Review: Category 7: The End of the World

Worst movie EVAR. Before this, I would have said the 1987 movie Storm was the worst. Move over Storm, you’ve been trumped. When poisonous frogs get loose at a cocktail reception and attack the guests (one woman has a seizure and starts foaming at the mouth, another man can’t shake a frog off his finger), I knew we had a new winner. I had to stop halfway through tonight because I’m laughing too hard.

Thrilling title

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  1. Will make sure I avoid it.


  2. Good morning Matt

    Give me a break πŸ™‚

    What are you doing? Just had my breakfast, and instead of a worm cup of Java, I see you serve for us:

    one woman has a seizure and starts foaming at the mouth πŸ™‚

    Have a great day and a successful week!

  3. Hi Matt

    See what you have done πŸ™‚

    I wrote in my previous post: “a worm cup of Java” instead of “a warm cup of Java”

    So now we have both “worm” and “foaming at the mouth” … πŸ™‚

  4. Yes, pretty bad its right up there with QUINTET 1979 as the worst movie ever made.

  5. The poor woman must have glanced over at *smile*

    Will be sure to avoid the film, thanks.

  6. It can’t be any worse than Autumn in New York. (Partly because it’s a chick flick.)

  7. Don’t think any of them can beat Open Water for the worse film ever, bad sound track, shocking acting, and bad camera work even the sex scene was worse than pathetic.

  8. I would recommend watching Sgt. Kabukiman, N.Y.P.D. if you enjoy trashy movies.

  9. Is it part of G’s Jaggar3

  10. Hi Matt, it’s a while I visit your blog and it’s sounds great. I got a question sorry if it’s irrelevant. why MSN’s pagerank by google toolbar fell down to 2 and backed to 9 again in previous week? thanks in advance for your kind attention. regards

  11. I was on my way home and heard about it, thought to my self,sounds like a good concept, but its a network movie. Now if Scott Baio, Gary Coleman, Tony Danza and Ben Affleck were in it, it might have been an award winner… Seriously, if you have not tried Family Guy on DVD, you should. One of the funniest shows ever imho.

  12. Just you wait until “snakes on a plane” – Samuel L Jackson trapped on a passenger jet full of snakes.

    Shocking in it’s conceptual brilliance..

  13. Thats the thing though – you were laughing to hard.

    A film can get so bad that it is in fact good! Is that the case with this film or is it just bad.

    I mean the scene you described sounded excellent πŸ™‚

  14. I stil think Days of Thunder can never be exceeded for wost film ever. And I think NASCAR is interesting.

  15. Movies that suck, rock! πŸ™‚

  16. What are you talkin about? Ishtar still takes the cake!

  17. I read a book last night. I guess I didn’t miss much.

  18. I knew there was a reason I didn’t watch this. It the first five minutes everything that happened just seemed to be horribly done. Glad I didn’t watch it all.

  19. I agree! I found the movie after it’d started – just as the the wind hit Paris – and figured out very quickly that it was pure cheese… or, more accurately, fromage.

    “Category 7” actually reminded me of some of the 70’s disaster movies and it would have been much better if they’d made it a spoof of flicks from that era (i.e. “Towering Inferno” “Earthquake” “Airport” etc) so we could laugh along WITH them instead of laughing AT them.

    BTW, stay tuned because another 70s disaster flick has just been remade and is airing very soon (or already has?): “The Poseidon Adventure”! πŸ™‚

    Great post, Matt.


  20. Haha the image really drew in my attention — personally I haven’t seen the movie, but any movie I haven’t seen isn’t worth watching or it’s already on my to-watch list! I guess this movie really does prove the unworthiness of the movies I haven’t took a second glance to. πŸ™‚

  21. How about the scene in “The Day After Tomorrow” where the teens are running from some kind of a “cold front” which is moving just slower than two male actors can run. They dash into a building, the cold front follows them, they DIVE into a room with a fireplace, slam the door AND THEY’RE SAFE FROM THE EVIL COLD FRONT

  22. what gives – we’re on holiday here and it’s been the highlight of my son’s week – mind you he is only 10.

