. Matt,
    I should say – finally the multiple sites on one ip answered, all the stuff here is good.
    One question if it is not to late to ask, what about duplicate content? Say you offer the same exact service in two citites? For example New York dry cleaning and Atlanta dry cleaning, is it ok to put up the same pages with just the city name switched?
    Sorry for being late,

  41. Craig Francis

    Hi Matt,

    Sorry if this is off-topic, but this seems to be a “grab bag” post you talk about in your comment guidelines.

    I have recently been told by an SEO “expert” that Google will rank pages differently depending on their URL in relation to the folder structure. For example:

    And to quote the reasoning: “Introducing a flat folder naming convention when navigating through the pages – doesn’t alter the structure of the site, just makes Google bots think all the content is closer to the front of the site – and therefore increases relevancy”.

    Personally I disagree about it altering the structure of the site (he seems to suggest removing all folders), but I am unsure if there is any truth in how it changes the relevancy of the page.

    Even if there is a grain of truth in this, I would still find the ability to change the scripting language without breaking links (i.e. the move to “index.php” from “index.html”), and also allowing the pages to be grouped logically is much more important.

  42. Good tips here but generally the clue is that (accorting to you Matt) all you need is a unique content site which can be easily crawlable. Fine.

    But about those sites you say that should be worried if they use several thousands of domains in a single ip address, I can tell you a single ip address with 780,000 domains which are for sale and all have the same redirecting script, and they are all indexed by Google. Some of those have a dictionary of subdomains each. Still they have over 10,000 spam pages in Google’s index.

    An example was posted in the friday questions post by me if you want to see an example of such a domain.

    That is despite some people’s multiple spam reports. After months and the sites are in your index. Those do employ hidden text and all other dark seo tactics, and the unique sites get severely penalised.

    You need to address those concerns and open a communications link with the webmasters affected instead of the usual “there is ALMOST nothing…”

    Websites are severely affected by this.

  43. PS: I am not saying “you should”… I mean “Google shoud”

  44. Hostages tend to be more against stone walls in caves.

    The problem with the effect isn’t the plain wall…it’s the lighting. Because it’s not spotlit (it looks like it’s lit from an overhead light or perhaps a lamp), it makes the areas further away from it darker. So putting a background in front of it probably won’t make a great deal of difference…Matt just needs a spotlight. (Sergey could get him one for Christmas or his birthday, whichever comes first.)

    Sitting in front of a window would be baaaaaaad…light reflection and all that.

    Either that, or shoot it off a green screen and superimpose whatever background in after that. Mind you, then we’re getting into full production mode and Matt probably doesn’t want to do that.

    Anyway, I’m not really sure how I feel about the video. The beauty of a blog post is that the poster has the ability to cite examples by hyperlinking to them and making things less abstract as a result. With the video, that aspect tends to be lost. When Matt’s talking about a survey or a research project, it would be nice to have that hyperlink to the research project or survey.

    On the other hand, Matt probably did answer a lot more than he could have by typing and in a lot more detail. And he doesn’t have to worry about someone taking the <blockquote> tag and copy/pasting his text, unless they choose to retype it.

    So I don’t know.

  45. John, in that case.. how is having 2 pages with just the city name switched beneficial to the site visitor.

    I’d think they’d get more benefit out of just seeing one page that mentions 2 cities you do dry cleaning in… with possibly one page listing both locations and their contact information…

    If it grew to multiple states, I’d have one page listing all states, then just contact info of all the sites in that state another level deep.

    But dry cleaning doesn’t change by state. There’s nothing that you do in arkansas that you don’t do in new york (except maybe more tobacco stains).

  46. Hi Matt

    it’s a big thing, let’s lern more about SEO-questions via Google-TV.

    have a good day


  47. phantombookman

    Excellent – things like this point to the power of the internet and it’s future.
    A very impressive feature

  48. There’s nothing that you do in arkansas that you don’t do in new york (except maybe more tobacco stains).

    And stains from the blue dresses worn by interns of a certain former Arkansas governor.

  49. Excellent responses Matt! These were very informational on the different aspects of SEO. I especially liked the one regarding building for users or for search engines – and I agree wtih you that they are not exclusive of one another – but they go hand in hand. Structuring a site properly (semantically, with meaning) that is content rich and dynamic will ultimately keep the users (not in all cases), and the search engines can easily index the site as a whole.

