Other reasons not to post

It will be like shouting in a thunderstorm for a while.

– today: nationwide elections. The House went to the Dems; how will the Senate go? Three seats remain open as I get ready for bed.
Guitar Hero II also comes out today.
– Oh, by the way, Britney Spears got divorced today.
– this week: the Web 2.0 conference, starting today. I was on a panel last year, but I’ve got too many things in the air to even attend this year. That won’t keep every Web 2.0-ish start-up in the world from trying to get attention this week though. My favorite Web 2.0 session is when they introduce like 13 startups in about an hour. πŸ™‚
– next week: WebmasterWorld PubCon in Vegas. I’ll be speaking on a couple panels. I get in on Wednesday and leave on Friday. Please stop me and say hello if you see me, and tell me what Google should be doing that we don’t do now.
– Nov. 14th: you’ll be able to buy a Zune.
– Nov. 17th: you’ll be able to buy a Playstation 3.
– Nov. 19th: you’ll be able to buy a Nintendo Wii.
– Somewhere around Nov. 20th or so, you’ll be able to buy a VX9900.

Maybe I’d better play it safe and just buy one of each gadget, right? πŸ™‚

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  1. Wow! No sleep until thanksgiving.

  2. Come on Matt, just one of each? I’m sure you have several grand your just itching to spend. πŸ™‚

  3. Poor K-Fed, his golden ticket has finally expired!

    As I won’t by flying half way across the world at Webmaster World – when are you coming to Oz so we can pester you here with Google questions?

  4. Mmmmmm. Gadgets-y goodness πŸ™‚

    “Oh, by the way, Britney Spears got divorced today.”

    In fact she has lost much of her PageRank lately. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her soon filing a reinclusion request with a new “BigDaddy” πŸ™‚

  5. I think Guitar Hero 2 is the main ground πŸ™‚

  6. Watch out, Matt, some copies of Guitar Hero 2 seems to be buggy, game freezes sometimes

  7. The keyboard on the VX9900 reminds me of the old Oric Atmos 48k.

    Can’t wait for the PS3 for Devil May Cry 4. Not long now!

  8. Only in your screwy country Matt – none of us over the pond care….

  9. Speak for yourself SEOidiot. Like it or not, what happens in Washington affects the world … or at least in certain selected parts of Washington.

  10. MacBasedLifeform

    Looking forward to PubCon!

    And a slight correction: Britney only filed for divorce yesterday. There’s still time for a reconcilliation… πŸ™‚

  11. Oh well, Germany gets the PS3 in March 2007 and the Wii in december 2006. I better go for the Wii then…..

  12. But Matt, what about all the sites that are dropping out of the index? ;o)

    I will take (1) Playstation 3 and (1) VX9900 please!

    Web 2.0 conference, HA!!!

  13. Nov 8th : Eliminate all spammers


  14. Did you catch the South Park episode where Cartman freezes himself until the Wii comes out and is thawed out in the future where only atheists rule? Though there is no religion to war over there are factions of atheists struggling feuding with each other in a struggle for power. It is hilarious.

  15. Wait, there was an election? Just listenting to the radio this morning I wouldn’t have known. My hour drive was completely about K Fed, on 2 different stations.

  16. we all have to wait till next year.. πŸ™ especially when you live in europe.. sad things.. no presents..

  17. Poor K-Fed, his golden ticket has finally expired!

    No it hasn’t!

    He’s got his burgeoning careers as a rapper AND as a WWE superstar to fall back on.

    * snorts *

    As far as the US politics go, the problem with them is the same problem that occurs in Canada…no matter who gets elected, the major political parties are all pretty much playing the same game. So it makes almost no difference who is in power…the same problems will exist.

    What is really going to be different with the Democrats being in the White House and a Republican president? That’s not a rhetorical question either…I really don’t understand how this is going to be any different.

  18. Adam.. you must not be a die hard republican.

    According to my friend Emily, as soon as the democrats move in Taxes will go up, Saddam will be back in power, terrorists will attack the US, Gas prices will rise, jobs will be lost, abortions will be mandatory, gays will be getting married, stem cells will be harvested and sold in supermarkets, etc…..

    honestly, she believes that..

