On vacation for a week or so

Just to let you know, I’m on vacation for a week or so. If you send me email or tweet in my direction, don’t expect a reply for a while. 🙂

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  1. Dave (Original)

    Havagoodone, Matt 🙂 Where are off to for your vacation?

  2. Have a great time matt!

    You’re not coming to SMX London by any chance are you?


  3. @Dave (Original) – I can just picture Matt giving his holiday location away via Latitude and hordes of Cuttlets invading the (insert name of remote place here) 🙂

  4. Can I guest blog?

    I kid I kid! 😉

  5. Hi Matt,

    Enjoy your vacation… While you’re gone, you might consider getting a manly vacation-type photo to upload when you’re back. Enough of the photos of your cute cats, your computer monitors, and cool restaurants, how about a shot of you painting your house, mowing the lawn, or cutting down a tree? Sure would hate to see you lose your man-card and end up with only a geek-card 🙂 LOL!

  6. Ta Ta Take care enjoy 🙂

    I copy your good posts and sometimes for good posts I give linkback 😀

  7. Holla!, Enjoy the Vacay.

  8. Good for you! I wished I could take some time off! I asked our designers to create a web badge for you: HOPE YOU LIKE IT! LOL!

  9. The badge isn’t showing 🙁 Here is the link again http://www.seosapien.com/webbadges/matt-cutts-hero.png

  10. Dave (Original)

    Ian M, I hear you alright on that. Matt Cutts is an obsession for many people. Kind of disturbing, yet pathetic, IMO.

  11. A well deserved vaca I am sure….Enjoy 🙂

  12. Enjoy your vacation and get back safely. Only the lucky ones are allowed a vacation. Damn you!

  13. Enjoy your vacation….Matts

  14. Angela Kristin

    Enjoy Your Vacation…
    We’ll miss you..
    But still wish you a very happy vacation period..
    Have a very nice time..

  15. The google search results never go past page no. 80.
    Then why does it say something like “Results 761 – 766 of about 13,400,000 for matt cutt.”
    Becoz the search wont go past the 761-766. That is page. 77..
    What does that figure 13,400,000 indicate?

  16. Dave (Original)

    What does that figure 13,400,000 indicate?

    An extremely inaccurate estimate.

  17. Hi Matt, don’t you think its quite arrogant to get Google Latitude as the 1st result in Google for the word “Latitude”?

    Wasn’t this word invented centuries before Google?

  18. “Do no evil”
    Are you still sure about this?