Rain rain, go away

I want to play some roller hockey today.

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  1. I’m not sympathetic, Matt. We just got dumped with snow AGAIN up here in Seattle. I’d be thrilled with a little rain!

  2. Come to Vancouver. It snowed here today on the flowers!

  3. When Google gets here, maybe you can come and spend some quality time in beautiful and mostly sunny North Carlolina.

    C. Oxford

  4. Could be worse – you could be here in Connecticut where it rains, snows and then sleets every time you turn around…

  5. Heres to hoping the rain goes away for you 😉

  6. I feel ya… our roller hockey season here at school was delayed by about 2 weeks due to the weather… fortunately a pond was frozen over and we were able to play some pond hockey…

    Hope it stops raining and drys up for ya…


  7. It’s cold here too, but no rain. Either way, no bueno for outdoor activities. Maybe you should look into indoor hockey 🙂

  8. Here is pouring rain, so no roller hockey around here, now, but maybe some surfing under the rain 🙂

  9. I have never commented before I couldn’t resists after seeing you are a roller hockey player. I have a game tonight and play religiously every week. 🙂

  10. We’re having a blizzard in Toronto. Don’t feel so bad about a little rain. Just go out and play damn it!

  11. It’s only 79 here in Fort Lauderdale today… 🙂

  12. Boo, for once it’s sunny(ish) here in Providence.

    But wait, Matt, aren’t you supposed to be working 😉 ?

    I hope there’s some nice sun when I’m down at the Googleplex next week!

  13. When it clears up, can I come and play with you? I think I read on here once that only Googlers can play, but I’m the high scoring center your team needs. Just say the word, Matt, and I’ll fly up there with my stuff.

  14. Come here to Colorado where we got 10 inches of snow yesterday.

  15. When you guys play roller hockey is it full on, cracking heads against the boards style or a watch my head, arms, knees and elbows type thinger? 🙂

  16. Hey, its not raining in Hertfordshire today, and I heard a Blackbird sing too 😀

  17. You can still play hockey in the rain (football’s more fun, though.)

    But you’re complaining about rain? RAIN? That’s only part of what I see out the window here.

    I see rain.
    I see snow.
    I see freezing rain.
    I see sleet.
    I see people driving on a 50 KM/H road at 20 KM/H and passing people going even slower.

    I’d probably stab a spammer in the jugular vein for a thunderstorm right now. Stop complaining. 😉

  18. You know you’ve made it big in the blogosphere when 12 people comment on a one sentence post like, “I want to play some roller hockey today.”

  19. I’ll see your rain and raise you 12″ of SNOW. Gotta love Omaha weather though, by tomorrow we’ll have 50 degree weather;)

  20. Hi Matt, as a frequent reader, I was wondering if you could help me out. I know you’re insanely busy, but could you shoot me an email?

  21. C. Oxford, there are Googlers working in Chapel Hill in NC. 🙂

    Aaron Pratt, that only happens if Bxxxxx plays. 😉 Usually it’s pretty gentle. That’s by roller hockey standards, of course.

    I do not envy the snow that so many other people are dealing with..

  22. Sorry about the rain Matt. But here in Phoenix, it NEVER rains, and if it does, it is fast and brief. Google is located down here and I believe they can do with a star roller hockey player. Of course, I hope you do not mind playing in 115 degree summer heat…it is a dry heat:-)

  23. You guys could always bottle some of the rain and snow up and send it to us in Adelaide, Australia as we have been in a 6 year drought so far.

  24. You gotta find a rink to play indoors.. even down here in LA we play in a covered rink. 🙂

  25. Was this just a social experiment to see how many comments you could get on a 12 word post? 🙂

  26. It was sunny in Dublin today…

  27. “into each life some rain must fall”

  28. Brian, don’t tease me like that. You know I miss the people I met in Dublin. 🙂

  29. And here in Australia we need all the rain we can get.

  30. It should be all gone by now Matt. Yesterday was the last day in our old apartment in Fremont, so now that all of our stuff has been moved, it’ll be nice and clear and warm.