    It won’t be different at all. It’ll just be harder to sneak bills through the house, and there still won’t be any accountability for anything in washington. Hasn’t been for 10 years now.

    Just once I wish there were a candidate that came out and said “I am going to lie, steal, cheat, and do whatever is best for my party and myself” I’d vote for him, because I know he’d at least be honest.

  19. SEOIdiot

    You havent noticed the effect on the Uk where have you been living – with the homeoffice ready to spend god knows how much on IDcards.

    The destruction of TB’s Reputation as well.

  20. Hi Matt, sorry to use a comment to post this but I thought you may wanna heard what I’ve found.

    Yesterday, Netbooster, the famous SEO company that got BMW banned by Google, announced that they have hired people coming from Google to join their SEO team. If you can read french, you may wanna read their PR here: http://www.capital.fr/Actualite/Default.asp?source=AO&numero=889793&Cat=SOF&provenance=rss

  21. I thought you might be interested in the Compete.com blog today. There is a posting of an October search engine watch that looks at trends and growth for some top search engines and searches.


  22. Ryan mumbled something to the effect of,

    “It won’t be different at all. It’ll just be harder to sneak bills through the house, and there still won’t be any accountability for anything in washington. Hasn’t been for 10 years now.” .

    Only 10 years? You must be really young.

    Matt, does one really need more gadgets?

    As for Britney Spears it appears that the timing of this iwas driven by cold hard $$$$ http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,228107,00.html

    Have a good time at Vegas Matt.

  23. Adam.. you must not be a die hard republican.

    No, sir. Primarily because I”m Canadian. πŸ˜‰

  24. Britney filed for divorce yesterday, she did not get a divorce yesterday.

  25. All I’m hearing are excuses, Matt. Who really cares about that other stuff..except maybe the gadgets:) and PubCon.

    You will post about PubCon won’t you? I tried my darndest to convince the powers that be, that I needed to attend it, but was vetoed. I would love to hear your take on it.

  26. Matt, see you at PubCon, this will be my first time there.

  27. I know the USA affects the whole world… too much in my opinion… any watering down of the US influence on the world will be good for the world and for the US in my opinion…

    Hey hold on a minute what blog did i stumble into here :S

  28. Guitar Hero.


  29. k-fed???, wouldn’t it be fed-ex? heeh
    insert groan here

  30. Hey Matt
    I dint knew that you arent there for Web 2.0 conference. You havent started talking much about on it here anyway Not about Office 2.0 and well not about Bubble 2.0 either.

    Have some fun on trip

  31. November 17th is Domino Day, how could you possibly miss that one?!

  32. Lol, Nadir. I doubt that they really hired true Googlers… but you never know. For the non-French speakers, plug the URL into:
    or the G-flavored:

  33. Any Google party at Pubcon?

  34. Brendan,

    There’s a meet-the-engineers event on Wednesday evening, though whether you deem it a “party” or not is certainly up to you πŸ™‚

    Regardless, many of my colleagues and I will be there!

  35. Britney’s getting divorced? Adam L, now you’ve got a shot!

    Looking forward to Wednesday (and other stuff) at PubCon.

  36. Scott, of course I was smart enough not to believe to this PR ;). I had such a good laugh that I wanted to share it with Matt πŸ™‚

  37. k-fed???, wouldn’t it be fed-ex? heeh – you stole that from Jon Stewart or Keith Olberman, one of the two. You big stealer you.

  38. I’m looking for the new PS3 for playing the new Metal Gear Solid, it looks amazing.

  39. Matt, when I see your postings and consider the amount of traffic you have, I wonder, why you don’t use Affiliate links out to the targets you choose and use the money to help people in need? Create some accounts and publish the figures monthly. Take the money and support people who need it? Or would that be politically incorrect?

  40. I never heard of Zune so I wen to the link Matt posted. I still didn’t get it and I googled “zune” ABout the 3rd or 4th link down I saw zune.net so I went there.

    One again it wasn’t clear to me what a Zune is. I had to go to cnet to search for it before I understood that it was a media player by microsoft.

    They have wasted WAY too much time marketing the “zune scene” as opposed to the zune product.

    It looks like they almost had a very cool product on their hands