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By the way, a few people have shown an interest in which WordPress theme I use. I enjoy the excellent Almost Spring theme by Becca.

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  1. Hi Matt,

    I have to say I think the theme works well. I have adapated the theme for my brothers VW site to use wordpress 2.0 with the Almost Spring. I’ve also gone one step further and skinned the forum (phpBB) as well

  2. Hi Matt,

    I like this theme better, but if you want to change,.. I’d go for something with more contrast in the color scheme because this one isn’t that easy to read. (but then I am a little bit color blind which may be the reason for that).

    Oh by the way,.. I am trying to access (Google China) but it redirects back to I don’t understand this. I can access all other Googles just fine. (It´s important for me because I am an international SEO)

    So at the moment China can’t access all the data in the world, and the world can’t check on what China allows and doesn’t allow.

    Somehow that doesn’t seem to make sense.

  3. I can access Google China fine in the UK…

  4. Just so folks are clear, Matt’s posting this for a reason. I posted on another blog that Matt had stripped out the links to the designer in the theme he uses here. He patiently explained that in fact the version he downloaded didn’t have the links (my downloaded version did).

    I publicly apologized in the other blog, and am doing so again here. Sorry Matt. I was an ass.

  5. >>By the way, a few people have shown an interest in which WordPress theme I use.

    No offense to the Becca, but I’m not a big fan of these particular colors. But now that you’ve brought it up – keep one thing in mind:

    Change is Good.

    By the way, you still haven’t changed that link at the top of the page that has that missing backslash.

  6. Matt,

    I know you don’t have a lot of time, but I’m a big advocate of DIY. The new generation of templates (this one included) is growing old quickly, and don’t really reflect what your site is all about.

    Maybe some sort of contest is in order? Design Matt’s new blog layout.

  7. Hi Matt,

    You are a programmer and posed the skills to customize the theme so it doesn’t look like the standard package. Please do so. You are ruining it for the rest of us who are not programmers but can not use this standard theme because we don’t want to look like a Matt Cuts Wanabe.


  8. Matt, you gotta be kidding…. People actually like this? Or are they just saying that….

    One of my first posts here, I pointed out the color is kind of a puke green (vomit green for our Euro Friends)

    I agree with BillyS… Change is good.

  9. lots0, I think NickW uses it as the theme for his personal blog too.. 🙂

  10. time to remove your “uncategorized” link Matt under “categories”, it looks really unprofessional…

  11. I think it’s time for a new theme. It’s too run of the mill and boring… unless that is the image you’re trying to portray? 😉

  12. wheel, it was an honest mistake. One of the things I have a really hard time with is saying “My bad” when I got something wrong; you didn’t have to come over and say that, but I appreciate it. I’m glad you called it like you saw it. 🙂

  13. I think it suits this site although my favourite has to be Green Marinée 1.0 by Ian Main

  14. It’s a decent theme, but there is a whole lot better available if you take a deeper look. You can take a gander at the theme I use for my blog. I prefer it. You can also go to and find one that doesn’t look like someone pee’d all over your blog.
    BTW. Could you please explain what’s going on with this big daddy update, or at least indulge when the next big update will happen (an approximate date for the toolbar update would be nice to).

  15. Agreed – this layout is hideous. Time for a new one, Matt. 😉

  16. Matt I love Becca design. I am using the same. But, then again I would love for you to change it so I do not look like a Matt wanabee anymore.

  17. Hm, I thought I warned Matt of this happening several weeks back when someone in this blog complained that a person had “stolen” Matt’s blog template. I notified them that it was a WordPress blog template that anyone could use and joked that I saw no reference to the template maker to make Matt aware of this in a kind of “hint hint” way…

    It pays to listen to me once and awhile, I see things…


  18. I really like Becca’s “Dusk” theme, very cool. Just downloaded it for a new blog.

    As for Almost Spring it.. reminds me of pea soup. The colors are relaxing, though, and original.

  19. De gustibus non es disputandum

  20. Hi Matt,

    I think the most important is “content”. No matter whether your headlines are green or grey.


  21. OK Matt, I think people have been mean enough. Would you like a free re-design or at least some layouts on a new custom design?

