My Firefox Extensions

A few months ago I decided to start a blog. I told a friend about my decision.

“I’m going to start a blog,” I said.
“Oh, what type of blog are you going to do?” my friend asked.
“Whaddaya mean?” I replied.
“Well, you have to decide on a niche. If it’s a technical blog, you have to post your list of favorite Firefox extensions. If it’s a personal blog, you’re required to show pictures of your cat or else your blogging license could be revoked. If it’s a blog about blogs, every third post has to mention either RSS, tags, XML, the semantic web, APIs, or folksonomy.”
“What’s a folksonomy? Is that a music band, like the Mountain Goats or Chumbawamba?”
“No, it’s not a band. It’s like a taxonomy, but made by regular folks.”
“Where’s the fun in that? It sounds almost like work.” I asked.
“I’m not sure, but a lot of people folksonomize.”

I thought about it a bit. I do have really cute cats, but what if I didn’t post cat pictures often enough? I’d hate to have my blogging license revoked. And whenever people talk about XML around me, I suffer from MEGO (my eyes glaze over). So I decided to go with the technical blog. That means that I’m required to list my Firefox extensions, but so be it. Here we go.

One thing I love about Firefox is the easy ability to add new functionality with an “extension.” For example, one extension called Forecastfox will add a little three day weather forecast down in your status bar. It looks like this:

Firefox weather forecast

There’s dozens of neat extensions like this. Here’s a few that I’ve enjoyed recently (hover over each link for a description):

About site 0.1.1
Auto Copy 0.5.4
Bookmarks Synchronizer 1.0.1
Disable Targets For Downloads 1.0
Download Sort 2.5.3
Find in Stutesbar 0.8
Google Pagerank Status 0.9.4
Greasemonkey 0.5.3
Linkification 1.1.6
ListZilla 0.5.1
Live HTTP Headers 0.11
miniT (drag+indicator) 0.5
PrefBar 3.2.0
Resizeable Textarea 0.1a
SearchStatus 1.9
SessionSaver .2
Slim Extension List 0.1
SwitchProxy Tool 1.3.2
undoclosetab 20050817

If I had to pick my favorites, they would be

  • ListZilla. Documents your Firefox extensions. Collect them all! Trade them with friends! Impress your boss! Or just store your extension list somewhere safe in case your computer crashes. The list above was created with ListZilla, for example.
  • SessionSaver. Should Firefox crash, SessionSaver will remember what tabs were open and reload them when you start Firefox again. SessionSaver also has a “Snapback Tab” feature to remember recently closed tabs so that you can open them again.
  • Resizeable Textarea. The text area for composing emails in Gmail is kinda small. Get this extension and you can just drag the borders of the textarea to make it as large as you want.
  • Auto Copy. Select any text on an html page and it’s automatically copied to the clipboard. If you’re used to Linux or X, you’ll want this.
  • miniT. Once you get used to tabs, you can’t go back. This extension lets you rearrange tabs with a simple drag and drop. Very nice.
  • Greasemonkey. I love mashing up my web pages and annotating them with extra links or otherwise mucking with pages. For example, you could rewrite every image link as you surf so that it’s a picture of your cat! You can probably also do practical things.
  • Linkification. If a url is written as just text and not a hyperlink, this extension makes it clickable.
  • PrefBar. With a little hacking, you can get a nice spamfighting set-up with one click to turn off JavaScript, change your user agent, etc.

Okay, I’ve told you some of my favorite extensions–what extensions do you have installed?

Update: Crap, I would get dugg and delished on a post with broken links; I fixed up several links above. Truth be told, I was using this post as a backup so I could load my home computer with the same extensions as my laptop. Does anyone know a way to sync extensions between computers? That would be pretty wicked cool.

Someone on digg wondered why I didn’t mention the Google Toolbar or CustomizeGoogle. I do have the toolbar installed on most of my machines; my laptop by chance didn’t have it. I have internal scripts that I prefer over CustomizeGoogle (e.g. Greasemonkey code to modify my Google search page and add links to Ask Jeeves, Yahoo, MSN, plus various debugging tools).

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  1. Never, ever post pictures of your cats. Thank you. Unless they are holding the login/password to change Google rankings.

    I know it won’t happen…but I wish Google could get their toolbar to work with the Firefox 1.5 Release Candidate 2 version 😉

  2. Good morning Matt

    And how about this baby 🙂

    – SEO Links Extension

    “When enabled, hovering any link in Firefox will show you Yahoo, MSN, and Google link popularity and ranking data for the URL and anchor text pair. For times you just want regular surfing and tooltips, the extension can be quickly toggled on and off in a single click.”

