Off to Pubcon in Vegas

I’m ready to head to Las Vegas for PubCon tomorrow. I’ll be at the Google “Safe Bets” session Wednesday evening to help discuss Google products and answer questions. Then I’ll be doing a site review panel (with lots of other search big hitters; it should be fun) on Thursday, followed by the super session with four different search engines, also on Thursday. And of course, I’ll be at the pub to chat and answer questions on Friday. See ya there!

Just for fun, I switched the logo around; it’s another design by goopymart. Also, because of the conference, comment approvals are lagging behind..

Update: By the way, the “pub” in PubCon didn’t always stand for “publishers.” For a while, it referred to the best part of the conference, where people just mill around in a pub and chat. To help preserve that early PubCon spirit, I promise to wear only jeans and T-shirts during the conference. If you see someone who looks like me and they’re wearing a tie, it must be my evil twin. 🙂

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  1. Ah took me a while to get it

    knifing Spam 🙂

    so are you going to do Cutto the Barbarian Spam Slayer for your next Haloween oufit

  2. I enjoyed your participation at Pubcon Boston. Maybe next time you do a conference on the East coast I will attend. I like the “Cutts Spam” Logo, very nice tie in 🙂

  3. Sorry, Matt. I’m just not feeling the new logo. Looks like the sword is trying to stab a piece of bubble gum to me.

    Put back the old one. 🙂

  4. Can you please give us on the latest info about updates that you speak in brief in the conference so that even we get updated.

  5. Adam, that’s not bubble gum. It’s pink swiss cheese.

    Anyway, have fun at PubCon, Matt. We’ll miss you in Chicago, and New York can’t come fast enough.

  6. Is there going to be a lot of back stabbing or something at PubCon? Is that what you’re trying to say? I liked the old logo too.

  7. Wait, isn’t the evil twin supposed to have a goatee?

  8. Hey Matt – thanks to you and Google for the nice party. Great to see you in reality as always and looking forward to the sessions tomorrow.

  9. Hey Matt, I wanted to convey my appreciation for what the Google Staff did this week at PubCon. I have to admit, at first I was dissapointed with some of the brief elementary information that was being discussed at PubCon, but the Google Staff by the booth and Adam Lasnik made the entire event worth it by answering a few specific questions that I wasn’t absolutely sure on how to approach a solution. Some of my issues were the non www 301 redirect to www, and my ssl(https pages) were also being indexed and how to remedy the best solution. Internal Duplicate content (30 flavors of hookah tobacco) I definitely need to rework all of my content but there’s only so much you can do lol. Thanks again for all of you guys at Google for making the trip to Vegas worth it for me.

  10. We’d appreciate if you could share the latest info that was shared in PubCon. Thanks

  11. Too bad it’s too far away. Wish they would do some Webmaster things in Australia…

  12. Nice seeing you again Matt, only if for a brief moment at the Google event. Note I didn’t even pick on you in the super session and lobbed bombs at Tim Mayer this year.

    See ya in Chitown?

  13. Thans for the site review. I really got the idea. Follow the Google guidelines for webmasters, don’t do link exchange or buy lins etc, high quality relavent content, in my case local content, and make sure to put my keyword string at least somewhere on my page. Most of all, build it for the user.

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!


  14. OK. What did I miss?

    Been away for a week. Didn’t get online once during that time.


  15. Matt
    Thanks for all of your informative presentations and discussions at PubCon last week. Your taking the time to discuss individual questions after the Search Engine Smack Down was invaluable to me.

  16. Nice Comments on the quality control forum. I especially liked the comments on the chiropractor with the cartoon font website. This was my first pubcon and I enjoyed it. Hopefully i’ll see you at the next pubcon.

  17. Matt,

    I was not able to attend PubCon, but I read a recap of the Interactive Site Review session. One of the take away points listed was:

    “template-based sites may not rank well because they appear alike to the crawlers… – Tim Mayer and Matt Cutts both iterated this thought.”

    I would like to know how you define “template-based.”

    I use the word template to refer to the consistent look/feel/navigation on each page of my site that creates a cohesive unit.


    PS – I dig the spam slayer logo. It has a mythical “round table” feel to it.