PubCon intermission: cat post!

Tomorrow I’m off to PubCon, so I won’t be posting on this blog for a few days. As long as I won’t be on the blog, I might as well leave up a cat post for people to check out.

This weekend we put our (artificial) Christmas tree up. Ozzie decided to investigate:

Ozzie finds a Christmas tree!

He spent a little time getting familiar with the tree:

Ozzie hides in a Christmas tree!

Then in case the Christmas tree was food, he decided to try to eat the tree:

Ozzie tries to eat the Christmas tree

I honestly believe that he thinks that the Christmas tree is a cat toy that we haul out once a year just for him. πŸ™‚

Okay, maybe you’re wondering how Emmy is doing? She’s a cat that likes to sleep, and especially likes to sleep on me while I blog and answer email.

But sometimes she decides she wants to relax with me in the chair. She wriggles in behind me and sleeps:

Emmy likes to sit behind me in the chair

Eventually I get tired of sitting on the edge of the chair and go do something else for a while. πŸ™‚

I’ll be back from PubCon in a few days.

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  1. Matt,

    Thanks for the Emmy-Oz update. They look great πŸ™‚

    Wish you a successful PubCon.

  2. Sorry for the facile question Matt, but I’m a bit of a chair geek, (I have a nice Herman Miller Aeron chair in the home office, and a Charles Eames Lounge chair in the TV room), that’s a really comfy looking chair that you and the cat are sharing, what is it? And is it available with arms?

  3. Dave (original)

    Get some juice flowing though those wires and let Ozzie have a chew on em πŸ™‚

  4. Juice? Christmas lights contain lead. Ozzie needs to wash his paws after playing with the Christmas lights…if he’s paying attention to the warning label on the box.

  5. It is lovely to see the innocence and fun of an animal, Matt, and releases us all from the tyranny of SEO, websites and the internet!

    Thanks and have a successful conference,


  6. Ozzie looks exactly like my cat:
    and… are you sure Ozzie is a boy? I heard that cats like Ozzie and mine, with such kind of color and stripes, are all girls due to some gene reason.

  7. Awwww… he is so cute. Does he love to purr when you pet him ?

  8. Cute Matt!

    I have 5 cats. You can imagine the mauling our tree get πŸ˜‰

  9. It’s a piece in mind to look at this innocent animal playing and learning the world around. I wish we can all be just that innocent and think nothing but all the good things. Christmas is coming, let’s get the environment everywhere. Thank you for taking this moment to light up the air around us.

  10. Omar Yesid MariΓ±o

    Hehehe… lovely pet. I love animals too and in the past I also had a cat and he climbed the Christmas tree from bottom to top… he actually thought it was a real tree!

  11. Adorable kitty. It’s nice to wander off some cuteness amongst all the do and don’t of the web world.

  12. See now, your cat is more interested in the tree. My cat is more interested in what’s *underneath* the tree.

    Unner Ur Tree, Sniffin Ur Prezense

  13. It’s funny that your cat lays behind you in the chair like that. Mine does the same thing – expanding to take up the whole chair whenever I get up to go to the bathroom or get a soda or something.

    Unfortunately, the way she likes to climb, I can’t put up a tree – or I spend the whole holiday season picking it up off the floor.

  14. “Eventually I get tired of sitting on the edge of the chair and go do something else for a while.”

    That right there is the sign of a TRUE cat lover. All true cat lovers know that you do not move or awaken a happy cat unless it’s to make them happier (see: petting, treats, toys…)

  15. Ken, thanks for adding something to my list of things to worry about that I never would have worried about. πŸ˜‰ Next you’ll tell me that I have to wash my fruit before eating it?

    netmeg, that’s a very nice cat present you have there!

  16. P.S. If people want to criticize Google, check out this:

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    And I wrote this just a few days ago in my recap:
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  17. Thanks Matt,

    And you know I mean it.

