Search interviews

A couple search interviews you may not have caught the first time:

I enjoyed doing this interview with Richard MacManus. I still have an email interview with a blogger that I’m trying to finish that started in September 2006, so in general I decline trying to do email interviews these days. Just about the only way I can find time is if we sit down to talk and then transcribe it. Gord stopped by the Googleplex for this interview, for example.

There have been lots of other interesting search interviews going on, of course. I enjoyed seeing that Eric Enge and John Marshall spoke about click fraud in a half-hour podcast. Found via SEW.

Personally, I’d love to see someone interview Niels Provos, the creator of SpyBye. It’s a tool that helps webmasters spot malware on their site. You set as your proxy and then as you click around on your website, the proxy will download your pages and scan the pages for viruses/malware using an open-source virus scanner. And if you don’t want to set as your proxy, you can download and run your own copy. Another nice tool from the same fellow who did ScanSSH, which is a nice open-source tool for securing your network; it can check for SSH servers, open proxies, etc.

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  1. Matt,
    At the current status, Google’s domination in the Global search market share is so big. Our ilustration of Google’s domination is here. What will it be with Google moving toward more of personalization and localization of search results as you talked about in these interviews?

  2. SpyBye sounds cool, don’t know why they can’t simply spider the site for you automatically though.

    Or at least scrape Google search results 😉

  3. Are all these claims towards google concerning click fraud in adwords settled? We just had a huge “click attack” that raised our adwords bill by about 70 % last month 🙁 There is nothing one can do against that, is there?