Review: Elektra

BAAAAAAAAD. Really baaaaad. If you have a TiVo, this is a watch-on-triple-fast-forward movie. I give it 0.3 (on a 0.0 to 1.0 scale) on the Mortal Kombat: The Movie scale.

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  1. Except for Jennifer Garner, the movie should have never been made.

  2. Jonathan Kemp

    I agree, it was the least uninteresting and worst Marvel movie I have seen. Jennifer Garner was the only reason to see it and it was reported that she only did it because she was under contract after being in the Daredevil movie.

  3. Really? My wife loved the female superhero thing.

  4. I agree *if* you are going to watch it – watch it at 3x – skip all the rubbish – few scenes worth watching but otherwise 🙁

  5. Just posted that – then thought I had been a little harsh – see:

    … for a good reason to watch it – hot woman, swords 😉

  6. Harith

    AuthSMTP Said,

    “… for a good reason to watch it – hot woman, swords”

    And how about this one:

    Also ….for good reason to watch it – spam killer, sword 🙂

  7. MattKP

    Okay it wasnt that bad Matt…. lol… but yea only one reason to watch – Jennifer.

    …and I enjoyed Mortal Kombat better than Elektra for what it was… maybe it should be the Street Fighter scale. 🙂

  8. I’d agree with you if it wasn’t based on a totally TRUE STORY!

  9. By default usually any comic book to movie adaptation should be carefully scrutinized before spending money to watch with the exception of a rare few. Same goes with video game to movie conversions or, worse yet, movie to video game conversions. *shudder*

  10. PhpDude

    Jennifer was good to look at but the story line was pretty thin.

    I can’t wait to see Charlize Theron in Aeon Flux! Her past roles have portrayed her as not very good looking and from the previews of the Aeon Flux that I’ve seen, she can jump me any time 🙂

  11. Pinyo, and that is why she’s a woman 😉

  12. Glen the Hen

    I loved this movie. Matt’s standard of measurement is truly a first.

  13. LB

    Matt, why isn’t AdWords being tracked/reported properly by/in Google Analytics?

    I have it linked to my AdWords account and have enabled tracking codes. Did this last week and still no CPC stats in Analytics. Would be good to get an official Google response from this as I see lots of people having the same issues in other forums.


  14. Mike

    true story?

    I am ashamed to admit that I watched this D movie and I am predicting that the DVD will sell for under $1 (original version) within 6 months

    If you like your B movies then try something different, this is some serious crap


  15. MattKP

    Aeon Flux looks just as bad as Elektra, although Charlize Theron is a doll, Jennifer Gardner looks like she is dressed sexier.

  16. Hey, I thought the action was great. I enjoyed the movie

  17. hmmm…what does this have to do with Google…I want some hot tips god damn it!!


  18. Pete

    Marvel either seem to get it spot on (X-Men, Spiderman, Blade) or fail miserably (Daredevil, Elektra, Punisher, etc).

    I have to admit tho that my two favourite movies of 2006 have both been comic book adaptations; Sin City and Batman Begins.

  19. Am I missing something or didn’t this movie DVD come out in April this year and the movie itself in theaters last year. Come on Matt, review some current movies! I will agree it is as bad as brussel spouts.

  20. Joseph Cowan

    DC and Marvel are locked in a neverending battle to copy the other. There is usually a direct steal hero or villian on either side as new characters are developed. Batman and Daredevil are usually compared as equivalents with Elektra and Catwoman also being similar (hottie, sometimes adversarial, “get close-run away”). Let us look at the two movies Catwoman and Elektra. Average rating on the “This Sucks” meter? both 10 for Really Sucks. Original connection to major hero lost in movie, Catwoman doesn’t mention Batman, Elektra doesn’t mention Daredevil. Origin rewritten in both films, totally ignoring genre origin. Both characters wear costumes that are at best designed for strippers with little use to a superhero. Both films alienated true comic fans. Both films had scripts that could be improved by adding the ingredients lists from top cereal products. DC also did similar thing with Supergirl, except Superman was mentioned. Otherwise all three are just camp films that should be eradicated in true 1984 manner. It never happened!

  21. I was tricked into buying the Elektra DVD by a shaddy bootlegger in Dubai ! When I saw the movie, all I could care noticing was Jennifer.
    The movie also reminds me of those chinese kungfu flicks I used to watch as a kid, where ppl fight more in the air and less on ground !

  22. I loved it, a woman in tight red leather pants and you call it a bad movie? How can it possibly be bad and there is some acting and action thrown in for free.

  23. Just when you thought comic book adaptations had outlived their usefulness, along comes a film like “Elektra” to hammer that final nail into the coffin. Adapting a major comic hero like “Superman”, “Batman”, “Spider-Man”, etc. is one thing because everyone knows those heroes – they’re part of our pop culture whether you read comics or not. Titles like “Elektra” however aren’t mainstream not because people aren’t aware of them, but because people quite frankly don’t care.

  24. Watch “street fighter” and “Gi-joe” you will like that!