Say hello at PubCon 2010

I’ll be at PubCon in Las Vegas next week. I’ll speaking on the search engine super session on Wednesday, November 10th.

If you see me at PubCon, please say hello to me!

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  1. You got it! This’ll be my first time, and I’m really looking forward to it!

  2. Unfortunately I can’t make it to PubCon. Any chance you will be speaking in the Cinci/Columbus/Dayton area soon? I realize Ohio is not nearly as glamorous as Las Vegas. 🙂

  3. I hope to be in pubcon next year. I hope you are there too would love to meet you one day. Also, would love to meet people in the seo industry.

  4. Hi Matt,

    Is that recorded? I would love to see it but can’t make it over from Ireland!

  5. Scott

    Hi Matt, slightly OT question – are you still taking Webmaster questions from the Google Moderator page at ?? Or is there a different way to submit questions for the videos?

  6. Bonnie Parrish-Kell

    Looking forward to catching up with you, Matt, as well as hearing what you have to say at “Smack Down.” (I know, it’s officially called “Super Session” but we know to call it what it really is – LOL)

  7. This is one thing I miss about working for a large corporation, the boondoggles to events like Pubcon, etc.

    Lots of fun and a great way to meet people.

    Have fun!

  8. Matt,
    For us Europeans who can hardly make it to get to PubCon can you possibly write a page or an article about it (or point us to an article about it, with report on the topics etc.)?

  9. it will be big honor for me to say you Hello

  10. Yeah I would also like to know whether it is being recorded and if not can you get it recorded? I am over in the UK and unfortunately I cannot make it this year. So try and get it taped, so that we Europeans can watch you in action as well!


  11. Like many others, I was unable to attend PubCon, but I’d love to get the gist of your talk. If it’s okay with the conference administrators, could you provide video, audio, or just slides from the session? Hope everything went well with the presentation yesterday!

  12. Matt,
    Will you be posting your slide from PubCon? I would love to get a copy.

    Bill Sullivan

  13. Doh! I missed out… will try to attend the next PubCon or perhaps will be checking your blog to see what future events you’ll be speaking at 🙂

  14. I enjoyed your (engaging & ‘relevant’) presentation at Pubcon. Thanks for the down to earth way you speak about Google and Search. 🙂
    I often find the most rewarding presentations at Pubcon are the ones where the presenter spends more time talking about what’s really going in Search, rather than about how they “started in SEO in 1998, blah blah blah”.
    Every year you ‘tell it like it is’ — thanks 🙂

  15. Matt says,
    “If you see me at PubCon, please say hello to me!”

    Sure Matt, I say hello
    and you say, goodbye to my website.

    Just kidding. Great speech at PubCon. Too bad the competition failed to field a guy. I think Bing might be afraid of you.