    You need to do these videos more often! Thanks!

  50. garethjax, try “alternate navigation”, having an HTML link elsewhere on the page so search engine spiders can follow (such as the footer of your site).

  51. This is all and great news for getting higher in the rank and make a better web but all there’s this language minority issue. Languages with limited acceptance (let’s say Greek, my native language) are ranked lower than english or spanish. Even if i write this great tutorial or review about the new Firefox in Greek, chances are that only a few people will read it because of the language!

  52. Nice stuff! Thanks for the answers via videos.


  53. Hi Matt. When I read that you were going to try answering questions on video, I didn’t think I’d be particularly interested. But I have to say that they are very very good, and, for the ‘grab-bag’ type of replies, they are far better than posts. The videos aren’t as easily quotable as written stuff, but they are excellent – well done!

    I wonder if you’d be kind enough to answer another question that came up in your videos, and was the topic of quite a big disagreement here a while back. In one of the clips you used the phrase “sneaky redirects”, and when you refer to the sort of redirecting that Google doesn’t want, you always use the word “sneaky” – as does Google’s guidelines. Some people assume that all auto-redirects are spam as far as Google is concerned, and that was the topic of the disagreement a while back. I know from my contact with you that not all auto-redirects are considered to be spam by Google, and I wonder if you would confirm that for the benefit of those who don’t agree. Cheers…

  54. Matt,

    Great way to answer a lot of question with a personal touch πŸ™‚ Felt like a mini-SES virtual conf.

    I have a question for the next round of vid/text Q&A. I have a site which is a news based blog that allows readers to comment/discuss current news events in a specific genre of news (NOT a global/local/tech/medicine hub). The site is focused on 1 specific class of news where the sources are syndicated via RSS, and all authors names, sources, trackback url’s are preserved intact. This site ranks well for topics that are on the cover/homepage however no other pages are in the index within Google; however several hundred are indexed by the other S.E.’s. Would this be a filter based upon the lack unique content as a result of originating sources originating from sydication feeds? Perhaps the total weight of commentary/discussion is not enough in relation to the total amount of source?

    I have seen other sites that are in similar situations as well as numerous sites that do the same and are not. Given the fact that there are so many scraper and spam sites abusing rss syndication is there any way to authenticate with Google? The site does use Google sitemaps and Google Analytics and has had 97% of all pages crawled at least twice in the course of the last 4 months, does not have any ads served (No Adwords, banners or other revenue generation) however does have 4 external anchored text-links.

    From a quality standpoint I can see how the site may be filtered based upon the weight of unique content -vs- syndicated content, however I am curious if you may have any suggestions on how to improve the index depth (html sitemap is also available 1 click from the homepage and the entire site is def. crawlable)


  55. Hey Matt,

    Great video! It is really interesting and I appreciate your time doing that, specially on the weekend.
    Do you think you can upload something about Dedicated IP Address? Does it help on be more stable in Google? Also if you could say something about the recent data refresh/update on Google I am sure a lot of people will appreciate it.
    Thank you very much!

  56. You should remove my name as label by the second video.. it’s your movie, i wanted to rate the video a 5 stars, but labeled it by accident with rxbbx. I am sorry.


  57. I still cannot understand what’s going on with the 27 June update. Our content-rich, non-commercial sites with many more quality inbound links that higher rated sites, and FAR more good content are not doing well anymore.


  58. Thanks for the information, and I vote for more video answers. Plus you can spread the Matt Cutts SEO magic around a bit as I’m sure someone is already blogging the transcripts and will get themselves some great link bait.

  59. Thanks for some great videos Matt.

    Follow up question:
    I use a dedicated server because two of my sites are very resource hungry. Because I have alot of space leftover though, I also host quite a few other sites that are run by family, friends, a few business associates, and a charity I am dedicated to just to help them out. So, I probably have about thirty sites hosted on my server (10 of which are mine). Does this come close to the threshold where I have to worry about having too many sites on a server/IP? It isn’t an issue I ever thought about before. Do I need to kick these people to the curb to protect my business (I guess I’ll keep the charity around though :-)?


  60. Great Job Matt. Hope you keep it up!!

  61. Matt:

    You mentioned in your video about vs is CSS evaluated for example: font-weight:bold;?