    Have a great weekend.

  3. and the Google Toolbar ? It’s an extension too! 😀

  4. Ummm….

    I can’t live without the All-in-one Gestures extension. It makes me browsing so easy….

  5. Let’s see… Tabbrowser Preferences, Copy Plain Text, ColorZilla, Linky, LinkChecker Screen Grab, and of course, the king of them all, Web Developer.

  6. I was on Bloglines this morning and saw that you posted your list of favorite Firefox Extensions. I am going to have to spend this morning checking it out.

    Although, I am already disappointed not to see my favorites there: Web Developer by Chris Pederick. To me, if you have a web site, Web Developer is a must have.

  7. What about Google toolbar for Firefox? 😉

  8. Right click on any page and find out
    # Yahoo Backlinks
    # Pages in Yahoo Index
    # Google Backlinks
    # Google Cache
    # Pages in Google index
    # Google Translate to English
    # Google Related
    # PageRank Check
    # MSN Backlinks
    # Pages in MSN Index
    # Alexa Overview
    # Alexa Traffic
    # Alexa Related
    # Alexa Backlinks
    # “Mass Check” multiple sources at once
    # Check DMOZ Inclusion
    # Keyword Density
    # Page Size Checker
    # HTML Validator
    # Server Header Viewer
    # Wayback Machine
    # Check robots.txt
    # Whois Info

  9. Stumble Upon, best way to discover obscure sites.

  10. Matt – Signature is pretty handy. Let’s you easily insert all sorts of text and save typing. I also like Textarea Word Count and Colorzilla.

  11. My favorites are:

    Checky – Puts an icon in your taskbar showing if a page is valid or not

    FlagFox – Puts the flag of the country of the page you’re viewing in your taskbar

    Flashblock – Indispensible. Allows you to activate Flash on a per-item or per-site basis.

    Show anchors – Saves you from having to view the source to see if there’s any anchors in a page.

    The rest of the extensions I use are here:

  12. Hey Matt,

    Of course Colorzilla! Then SEO links and MeasureIt (I love that one).

    I recently added prefbar following your recommendation but I can’t turn off CSS as you suggested. I wrote to PrefBar about it but never got a response, so…

  13. I’ll definitely second the “all-in-one” mouse gestures. You won’t be able to live without it after a week or so.

    Add bookmark here is another fantastic one if you keep extensive highly organized bookmarks.

  14. Hey Matt, if you use AutoCopy you should COMBINE it with “Copy Plain Text” extension. They work TOGETHER, not separately and expands AutoCopy’s functionality.

    If you are into webdesign at all, you should also check this babies:

    – Checky
    Great extension, it allows you to check your page against a number of validation tools (HTML complaince, CSS Validators, WAI/508 standards, etc)

    – ColorZilla
    Just click on it, and select any color you like on the screen, and you’ll know it’s value

    – Measure It
    Adds a virtual ruler so that you can measure anything that appears onscreen.

    Best regards,

    Luis Alberto

  15. Seconded about web developer (even I’ve never been a web developer by myself).

  16. Aardvark – great for printing webpages
    InFormEnter – makes submitting the same info every time to forms a snap

  17. No Google Toolbar? 😉

    If you are a speed freak or have a slow connection try out FasterFox. Great extension. Lets you set cache size, and all the other great Firefox hacks to speed it up except it places it all in a nice little box in options. Also has a ‘page load timer’ you can put on the statusbar.

    Web Developer is also a great toolbar. Lets you disable a lot of stuff, resize your browser to any size you want to see how your page will look in other screen resolutions, also has links to validators in order to validate a page and lots of other must haves for web developers. The only thing I wish it would have is a color changer, to let you see what color blind people see. I saw this on a developer toolbar for IE but would much prefer it on FF for obvious reasons.

    But of course my favorite extensions has to be one Matt mentioned, Forcast Fox.

  18. Wow those are some pretty cool extensions. I personally haven’t used any extensions but I will be trying out the google pagerank extension, the forecastfox extension, and the linkification extension which should all become useful for me 🙂

  19. Wow – finally a PR indicator for Mac! I love it. Thank you Matt. I’ve never thought to search for these extensions. Now I don’t have to call my PC friends everytime I want to know the PR of a site!

    An now that you have me looking – check out: Customize Google

    CustomizeGoogle is a Firefox extension that enhances Google search results by adding extra information (like links to Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, MSN etc). . .