    I missed it – had my own horror movie going on – trying to find out why GG has stopped crawling my site since October – used to visit everyday – boy do I miss him/her.

  23. How quickly we forget horrible movies. I still believe the worst movie ever made for TV was the mini series ‘10.5’. Category 7 had the same stench of fakeness in the commercials so I didn’t even bother. Remember the train scene in ‘10.5’… the model railroad store probably made a fortune from it’s producers.

    Hey cool, my security code was “BAAM” … Emeril would be proud πŸ˜‰

  24. Far and away Randy Quaids best performance since Independance day, Shannen Doherty has grown so much as an actress her performance was comendable. Gina Gershon is still so hot, check her out in the movie bound.

  25. I would like to put First Daughter on the list. That movie is horrible.

    I like the blog..keep it up.

  26. There was an obvious problem right from the beginning. There is no such thing as a category 7 storm. It only goes to category 5. I’ll bet the screenwriter also thinks Harry Potter is based on science.

  27. James Brolin in a bad movie? You must be mistaken Matt.

  28. As bad as this show was (was TO in the cast?), I still found it hard going back to the Eagles/Redskins game. I actually appreciate bad TV because we get more sales on our site on “bad TV” nights.

  29. Oh man that movie was so bad. The story was improbable and totally useless events were forced in. The thing that made it so bad was the direction. There were shots used for no purpose and i never felt compelled to care about anybody because things were just hopping around. Those slow motion blur, frame skipping slightly negative shots were so useless and various other shots were total just used “because it looks cool.” oh well, can’t wait to not watch part 2!

  30. I think “Attack of the killer tomatoes” is one of the all time worse movies. It’s so bad you just have to watch it!

  31. I would argue for Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut! This has to be THE most boring film of all time.

  32. I haven’t seen it but i heard it was horrible.

  33. Stephen nailed it. This thing is so horrible, it’s the most entertaining TV movie ever. The dialogue is so bad, it’s written a delivered like a fourth grade play…the special effects are so awesomely cheesy it’s amazing. Honestly, they must have known this was bad…that had to be what they were going after. I can’t believe that anyone could make something this bad out of incompetence alone. This took effort to be this bad…

  34. The worst of it all is that I have to wait till next Sunday to see if the Super Massive Hurricane actually hits DC.

  35. With a name like “Category 7: The End of the World,” were you expecting anything better? :p

  36. It sucked. It was so bad it was actually funny…

  37. Hey give it a break, if this was real life situation it would seem more fake than this. It would seem so unreal if you were sitting right in the middle of this kind of storm. Anything like this will be unreal, for no one is used to experiencing it. So either watch the movie or don’t, but quit knockin it. I bet you all couldn’t make a movie better than this!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  38. I TIVO’D the movie and because of a football game that ran late we missed the final 20minutes of the movie. Anyone know of a way we could watch it on line?

    Hey, nobody said it was possible, or impossible. Movies take you to places you never thought you’d been. They’re just vehicles to drive your imagination. Enjoy them for what they are!

  39. hello

  40. Wow the worst movie i have ever seen in my life. Made absolutely no sense. 1. Theres no such thing as a category 7 hurricane. 2. the hurricane is apparently caused by the city generating too much heat and they have to turn the power off to make the hurricane go away :/ [tries not to burst out laughing]. 3. theres a tornado in one city but they totally forgot about it. 4. there was some stuff about underground gunfights and stuff that had nothing to do with the topic whatsoever 5. the internet connection fails and all of the computer screens go blank. um last time i checked most computers are capable of running standalone. 6. The end was by far the stupidest part of it all. They all come out of there houses after the hurricane and every thing is good and happy and the sun is shining and firetrucks are driving around and theres no damage to be seen. 7. How come the hurricane center didnt get blown away. 8. Why is there so little damage if this is indeed a “category 7” hurricane.

    Do not waste your time watching this unless you want to laugh at how stupid it is. Your better off watching storm chaser revenge of the twister [eugh] or tornado warning.