    I won’t see you at Pubcon this year, I’m stuck at Pechanga working on a TV show for a client. I hope to drive like a bat out of hell and catch some of the last of the goodness on Thursday when we wrap up production.

    Save some of the goodness for me.

  18. Oh Matt, the best fix to the cat in the chair problem is to get the cat of chair of it’s own. Mine sits in hers most of the day (until I get up).

  19. I think Emmy is cute, but Ozzie needs to behave. Have fun at PubCon.

  20. >P.S. If people want to criticize Google, check out this:

    Hey Matt, don’t be so surprised that people dig google out on stuff,fwiw as much as I think a lot of what you and your team have done recently sucks, I do admire the way in which you personally handle the criticism and deal with your detractors. Hats off for that dude.

    p.s nice cats

  21. VERY cute.. love the cat posts! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

  22. People reading that article should go over the user comments as well, mostly teasing the author for conducting such a pointless and useless survey. Pretty funny πŸ™‚

    Waiting for feedbacks from PubCon!

    P.S. If people want to criticize Google, check out this:

    β€œOn social and environmental impact evaluation capabilities Google again scored zero.”

  23. Dave (original)

    Ken, “juice”=electricity.

    We don’t have cats, we’re are Dog lovers. Our Staffy gets more than me at Xmas time and the other 364 days of the Year!

  24. Reminds me of the movie “National Lampoon’s: Christmas Vacation.” Anyone know what I’m talking about πŸ™‚

    Ryan K.

  25. *Whoops, sorry about the signature link, please feel free to take it out. It just comes naturally when I blog-surf πŸ™‚ Didn’t mean anything by it!

  26. lol, nice pics.

  27. Thanks, rob — I appreciate that.

    Ryan, I’m seriously considering getting a chair for Emmy. Then if she wanted mine, I could hot-swap the backup chair in. πŸ™‚

  28. That looks like a VERY comfortable chair.

  29. It DOES look like a comfy chair. I too am in need of a new desk chair. Surely would like to know where to find a chair like that one. πŸ˜‰

  30. Matt – I think it’s time that ‘we’ set up a ‘search the cat’ gallery on Flickr (Picasaweb :)? My wife is hurtin’ to show off our ‘three’ !?

    PS: Think you should go undercover next time at some of the PubCom forums …

  31. Make that PubCon … happens when you work all night …

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  33. Never thought about taking a doggie…?

  34. Our cat loves the christmas tree too – well at least she loves chewing on it. Any chance of you answering a question I have? There is a contact link on the site in my sig.

  35. When can we expect to see these captioned on lolcats?

  36. Netmeg, looking at all those presents, one little question, will you adopt me?

  37. they r so cute , just like mine dog
    next time i’ll post some photos

  38. My cat prefers to lie on top of the desk all over my papers, especially right in front of the printer. I decided to put up a cat post of my own. Wish I were at Pubcon instead though!

  39. We have a cat, Misky, who always climbs into the Christmas tree, as soon as it’s up, knocks it over, then stands next to it, & looks innocently as us when we come to investigate the crashing noise, as if to say, “what? it wasn’t me!”.

  40. Hey Matt,

    I would have thought that for a guy that blogs so much and works as hard as you do , you would have had a nicer chair to rest your weary bones in!?

    Would you like me to send you one for christmas? I am concerned about future back problems you may have!

  41. cute cat πŸ™‚

  42. The looks very sweet and charming… I like it! =)

  43. Matt,

    Ozzie is such a lovely cat. i love watching him playing to your christmas tree. Wish that I have that kind of cat also. Goodluck..:)

  44. I like those picture.
    Is so cute πŸ™‚

  45. [quote]Netmeg, looking at all those presents, one little question, will you adopt me?[/quote]

    You’d have to fight the cat for the presents.

