On vacation the rest of November 2013

For the folks that don’t know, I’ve been out for a couple weeks and I’ll be on vacation the rest of November. If you’ve tried to contact me recently and haven’t heard back, that’s probably the reason.

Added: if you enjoy watching our webmaster videos, you can follow @googlewmc to hear as soon as we publish new Webmaster Central videos. It looks like @googlewmc is just about to hit 100,000 followers on Twitter!

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  1. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, Matt! How do you like your turkey? White meat or dark meat? Stuffing or potatoes?

  2. I was wondering why you weren’t answering my questions 🙂 Have a blessed time off.

  3. That’s right, Michael. I think a few people have been pinging me, so I wanted to mention that I’m out so that people don’t think I’m ignoring them.

    Bill, I’m a dark meat and potatoes kinda guy myself. 🙂

  4. Take a deep breath webmasters 🙂 as there might not be any penalty in the month of November. Have Fun Sir and what’s the venue of vacation? capture the great scenes and waiting to see funny matt clicks in the next post.

  5. Happy Holidays have a blast !!
    Waiting for more updates regards Google Webmaster Tools…