Review: Armadillo tires

So you’ve pimped your bicycle with flashing neon lights; what’s next? My next favorite bike item would be Armadillo tires. It’s a tire with a Kevlar lining, so you almost never get a flat. That’s right: Kevlar, baby. I got Armadillos after one bike ride where I got three friggin’ flats (Damn you, Vasona Park!). I’ve had my Armadillos for 2-3 years now: not a single flat. Plus if someone came after me with a gun, I could probably hide behind my bike, and maybe it would stop the bullets!

Pick ’em up at your local bike shop; highly recommended.

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  1. Good morning Matt

    “if someone came after me with a gun, I could probably hide behind my bike”

    What? you hide behind a bike?

    And I thought you are a real Inigo 🙂

    Have a great day.

  2. Okay, maybe I would say “You’re using Bonetti’s Defense against me!” and hoist my bike at them. 🙂

  3. Matt

    In the UK – a heavily pimped car would probably get laughed at by the people on the pavement (sidewalk) 🙂 – not sure if the same in the US – and dont know if this would get applied to Bikes too.

    I think the next step for your Bike could be a Screen (even perhaps internet access) on the back of the bike so people who follow you can watch the latest searches being done through Google or something.



  4. I don’t like the idea of watching Matt from a camera on the back of his bike …. you wouldn’t be watching the latest searches, or anything Google, just a whole lot of “Matts Butt”. I bet he’s never heard that one before!

  5. Ack – Good point Ben.

    Lol – This site looks good for some more Pimping Ideas for you Matt:-

  6. I know a guy who is a triathlete, when we have gone to watch him race he would always blows out tires. Pretty cool, I will pass this on.

  7. I’m not sure if the triathlete will like the Kevlar tires. They are nice insofar that you won’t get many flats, but they are pretty heavy for any serious road-cyclists that have a bike that only weighs 6-7 lbs to begin with.

  8. I discovered kevlar tires a couple of years back. Not sure what brand,

    They are not invincible,I’ve had one puncture. But just one. That’s close to miraclous.

    You only really need them on the back wheel, at least for a touring/racing bike. It’s the loadbearing wheel that takes the punishment. (Dunno about offroaders that really go offroad. Maybe they front puncture enough to need kevlar)

  9. Dude, put Cooper STT trucks tires on it. Get at where they sell Major Tires, Not major prices!!

    The Big D

  10. Vic, I’ve seen an Armadillo puncture once (not mine). There was a nail sticking out of the road at like a 45 degree angle. Armadillos are hard to break..