  62. Thanks, Matt!

    I’m not able to attend conferences so your video was great – now I know what you look like and you are younger and cuter πŸ™‚ than I imagined .

    I do hope someone will transcribe it and make it available for searching. I’m kinda slow at remembering some of the more technical stuff and it sinks in and “holds” better if I can see text.

    Thanks for answering all those question and I look forward to more videos.

  63. Anyone know if he said he was going to make any more kitty posts?

  64. EXCELLENT!!!

    Reading does not give flavor that the video does.

    Keep up the great work!

    Ted Z

  65. Guess the Video Search didnt find you yet πŸ™‚

  66. My question didn’t get answered, but that is ok think the video idea is great.

    Please keep the good content flowing.

  67. Thanks for the information, Matt.

    I understand you are not able to answer each question, however it appears obvious that you deferred from answering any questions about the data refreshes on June 27 and July 27. Is there *anything* you can tell those of us who were largely impacted by the refreshes on those dates?

    Some sites came back on July 27 while others did not. Some sites survived June 27 without incident but were impacted on July 27. The only thing these sites seem to have in common is that the “” operator no longer lists the homepage on top.

    Is there *any* advice, information, or hope (other than “check your sites”) you can give to people who have sites that were impacted on those dates? Should we just hang tight until the next data refresh? What about sites that didn’t return after the June 27 data refresh? When could we expect the next data refresh, Aug 27? What exactly is a data refresh anyway?

    Anyway, it seems as though this is something you cannot talk about based on the number of people that have asked. I respect that. But if there is absolutely anything, even tiny, that you can say I think there would be hundreds of people that would appreciate it. Thanks for listening and the valuable information you provide here.

  68. Matt,

    Thank you for your articulated answer to our issues, moving forward we will plan around this issue. Due to the fact that we have hundreds of in house employee’s who’s only job is to build product content it is normal for us to launch with such β€œPassion”. This content is prepared months in advance, in anticipation of a new launch.

    The only question I have, is there a way for us to β€œun-filter” our AU site? We know that France became visible after 5 months.


    Aaron Shear

  69. Free Matt!

    i think he is giving us a hint at the beginning, that something is not ok in the ‘plex πŸ˜‰

  70. Matt,

    Love the vids! Thank you!

  71. Thank you


  72. Thanks a bunch for the videos. they were very helpful and hopefully you’ll make some more!

  73. Awesome… Great way to handle the grab bag questions, do more this way please. Could be a good way to eat up those 20% free work hours at the office.

  74. Matt,

    The one thing you forgot about w3c validation is that if a site is totally valid, it is totally crawlable in a text browser. So validation does help in crawability.

  75. Fabulous Matt! The video idea is really wonderful and very well done. I’m impressed by the way you are able to answer in a straight forward manner and without a lot of ummms and errrrs which would certainly happen in my case.

    I’d be willing to bet you passed all levels of public speaking as a kid! πŸ™‚

    Very well done. I love it! (Still looking to find out how to detect cloaking though. I mean, I know how I detect cloaking, but it takes a lot of work on my part and I was hoping to find a less arduous method. Perhaps just one more video?)

  76. Liane, the best method I use to detect cloaking is to disable javascript and set my user agent to be that of googlebot.

    There’s a firefox extension that can do both.

    It’s a simple matter of me hitting 2 buttons and clicking refresh.

  77. Thanks Matt

    It’s great that you provide this
    excellent feedback..because
    you certainly don’t have to.

    My home page sort of came
    back so I guess that problem
    is now sorted πŸ™‚

    Keep up the great work.

  78. Can I buy advertising space on your drab background? Just a URL in big black letters? πŸ™‚ I think you should do location shots: backyard, office, hotel rooms, airports, in front the old Jeeves cutout…

  79. Is it possible you could list the urls of sites and tools that you mention in the videos somwhere on your blog, or with the videos, so we can follow up on them?

    Hope there are more videos to come – its a nice way to digest SEO.


  80. Thanks, Matt.

    Unfortunatelly, my net connection is too damn slow to view those videos, can you please provide a download link?

  81. TOMHTML, yup yup. Ozzie is our newer cat. I needed a short test video to make sure everything worked. I also had a video of him stealing a tomato off a table; he’s a little rebel.