  20. haven’t a clue what you’re all discussing – will get round to discovering Firefox one day – but I love Chumbawumba’s Tubthumping – the best song to sing at the end of a party – and Leeds (my home town) is a great place to come from with great folk who ‘tell it like it is’.

  21. I use IE view. If a page doesn’t render well in firefox, you just right-click and “View this page in IE”. Works very well.

  22. I really like Web Developer and
    I’m playing around with TestGen4Web, which lets you script tests for a site — I like it so far but haven’t yet built out a whole set of tests for my site (it requires Firefox 1.5 beta)

    good article on it.

  23. I found the following plugins are very usefull for me. For example,

    All-in-One-Gesture useful for quick browsing.

    Webdeveloper for all website related things.

    ScrapBook (recommend), drag and drop to copy information into local

    Sage (recommend), read RSS in firefox. it has many templates!

  24. The Firefox extension to search is pretty handy, too.

  25. With all due respect, as someone who works for a company that makes 99% of their money through online advertising: do you think it’s responsible of you to advocate and promote ‘adblock’ !?

    Isn’t that kinda like an NBC exec urging viewers to TiVo all their programming so they can skip those pesky ads?

    I’m being sincere here Matt, what is your opinion of people using adblock? What effect do you think it will have on Google’s revenue when it achives widespead adoption?

    Thanks in advance

  26. I’ve found Groowe Search Toolbar to be better than just the stock google toolbar. It allows you to search a good 20-something engines including a few shopping sites as well. Nice toolbar for sure. I also use Customize Google, Tab Clicking Options, Tabbrowser Preferences, Configuration Mania, Fasterfox, Adblock, PDF Download (allows you to choose what to do with PDF’s instead of auto-displaying them), BBCode Xtra, ForecastFox, Paste & Go, and AJAX Yahoo Mail. Yeah, I use a ton of extensions, sue me 😛

  27. speaking of hacking firefox extensions. I’m working on writing one.

    Does anybody know if it’s possible to have the FF extension access an external database or xml file?

    Basically it’s a type of translator, but the stuff it uses to translate is stored on my website.
    I haven’t been able to find a way to make it read an external xml file or anything.

    Any ideas? email ryan at noslang dot com

  28. wow some of these are great, it’s hard for me to find some of the ones i’ve been looking for because i couldn’t remember their names at ALL

  29. I demand pictures of your cats or me and my laptop will start DOSing your ass. I can hit the REFRESH button pretty quickly when properly motivated.

  30. * Tab X – puts a little red Windows-style “X” on each tab so you can kill it with a single click. Great for tab junkies.

    * Popup ALT Attribute – makes ALT tags pop up in tooltip format, like they do in IE.

    Also, Firefox comes with a little-known feature called “Quick Search Bookmarks” that enable you to query nearly any engine from the browser’s address field, saving time and the space that an extra toolbar would take up. See profile URL.

  31. Some of my favorites are:

    Toolbar Enhancements
    Nuke Anything Enhanced
    Statusbar Clock
    Tab Clicking Options
    All-in-One Gestures
    Tabbrowser Preferences
    Web Developer
    Tab in Textarea
    User Agent Switcher
    Menu Editor
    Customize Google

    Phoenity has got to be the best theme available, except perhaps the Opera theme, which seems to be broken for recent versions of Firefox.

  32. There’s a very good collection of Firefox extensions. It’s called Opera.

  33. I love the AdBlock extension. It filters and either hides or completely removes ads from almost every site I go to. Especially this one site, god, what’s the name? Starts with a “G”….rhymes with “poodle”…they’ve got lots of ads to be filtered 😉

    ((BTW, you should change the “Security code” text in the comment box to let people know it’s case-sensitive))

  34. All these FireFox extensions are great, folks. Any chance you could include URLs to where we can get them from (especially Web Developer and ColorZilla)?


  35. Hi Matt,

    Nice list! However, some of the extensions still don’t work in Firefox 1.5.