    Actually you could hold a competition to custom-design your theme…

  22. Dear blogger,
    I have a blod on sanskrit quotes as mentioned above.
    I am seriously thinking of switching to wordpress as I feel it is better than blogger.
    If you have used wordpress please let me know your opinion.
    Also if you can do a critique of my blog I will be happy to implement youe suggestions.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Dr. Kiran Paranjape

  23. hmm,. here in Brazil I still can’t access google china,. it keeps redirecting to


  24. Hi Matt
    It is time for a change, too many folks using the href=”″>same design

    Have a great day

  25. If you do a new design, can we have a preview before submission?

  26. Ummm…….does this topic really need this much discussion? I don’t care what it looks like. I’m here to read, not debate artsy-fartsy stuff.

  27. Since my business is color guides, a lot of designers would consider me a color expert. I really like the color scheme of Matt’s blog. In fact, I like it so much, that I used it for my company blog,

  28. Matt, Sorry I did not intend to be mean, just honest from my point of view.

    I don’t have time to follow NickW’s personal blog, so I have never seen the colors he uses, but if he uses this same template… he is as color challenged as you are. 😉

    I see someone here offered you a free custom template, may I be so bold as to suggest you take him up on the offer. 🙂

    Using a template that is not unique to your site is going to get you banned from google…. hehehehe (Oh, I can’t believe I just said that… )

    All kidding aside Matt, you really should consider a custom template, I think a custom template is, in my opinion, one big indicator of a ‘quality’ blog site.

  29. Me too have a blog (wordpress). See the customized theme 🙂

  30. About themes and penalization I could add this story.

    I made a theme to my blogging software and the theme was made downlodable for other users also (like they usually are if one makes a nice theme). My theme had a “credit back link” to my blog. Nice I thought to get credited for things one does.

    Anyway my site seems to be penalized because of unnatural link building or something? I guess Google thinks I got too many links in a short time. This is all because I was nice and offered a blog theme for others and those people showed their gratitude by having a link to my site.

    I´m not feeling Happy 🙁


    P.S. Is there anything I can do to help up the situation?

  31. Hey lots0,

    I am a her, not a him…

  32. Oh by the way,.. I am trying to access (Google China) but it redirects back to I don’t understand this. I can access all other Googles just fine. (It´s important for me because I am an international SEO)

    I dont think will get access to it with Chinese firewall in place.

  33. I want to know what captcha you are using. I have tried several of the wordpress plugins and none of them look as good as the one you are using.

  34. Speaking of Press. What do you have to say about Goobuntu? I saw this:
    Sounds good to me as long as it is open source.

  35. Yep. Nice template, used it myself too. But a custom ‘plate would be more fitting, more personal. Something along the lines of Joshuaink maybe?

  36. It’s definitely one of my favorite themes, great choice.

  37. Green is always nice.
    It’s still my favorite WP theme. I’m using this theme in my still WIP site (I hacked this theme a lot, though). I added then another theme to choose with WP Theme Switcher Plugin, Relaxation, which is a theme more according to this site, I think.

    Personally I hate this font (Lucida, it is?) so I changed it to Arial with some space between the letters.

  38. Hi Matt,

    Goog classic theme!

    Me to, I would like to know how do you install your security code “captcha” on your blog and what script did you use ?

  39. hmm, nice! more wordpress themes (up to 900 😉 ) find you in Emily Robbins Blog

    PS: my first WordPress Theme 😉

  40. Matt, I am installing wordpress on my main site.
    and used your site search for wordpress

    I got this result as number 3

    It does not view in the browser.

    I thought you might be interested on a few levels.

    Thanks for everything,

  41. I am thinking to build a new webiste by using wordpress but i found out it’s a bit difficult for me when modifing the template. This theme is simple a clean, I love it. Maybe i will try to build my website again using this theme. Thanks for the info!

  42. hmm.. i am using this almost spring theme. but not for long, cause i found a better one.. which better optimised the left right sidebar.
    can take a look here.

  43. Great, I just downloaded this theme and installed in one of my blog here >

    Hope I will write frequently on that blog too now 🙂

  44. Hi Matt
    If you do a new design, can we have a preview before submission?

  45. I noticed that now u are using thesis theme.. I am a great fan of thesis theme and I use it in my site too.. Glad to know u too use this awesome framework:)u rockk..