    Halfdeck, I’ve wanted to try making a video for a while. Can you imagine talking about datacenter IPs on a video though? That would be… pretty boring.

    S.E.W., if I go over 100MB I’d have to use the client uploader, and it sounds like that can take 1-2 days. I wanted the gratification of the web browser upload (goes live immediately). That puts an upper limit of 7-8 minutes on a video. Plus if I talk for much longer, I’m sure I’ll say something dumb, and I don’t want to learn how to edit yet. πŸ™‚

    Thank you, Liana Evans! I’ve misunderstood enough emails in my time that it seemed like a good idea to try a video where it’s harder to misunderstand. I can probably make a few more before my wife comes home and demands to know what I’m doing with all the lamps in our place. πŸ˜‰

    I appreciate the comments, Ralf. I picked up some books on making videos, podcasts, etc. this weekend. I tried to get light right, but only had stuff that was lying around. Audio definitely needs work–maybe something to dampen the echoes from the bare walls?

    garethjax, include static text links to the same content.

    Emil StenstrΓΆm, I’ll ask around. It might be possible to adjust things. I think it’s mostly an artifact that everyone used bold first. But again, the difference is pretty trivial.

    Ryan, don’t forget that you can do direct links into the video. For example, append “#2m3s” to go to two minutes and three seconds into the video. I think that’s right–the Google Video folks recently posted that somewhere. Let me check. Ah, here we go: tells about it. That’s the correct syntax. So you could point directly to where I answer your question.

    Philipp Lenssen, I did add a little bit of background for the next few sessions.

    pavlos, I’ll check it out. There was someone working on tackling the specific issue you mention, but parked domains often aren’t meant as malicious in the way that some spam is. Nonetheless, our users don’t like parked domains, so it’s usually not good to show them. Philipp asked your other question, and I’m hoping to get to it.

    Nate K, I almost mentioned Alan Perkins as a master of that philosophy, but I wasn’t sure on the fly if I was remembering his name right. I’d check out stuff that Alan has written on how to align users’ and search engines’ interests. Lately, Colin McDougall has also talked about VEO (Visitor Enhanced Optimization), which also tackles many similar ideas.

    Hi, PhilC, it’s been a while since we talked so my memory is a bit dusty. The vast majority of the time, I’m talking about JavaScript redirects used in a way to show users and search engines different content. You could also cloak and then use (meta refresh, 301/302) to be sneaky. But just doing a redirect by itself isn’t sneaky. A valid example would be if you merged with another company, so the domains merged and did a 301 redirect from the old domain to the new domain.

    William Donelson, I’m hoping to get to that one.

    Josh, I wouldn’t worry about this, because they’ll all be different sites. If you were running 30 sites and they were all about some topic like pharmacy, that might look different.

    Many thanks, nancyb. πŸ™‚ When I started the blog, I was thinking “I could put my presentations and PowerPoint online!” That hasn’t really happened, but I’m still interested in the idea (not everyone can make it to San Jose or Las Vegas for a conference). Maybe I could do a dramatic re-enactment of what I planned to say or the questions that people asked. πŸ™‚ Then again, there’s never enough hours in the day, so who knows..

    Goodman Amana HVAC, I’ll get to your kitty question. I tried to convince Emmy to come on camera. She wasn’t a fan of all the lights.

    Matt Crouch, I don’t know how often Google Video indexes. I guess we’ll find out, eh?

    Aaron Shear, I’m not at a place where I can on it right now. Your best bet would be a reinclusion request, and I’ll try to check into what the algorithms are doing.

    PuzZler, I just about lost my breakfast from laughing. I’m clearly going to have to add *something* in the background.

  82. Jeff, good point. I’ll remember that for future discussion.

    Chris, if you look to the right of the video, I think that there should be a “Download as a file for Windows or Mac” link. Try that out and let me know if it works.

  83. Bangs Head against Brick Wall regarding positioning in checks πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Ozzie jumping gets a ranking 5 out of 5 πŸ™‚ – bet in the long run more people will rank the cat than your vid clip – as people will always be searching for cat vids etc.

