Re-opening bugs thread

I’ve got a meeting at noon to talk about potential bugs in search syntax or search results, so I’m re-opening this search bug report thread for a few hours. I’ll quote the original post to mention what I’m looking for:

Well, I thought it might be a good time to collect potential bug reports (not general comments, not questions, and not spam reports). If you know of a query that appears buggy, post it in a comment here. I’ll start the ball rolling. 🙂

(mentioned a few potential bugs and commented on them)

Just to be clear, pruning will be ruthless for this post: I only want to see specific queries that seem to show bugs, and the more concisely you can explain something, the better. I’ll probably keep just the first example of what looks like a bug. I’ve got a meeting at noon tomorrow to talk about search bugs, so I’ll probably lock the comments after that.

I’ll give an example of a potential bug. Someone recently said that the tilde operator wasn’t working. My response was that [~help] bolded other stuff besides “help” such as “support” and “tutorial” and “FAQ”, so I thought it was working. However, I believed the team turned off the [~help -help] functionality so that people wouldn’t just try to scrape synonyms from Google.

Please put bug reports in the original quality bugs thread. But again, please only comment about search quality bugs; I’ll prune general comments or spam reports or requests for posts or cat jokes. 🙂