My wife keeps me grounded

This is a harmless “hairball” post I had as a draft.

Me: Hey, they added me to!
My wife: Never heard of it. (pause) Had you heard of it before?
Me: Yeah.
Wife: Really?
Me: Yeah!
Wife: (with an extra helping of sarcasm) Really?
Me: Yes!
Wife: (dripping with condescension) You’re a very important man.

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  1. Haha, wives have a great habit of keeping us grounded 🙂

  2. Hi Matts,

    Keep your wife happy. I think it was her inspiration which helped you to reach the heights of your inner self. She might be your priceless jewel. 🙂 Ask her to read this comment i am sure that she will be really very happy.:)

  3. I thought this was so funny that the day I read it I had to share with my friends – after the first three I gave up because they all said the same thing – “Who is Matt Cutts?”. That’s what I get for hanging around with lawyers and sales people 😉

  4. I’m reading up on seo and falling asleep, this made me happy. I love her.