    If it’s not, just try scuba diving instead of roller hockey and a little rain won’t be a problem.

  31. Dont you guys play inside and outside?

  32. Send it our way – we have 20% in our dam that supplies a couple of million people here in Brisbane and dropping fast – any chance of setting up a 600 million hectare tarpaulin and sending it our way?

  33. Perhaps you could consider this as an alternative? Underwater Ice Hockey!


  34. Rain?

    OMG for once I think our weather is better over here lol…

    Its a glorious sunny day with blue skies in Liverpool (UK) not a cloud in sight… tho its cold!

  35. I wish we had somewhere to play rollerhockey 😛

  36. Its nice in Manchester (UK) as well.

  37. Hi Matt – sure, go play roller hockey, or play hookey, whatever.

    You could, instead have even more fun… Last year you asked for Feedback on Webmaster Services/Sitemaps (http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/feedback-webmaster/)?

    I know that I’ve accumulated some ideas over the last few months. Like the site with 750,000 inbound links. Attempt to download the table of external links, and you only get 4MB of download, a mere 302,000 inbound links worth. Makes analysing their link strategy curiously painful. Any ways to pass the 4Mb download limit? Gzipping the CSV file? Figuring this out has to be more fun than Roller Hockey…

    So, go ahead. Endure Roller Hockey. But just envy us guys, who’re having online fun and games 😉 I *feel* your envy, from here.

    Cheers, JeremyC.

  38. Nice here in Newcastle UK too…

    Although it makes a change it has been raining here constantly for months.

    Hmmm not sure it’s really a good thing that my first comment on this blog is about the weather though…

  39. Lucky. Here in Michigan our only roller hockey options from october – april involve an indoor rink and per hour rentals :'(

    Of course, ice hockey is a lot more popular here anyway.

    PS. What are the chances of crashing a Google roller hockey game if I’m ever out in the bay area?

  40. Funny. The person with the WORST weather wins apparently.

  41. I’m from Chennai, and when it pours, it really does…

    I’ve been stalking here for quite some time, infact, long enough to do a detailed analysis: http://blog.yuvisense.net/2007/03/02/statbot-analysing-matt-cutts/

    Hope you like that!

  42. P.S. Try Cricket. You’re missing out a lot…

  43. You know, you could always come down to San Diego. I’ve got a team you can play on.

    I am first time commenter. Thanks for all the info you’ve given us!

  44. Hey Matt I should got back from San Mateo visiting Forrester for SEM classes and it rained and was cold all week.

    I thought you guys were living in sunny California? lol

  45. How can that 1 sentence get you 40 comments!!! That is a public outrage!!

  46. Roller hockey? Snow? Foreign words! Rain, wind & grey skies here in Reading (UK). There’s a full Lunar eclipse tonight: it’ll be cloudy!

  47. I feel for you Matt, but do you know what rain does to the ROI on our e-business sites? Wish I had a button ‘order rain now’ in my Adwords campaigns 🙂

    Rain rules big time !

  48. Here in Berlin, Germany is pouring rain too, so no roller hockey around here 🙁

  49. Convince Google to build an indoor rink – attribute it to employee fitness or not being evil or whatever. I play on a gorgeous indoor rink in Round Rock, TX (Round Rock Roller Rink) – google it to see the pics. Almost as nice as playing ice, but no spray in the face when you play nets!

  50. Matt, when you replied to Brian about it being sunny in Dublin, were you both talking about Dublin, Ireland!? I was born there and lived there for over 10 years. You know it’s a sunny day in Ireland when people there start blogging about it!!!! haha! A sunny day in Ireland occurs about as often as britney spears gets pregnant. (insert date here: December 4th 2007 : this statement could become inaccurate if she keeps going the way she is currently!! haha)