No SEO Apprentice for Martha Stewart

Alas and alack, Martha Stewart and David Karandish (one of her apprentice candidates who is also a search engine marketer) have parted ways. David made a heart-felt case in the boardroom though by pointing out that Martha wasn’t in the top 10 results for the search [recipe]. And when he had to leave, he did the best job I’ve seen of keeping the communication lines open for potential future collaboration. Well done, David, you acquitted yourself honorably. May all your mortgage sites be white hat. 🙂

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  1. Hiya Matt,

    We’re, um, spared this show up here in Scotland. I did follow your links and peak at David’s bio. I also scanned the first five bios – three women and two men, David’s the last.

    I noticed that all three women are still active and the two men are out. I we were to analysis this datacentre I think we could conclude that the y chromosome carries a penalty.

  2. Is thisthe next episode of The Apprentice” we will be getting here in he UK like the Donald Trump one?
    If so Please put a warning in your RSS feeds first, as I don’t want to know what happens yet 🙂

  3. Paul Avery

    I jumped off the couch when he said that about SERPS. I was then more surprised by the Martha crew reaction. They seemed to buy it!

    Did not seem like the kind of executive vision that Martha needs for her internet push. She should want someone in there with a broader view.

    But I think he got the account. Martha’s site, I think, has new title tags. Hope he doesn’t do anything naughty and get them banned… 😉


  4. Aaron Pratt

    Booyah! 😉

  5. What a Maroon

    He would have been under paid working for Martha.

  6. I am sure that David’s 15 seconds of fame will help hime land a good job somewhere. It would be a cool thing to have on your resume that you were on The Apprentice.

  7. Martha,

    If you’re reading — David is a nice smart young man. But if you need help with your Google AdWords campaign: call me. 😉

  8. My Dad always told me to never burn any bridges – always sound advice. David walked out proud and still promoting himself – well done!

  9. Shri

    Atleast he didn’t start talking about tails…. long and short. 😉

  10. I was suprised when I found out one of the people trying for the apprentice of Martha Stewart was a SEO and actually hoped he would become the apprentice — he did make a nice leave though. It does seem as though Martha Stewart is favoring the women…

  11. Dave

    I like the Donald show better.

    Hey Matt, I noticed you made the “Mover and Shaker” list on Alexa this morning!

    This site is now in the top 9,000 sites (Alexa) with a PR7 which is amazing for only being a few months old.

    But what is really amazing is that you are in the top 10 for the phrase “Google SEO” on Google – which begs the question – why are you not sandboxed for such a popular search term? Why did you not get a penalty for getting too many links too fast?

  12. I saw the show last night too. The first thing that popped into my head when David offered his plea was that, “wow, he must be some SEO or SEM wiz, or put out to be.” Anyways, he successfully got his case across, and even Martha wrote a note to him, asking him to come back and help out with her web site department. Good going indeed David!

  13. All y’all are missing the point!

    Martha doesn’t NEED to spend money on SEO/SEM at all. She’ll just make her OWN search engine out of an old egg carton, some tinsel, and a little glue….

  14. Some of his not-so-white-hat sites:

    He has most of his links on the bottom of all of his pages.

  15. Scott

    He really did get burned by Merv when he was nervously hiding behind his laptop taking notes for no apparent reason.

  16. Imagine what the ‘Prison Fist of Martha’ would do when her SERPs didn’t jump to the top organically in 3 months ?!?!

    “Bend over b&#@h! I’ll show you what I mean when I say I want more traffic! Here comes a traffic jam!”

  17. That’s a rad statement to make a case on why he should be apprentice..Props for such a ridiculous proposal, although Martha should take it seriously. Not that she doesn’t get enough traffic already I’m sure

  18. I was sorry to see him go. Martha’s program is definately not as spirited as Trump’s. I predict there will be no second season for her. Maybe for Trump though.

  19. Matt

    Michael, that’s hilarious. 🙂

  20. Matt,

    Judging from your reaction to Michael’s joke I’d wager that the rumours about Google Egg Carton ™ and Google Glue ™ are true! (Off to break the news to the blogosphere). 😀

  21. Sam

    He should now call her and offer to get her in the top 10 for $1,000,000 (no tax).

  22. He keyword spams a bit on his sites to get on the top. Bad role model 🙁

  23. Imagine a world today with NO SEO! 🙂

  24. Is Martha still doing the show in the US? Sounds much better than the UK version….. no SEO guys on it drumming up trade!!