  84. (I hope this isn’t a dupe — got a WordPress db error the first try…)

    I was glad to see that bold counts for more than strong. (Although I know Matt said it’s a minor point.) I don’t understand why em and strong should be preferred by standards. Worse yet, what’s this about bold and italic tags being deprecated?! To me, italic and bold are very well understood conventions — why shouldn’t we use “i” and “b” tags if that’s what we mean? The browser or stylesheet can still redefine if they really want to. I suppose someone will argue about style versus structure and blah blah blah, but come on, it’s just two tags that allow us to specify two common type settings that have been used for hundreds of years. Is it going to kill us to keep using them?

  85. Documentation from qualities of a good site can be found at:

    Other 2 video documents are getting created as i speak

    Hope this helps some people

    Matt, feel freee to use it

    The rest of the articles will be added to when complete

  86. These are great. I much prefer watching the video to reading. You can’t get intonation and hand gestures from the written page. I think having these videos really good. Thank you.

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    P.S. I wouldn’t worry too much about the aesthetics of your studio; content is king baby!

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    I think keeping the clips short as you are doing will be very helpful, otherwise hard to search for the answer needed. Surprised that I could not find you under “Matt Cutts” at Google video.

  93. Matt Said: “pavlos, I’ll check it out. There was someone working on tackling the specific issue you mention, but parked domains often aren’t meant as malicious in the way that some spam is. Nonetheless, our users don’t like parked domains, so it’s usually not good to show them. Philipp asked your other question, and I’m hoping to get to it.”

    Pavlos says… The issue with me and with the other webmasters affected by this is that these sites and the thousands of subdomains/subfolders they have use redirect scripts. Some of those redirect scripts send me hits via 302s and I am sure googlebot is picking up, as for no reason one of my main sites’ rankings and some of my client’s have been severely damaged for no reason.

    Anyway… Really appreciate the interest…

    This is a very complicated issue and it would be great if we could live without…

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  99. There is one concern in all of this that has been bugging me all day and I haven’t yet found a good way to put it. So I’m just gonna do the best I can.

    My concern is the idea of valid code being placed behind content. Would it not hold true that the aspects of the presentation of the content (e.g. the code) would serve as part of the user experience in and of itself and be just as important as the content?

    I’m not saying the content should be less important than the code, but if a site has coding issues that cause it to have browser compatibility and/or accessibility issues, then a situation could arise whereby at least some people who would not be able to read the content properly and therefore consider results that contained said issues irrelevant.

    That’s one of the reasons I’m such a big fan of the accessible search and have started to use it exclusively, even though I have no particular disability that prevents me from using regular search. When I use the accessible search, there’s an increased likelihood of finding relevant results where the webmasters of the sites have taken the time to code them properly (more or less…the odd error is bound to happen).

    Accessible search also has the side effect of removing a lot of the blackhat stuff, since a lot of the blackhat techniques are placed as a means of covering up badly-coded sites with unclear purposes (among other things).

    I can see the point about hand-coded sites containing useful content. But why not use the Webmaster Console/Sitemaps to communicate those issues to people and encourage them to code to higher standards? It’ll make crawling sites a lot easier, increase the likelihood of relevant results, and allow end users the opportunity to experience as many sites as possible with a reduced risk of incompatibility. In other words, by encouraging and promoting quality code in regular SERPs, you enhance the end user experience.

    So…in a rather roundabout way, here’s the deeper question: is, at some point, accessibility and/or valid code going to become at least a factor in the algo?

  100. I loved your videos! In them you mentioned that having your site on one server is ok, but what about interlinking my related sites that are hosted on the same server – will that raise a flag with Google?

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    For the french reader I translated the third video on my blog :

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    Great job, all that talking at conferences must be good practice for a video professor gig. Ever consider teaching an SEO course online?


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  107. I see some reports that Google Video was down earlier.

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  111. JohnMu: There are two conflicting arguments. What am I supposed to be reading and probably responding to there?

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    It would be cool if you’ve got some kind of “text” version of your answers…that’s why some users are not used to videos and live speech… and some of us are still on freaking dial-up … so watching those videos will take me forever….

    please prepare something in textual shape πŸ˜‰


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    Morris Rosenthal, a video professor gig, eh? I’m glad you enjoyed them. I just posted a few more..

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    Read the transcript if you can’t download the video – or keep the transcript open while you’re watch the first video.

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    Keep the Cameras Rolling!