    (And the dog – we also have a 110 lb malamute named Worf)

  46. wow, nice cat πŸ™‚

  47. Matt

    My name is Tony Cohn and I am an SEO professional who also has a cat blog. My blog is completely crazy and I believe that there is no other cat blog like it online. I wanted to know if we could take a picture of Ozzie and add our “special touches” to it (you will see what I mean on the site). What do you think?

    Tony Cohn
    Rick Vs. Kiki Cat Blog

  48. – What’s Matt’s employee number in Google? 69?

    – Are there times when a 302 is interpreted as a 301?

    Keynote Coffee Chat With Matt Cutts

  49. In the last photo it look like you are squeezing the poor litle cat. Please don’t… he is so nice πŸ™‚

  50. Ozzie is a real beauty, slim and really nice fur. I have 3 cats and the love to p**s at my christmas tree! πŸ™‚ (they are outside cats, so i cant take it personal..). Is that tree really artificial? Looks quite real to me?!

  51. Hi Matt,

    Great to meet you at PubCon. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us.
    We got the video interview posted last night if you want to check it out.

    I’m putting my tree up as soon as I get home – no cats crawling around my tree but my kids will pumped about the tree i’m sure.

    Enjoy the Christmas season!

  52. Matt, cats are higher beings. They know humans are there to entertain them and just wish that we sometimes got the plot and got with the program and realized just how stressful it is to be a cat. As someone who will, at some point soon, suffer from curvature of the spine due to sharing his typing chair with a massive ball of fluff, I perfectly understand why you decided that legs going numb from lack of circulation and a sore back was something worth avoiding πŸ™‚ . This was a great post and a perfect reminder that even in the highly focused world of SEO and web-dominance a little chilling out goes a long way in providing us with perspective.

    Have a great Christmas!

  53. Hi.

    Try having a puppy around xmas. Then you will realise how easy cats are!

  54. Hi Matt. Here’s a photo of you and me from PubCon. Thanks for appeasing my inner paparazzi!

    I blogged about my frozen camera as well that you thought was neat.

  55. To funny!

    My cat does the same thing. She jumps and wants me to get out of the chair so she can lounge.

    She also like to jump up on my keyboard while I’m working and do some “kitty coding”. Makes things interesting when you’ve got a page of code in front of you that was just helped along with some kitty paws πŸ™‚

  56. Btw…

    Here is avideo where Emmy Cutts was mentioned in connection with ALT attribute πŸ™‚

    Using ALT attributes smartly

  57. It DOES look like a comfy chair. I too am in need of a new desk chair. Surely would like to know where to find a chair like that one.

    dlperry, it’s a Steelcase chair, and it’s a Leap 462. It’s the kind of chair I have at work, and I like it so much that I ordered my own for home.

  58. oh cute cat!
    looks like my Luna /__/

    our tree fell more than 5 times now…..cats just love those things hanging in it.

  59. My girlfriend’s cat was getting used to her tree last night. Sniffing it, trying to eat it, etc. It has just been decorated so we will see how long it takes to be pulled over!

  60. I’m thinking baout getting a bengal cat, what do you think matt?

  61. Super cute cat. I miss having cats. My wife is allergic. I live vicariously though other people’s cats. Smiles.

  62. Matt, what a sweet little cat! My little girl is craving one sooooo much, but we need to wait till we move to a house with garden. Here in Munich it’s only indoors possible and I feel sorry for a cat sans outdoor freedom. We tried one last year and it wouldn’t hear of sleeping at night, kept smashing things if wasn’t in our bedroom and when was, then ripped my curtains, leapt on our faces and generally was a terror. Reminded me of 3 years no sleep when my girl was born… then also the issue of cat toilet indoors and cat using my freshly washed laundry as toiletpaper… yuck.

    Hope yours is behaving!

  63. Nice cat! I’ve got similar one…

  64. Don’t care about cats, but you have a great vertical mouse.

  65. My cat, Miri, gets behind me on the chair, then wriggles between my back and the back of the chair. Yes, a vertical napping position. We call this her Hibernating Squirrel mode.