Review: Bigha green laser

My cat loves laser pointers. But the green laser pointer that I got as a splurge scares even her. Green laser light appears much brighter to your eye, so it’s really powerful (enough for conference presentations in a bright room). I went for the Jasper Now from Bigha. I would recommend the Jasper Now because its shape keeps you from pressing the button by accident. I would recommend the silver instead of the black, because when the black one gets scuffed up, the scratches look silver anyway. Bigha sent me an email with a coupon code, and I’m not going to use it, but someone should–these are good laser pointers. It’s valid if you buy the Jasper Always or the Jasper Now, you can use the coupon code “holiday40” to get 40 bucks off the normal price ($129). To head off questions, no I don’t get any money or benefit if you buy a laser pointer. I just like the gadget, and they sent out an email with the coupon code. The email that they sent said that the coupon is good until tomorrow (Friday, Dec. 16, 2005). Don’t blame me if lots of people use that code and Jasper decides they don’t want to honor it, though.

Update: Somebody tried the discount and it didn’t work for them, so you may need to pay list price if you want green goodness. πŸ™‚

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  1. Stephen

    Wow cool cat toy – although I dont think I would use the Lazer for anything else so might be a bit pricey just for the cat…….. my cats seem happy enough playing with an indoor tree at the moment πŸ™‚

    Matt – wheres Big Daddy gone πŸ˜‰ – you likely to do a post on what to expect on this DC, asking for feedback etc – or to soon for all that ?

  2. Yeah we have 4 cats and they are all nuts about laser pointers. I can entertain them forever with them. Our cats have a thing for the plugs from the screw holes in my computer chair as well, they make a game out of getting them out of the holes and hiding them so “dad” has to come look for them. God I love cats…..

  3. Aaron Pratt

    I don’t know Matt, if you walk around the office wearing fine threaded slacks, that pointer might look kinda funny bouncing around in your pocket. Doh!

  4. I thought – wow, overpriced….until I saw the real? picture shooting into the sky like a mini light saber. Cool. The bike is scary though.

  5. Cool cat toy, had one of those years back when they first came out. maybe i should get this for my cat in hopes that he stops eating all the christmas decorations? for the past month i have had to scoop re-cycled decorations out of his kitty litter. ewwwewww ! πŸ˜‰

  6. good point Aaron, now I don’t need to carry a laser pointer AND a roll of quarters with me anymore.

  7. Hey Matt, got an intersting thing here.

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    how do I fix that?

  8. Am i missing something here? With so many ‘don’t do’s’ on this product is there any point in buying it?

    Other than shooting stars out of the sky, what is its main purpose or function?

  9. Hmm, i just pulled out the old apache manual and learned how to do mod re-write.

    is this proper search engine spider friendly way?

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  10. Dave

    RE: “I don’t know Matt, if you walk around the office wearing fine threaded slacks, that pointer might look kinda funny bouncing around in your pocket. Doh!”

    LOL! Yeah just make sure it’s you front pocket πŸ™‚

  11. :))
    Strange. My persian loves the water and in the last time the flash of my digital camera.

  12. Thu T

    You know, when a coworker tried to convince me to get a cat, one of the arguments she used was that I could amuse myself the way you do with your cat and laser pointer. πŸ˜€ The other argument was I could get an automatic litter cleaner because I didn’t want to think about cleaning that up.

    Well, I ended up getting two cats but no laser pointer nor automatic cleaner. Mr Darcy and Mr Knightley still amuse me with their antics.

  13. Dave

    Hmmm, tried my laser on our cat and he now has a pinhole right through him πŸ˜‰

  14. MrSpeed

    Wow that’s pretty cool. I have a 6 mile view from my back porch and have a pretty good time hitting houses with my laser level from home depot. I have a 100 yard or so range with the red. This green one looks like a total blast.

  15. A word of caution. I heard these lasers can blind an animal if it is aimed at their eyes. Not sure how true it is, as I’m no doctor, but thought I’d pass it on anyway πŸ™‚

  16. Here is a little information on hand held lasers :
    Extract from the page : “Class IIIa . Output power between 1.0 and 5.0 milliWatts. These lasers produce beams that can cause damage to an eye before the owner of the eye can blink or look away. “Cheap laser pointers” generally are in this class as indicated by the label affixed to them. When hand held, these
    lasers are relatively safe because they are always in motion. If the
    beam is scanned past an observer looking toward the laser, the time of
    exposure will be less than 0.25 seconds and theoretically no damage can
    result. Still it is not a good idea to wave a laser beam of this power
    level anywhere near an eyeball of a human or cat. Mounting any laser in
    this class is dangerous because it presents the possibility of direct
    viewing of the beam for a time long enough to cause damage. Possibly
    PERMANENT damage.”
    Sorry if I sound boring, but I am an animal fanatic, like most of you πŸ™‚

  17. “A word of caution. I heard these lasers can blind an animal if it is aimed at their eyes. Not sure how true it is, as I’m no doctor, but thought I’d pass it on anyway”

    Uppppps πŸ™
    What about the red spot of Sony camera (used for night)? It is a kind of laser too?
    Mat, where your cat’s pictures are?

  18. I use a torch to play with my dog – she loves it. I have her racing all over the house trying to get it. We used to have one of those lazer pen things – but unfortunately she grabbed it with her sharp little teeth – sadly the lazer pen didn’t survive. Our maglite torch has no chance of getting ripped apart tho. Woo!

  19. That laser is around 5mW. This company sells lasers up to 125mW (at a higher price, obviously):

  20. Matt

    My Cats love laser pointers to. I’m going to get a kitten soon, I know they love them. They’re so cute and intelligent at such an early age. My other cat died. I now have 2 and waiting for the kitten.

    Tinkerbell and Jasper.

  21. for 100% eye safe lasers ( no worse than a camera flash )instead of lasers that will burn your retinas you would best consider a CLASS 2