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    cheers, more please

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    I thought these videos were very informative.

    I think this is a great time saving tool, and a hell-of-a way to be efficent in your replies. Thanks a lot for taking time out of your nice California weekend to do this.

    Now, maybe you can help us little people get some of those spam detection tools used internally by Google. πŸ˜‰

    Kind Regards,


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    First time user to your blog. Saw your videos
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  142. Video media is very popular and effective. Other companies (no name) are allowing users all over the globe to upload and manage personal and business-related information, and everything in-between.

    The question is: how does one track ‘true’ metrics of not only usage (which is easy) – but effectiveness of medium for humans? (not spiders)

    My answer: Log on to Matt Cutts Blog, and watch the new videos – they are phenomenal! Forum members should use this to help others in the industry. “Help others get what they want, and you’ll have anything you want” (you’ve heard it before, probably). Value first!

    Yes, transcripts would be useful, but not crucial – can’t wait to see more.

    Best, Jon

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    I loved your videos. I am a newbie to this entire search engine optimization thing. You videos, espically the one on to optimize for search engine or users was the best. I always used to write from a users perspective, but I think, having better accesibility to one’s site also helps.

  144. I think this is a good way for you to provide feedback, or you might consider a podcast as well…

  145. Just starting to look at it. Generally good, and you come across quite well. The lack of a transcripts makes it a bit of a pain as I have to write down the bits that are interesting instead of just copying your text πŸ™‚ That’s work for me! πŸ˜€

    The other downside of having audio is that people from around the world can tell you that “niche” is pronounced “neesh” instead of “nitch” πŸ˜€

  146. Favour bold over strong? That’s awful for accessibility :(:(

  147. If I am a web designer and I need to have a portfolio page to show my work (eg does this look too much like a links page like you have been inferring would be bad? I’m not linking to credit cards and casinos but I am linking to parasols, kids shops, surf clubs and a personal blog.

  148. Thanks Matt, good watch!

  149. Matt, regarding launching big new sites with batches of pages at a time, what sort of time period would you need between your first “few thousand” and your next “few thousand”?

  150. Sorry, the above question was with regard to the “launching a site with millions of pages” question you answered in session 2.

  151. hey matt,

    picking up where your vodcast left off — accessibility –, and continuing a strong theme in today’s thread — captioning — , i have a question: can google index flash, mpg, and other video formats’ captioned text, the way it can index, say, alt tag text? thanks,


    p.s. i vote yes on your video, and though i understand you fine, i would support captioning because I am an accessibility proponent — too bad GV and Utube don’t have a voice recognition auto-captioner built in…

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    I thought about an idea though, which maybe could help improve the whole thing even more and that I would like to share with you: Below each video title I would include an ordered list of the questions you are answering in it (numbered in cronological order). Why? I speak by personal experience: only by watching the entire movie I discovered that you where answering many other important questions covering important topics other than the main subject. I think that if people can read the questions in advance they will be more reasons for them to watch your videos to listen to your answers.

    Thank you very much once again and have a nice day!

    PS. If one day you will take a break from work and you will be coming to Tenerife it will be our pleasure to have you as our special guests!

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    I have two questions to ask:

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    2. Does Google rank sites which provide a text-only version of its pages higher than a site which doesn’t, and is there a way for a webmaster to have search results redirect to the text-only version of the page without it being considered cloaking?


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    I really enjoyed the videos and watching them is more enjoyable than reading, personally I’d like to see more video, and more dinosaur impressions too please! I’d like to post a few question for consideration too if I may, all related to link building and SEO.

    1) Do image links give you as much benefit in SEO as text links? and is the alt tag of the image counted as anchor text?
    2) Could you clarify exactly where the line lies between what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in terms of purchasing paid links. I would assume that purchasing bannner advertising is considered OK, whereas purchasing some little Co-op style links in the footer is not. What about the areas in between, a paid link on the homepage of a relevant site for example.
    3) I understand that it is essential to get links on relevant sites and that they are more beneficial than links on non relevant sites, which makes sense. Could you clarify how the relevancy is calculated. If for example I had a website about shoes and I linked to another shoe site that would obviously be relevant. What if I linked to a site about slippers? or about the leather manufacturer? would they be as benefitial? I guess I’m looking for clarification on how the relevancy is worked out, is it by subject area or is it by keywords.
    4) Not really a question but I’d greatly appreciate a general explanation of how you think webmasters should approach link building. It’s an essential part of SEO and something I think most people get wrong.



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    This videos are great, it’s easier to follow than written text, I hope you will continue making them. Of course, some better compression would be great πŸ˜‰

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  158. Hey Matt, Great Video.

    To your “viewer” question about root-domain only search, axioma, a downloadable search tool that has some interesting filtering and sorting customizations.

    So, just letting your listeners know that this feature exists, and I believe axioma can use Google as a source, and then filters the non-root-domain pages.


    Matt R.

  159. Matt Cutts, in Session 3 you said that 40% of all html has syntax errors. and there’s no way search engines can remove 40% of its index, just because somebody didn’t validate.
    Well let me tell you that if Google actually did not include pages with a significant* percentage of non standard compliance (XHTML 1.0 Strict, CSS2, WCAG 1.0) their authors would have bothered to fix them, this is for sure.
    If to appear on Google a page must be valid then people will validate.
    * Sometimes publishing tools are responsible, not authors.

  160. Hey Matt,

    Thanks for the mention!

    OK, I am late to the game here but thanks to you Matt, I was inspired to take a significant amount of time over the last few weeks.

    Back to check a few emails now then off for more R&R πŸ™‚


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    I am looking for an application that converts video to flash player (or) some other open source player … like the way google converts video to flash for playback on a browser. I would want to install the application on a server for anyone to use — or it could be local running on the users machine — but in the end I want to automate the process as much as possible.

    I would also would like to be able to pick the thumbnail from any frame in the video (if possible).
    Any suggestions orideas out there? Please respong to Rick –

  163. Given the blank background of your video set…
    It would have been a hoot for you to have a few guys standing beside you left and right, arms crossed holding some Windows for Dummies books. β€˜If yor ransom is not paid ~ they will force you to read a chapter each day!

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    My vote is for high quality informative content

    Great work

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    If the Web 2.0 Video is to take off, the world needs to upgrade the speed of its internet.

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    2. Made on a shoe-string budget with a camcorder in the spare room.

    Either way they are extremely effective and very helpful. Who needs the slick suit with a hi-tech office backdrop anyway.

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  183. all the videos are very helpful, specially when you talk about optimization for users.
    I hope you have enough time to post more of this invaluable tools.

  184. the videos are very helpful, specially when you talk about optimization

  185. Excellent responses Matt! These were very informational on the different aspects of SEO. I especially liked the one regarding building for users or for search engines – and I agree wtih you that they are not exclusive of one another – but they go hand in hand. Structuring a site properly (semantically, with meaning) that is content rich and dynamic will ultimately keep the users (not in all cases), and the search engines can easily index the site as a whole.

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  189. Anton Gorodenskyi

    Hi Matt!

    That`s a good idea to broadcast with such an interesting topics as Google crawl details and other.

    Go on, please! But be a little more like an announcer from CNN or BBC – more official language in order for better uderstanding. And your blog will be one of the visitest in the internet.

    Good luck, collegue!


  190. Matt,

    Great videos and thanks for sharing. Do you know, regarding videos, I have several readers who would like to know how to create sitemaps for youtube videos. Its my understanding that although it can be done and is accepted in webmaster tools, the videos dont get indexed, as I think is correct being that they are hosted on youtube, not the domain of the site that had embedded the videos. In anycase, cant seem to find any answer on this to confirm what I think is the case. Would love to know to share with readers at Anyways, thanks in advance for your insight.

  191. Nice way to learn some seo stuff, takes a bit more time but it forces me to really listen. I tend to scan the pages if it’s written and maybe forgetting a lot of stuuf due to that fact.

    Going to try and watch this video stuff more often. Thanks a bunch.

  192. I remember reading this post a while back. (years) I believe we need an updated video which covers major changes coming with Google Caffeine as well as the “site load speed” being included in the algorithm.

  193. Matt,
    Great videos! Looked at your older videos from 2006 ( google video ) Best way to learn SEO is from Google. No hocus pokus! It is straight to point.
    Looking forward to see some new videos about google caffeine.

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    Do you think there are other kinds of SEO myths out there? I mean with everything changing so much what kind of strategies will continue to work?

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