    And here are my additions to thelist:
    All-in-one Sidebar
    IE Tab
    PDF download
    Screen grab
    Tab Mix Plus (a must! IMO)
    Tab Preview
    Web Developer

  36. IE View
    Download Manager
    PDF Download
    Tabbrowser Preferences
    Stumble Upon

  37. Adblock
    BugMeNot – For bypassing registration on news sites
    FlashGot – For automatically downloading every link on a page (like Download Accelerator)
    All-in-One Gestures – For quick mouse gestures (I mostly use it for the Back and Forward gestures)
    Tabbrowser Extensions – For tons of customizations with tabbed browsing

  38. Last updated: Sat, 12 Nov 2005 02:23:23 GMT

    User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Win98; en-US; rv:1.7.10) Gecko/20050804 Firefox/1.0.6 (MOOX M3)

    *** Extensions (enabled: 64, disabled: 1)
    Bookmark Backup 0.3.2
    All-In-One Sidebar 0.5.4
    Autohide 0.9.9
    AniDisable 1.0
    AutoForm 0.5.8
    BugMeNot 0.8
    Cache Fixer 1.0
    Mozilla Calendar 0.8.3+
    Calendar Help 0.4
    IE View (IE Tab) 1.2.4
    Disable Targets For Downloads 1.0
    Statusbar Clock 1.7.1
    ScrapBook 0.17.0
    Menu Editor 1.2
    Adblock Filterset.G Updater 0.2.6
    Coeus 1.0
    Image Zoom
    Nuke Anything Enhanced 0.5
    Popup Allow 0.2.2
    Greasemonkey 0.5.3
    InfoLister 0.8.2+
    Bible Toolbar 2.0
    MetroPipe Privacy Bar 0.9.5
    Copy Plain Text 0.2.1
    AJAX Yahoo! Mail (Viamatic Webmail++) 0.3
    WebmailCompose 0.6.5
    eWebMail Color and Graphics 2.14
    ForecastFox 0.5.8
    Linkification 1.1.6
    Print Image 0.1
    Screen grab! 0.4
    Image-Show-Hide-Load 6.0
    Calculator 1.0.2
    Word Count 0.3
    W3T URL Shrinker 0.2
    Pun Of The Day 0.4 [disabled]
    Read Easily 1.0.1
    Smiley Xtra 3.0.1
    Download Statusbar
    File Size 1.1.4
    Live HTTP Headers 0.10
    SpellBound 0.7.3
    Minimize to Tray
    Aardvark 1.0
    PDF Download
    View Rendered Source Chart 1.3
    Platypus 0.51
    miniT (drag+indicator) 0.5
    Favicon Picker 0.2.5
    Outfoxed 0.2.9
    Sage 1.3.6
    LiveLines 0.3.2
    SessionSaver .2 (enhanced with buttons)
    Fasterfox 0.7.9
    Amazing webpage emailer 0.86
    File Size (Statusbar) 0.2
    Add N Edit Cookies
    ReloadEvery 0.6.1
    fireFTP 0.88.3
    BGM Conductor 2.0.3
    jybe 2.0
    StumbleUpon 2.2

    *** Themes (4)
    miniFox 0.4
    Firefox (default) 2.0
    Littlefox 1.0.28
    Noia 2.0 (eXtreme) 2.991 [selected]

    *** Plugins (7)
    QuickTime Plug-in 6.5.1
    Mozilla Default Plug-in
    PCMan’s IEView Plug-in for Mozilla/Firefox
    Shockwave Flash Plug-in
    Microsoft® DRM
    Windows Media Player Plug-in Dynamic Link Library

  39. If you like ‘about site’, then I think you’d like this too: . Works by bookmarklet now, but I’d be happy to see it integrated more directly into the browser.

  40. I am by no means a web developer, but the Web developer toolbar at has been indispensible ever since I started hacking away at the CSS on my blog. If you haven’t tried it I highly recommend it as well.

  41. I think the best one everyone is leaving off the list is Flock. 🙂

    nice site…peace


  42. Bookmarks Synchronizer 1.0.1’s link is not working 😉

  43. I’d strongly recommend looking at Tab Mix Plus. it combines the features of miniT, Disable Targets, Session Saver, and undoclosetab plus several other useful features.

    Also, for those desiring to use the Google toolbar with 1.5, use the “Nightly Tester Tools” extension. It works fine in rc1 and rc2.

    [i]Generated Sat Nov 12 2005 22:56:30 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)[/i]

    Enabled Extensions: (27)

    [url=]Adblock Filterset.G Updater[/url] 0.2.6 – Synchronizes Adblock with Filterset.G
    [url=]Adblock Plus[/url] 0.5.10 – Filters ads from web-pages. Now with whitelisting and synchronization.
    [url=]AI Roboform Toolbar for Firefox[/url] 6.4.7 – Allows to use Roboform in Firefox.
    [url=]BugMeNot[/url] 0.8 – Bypass compulsory web registration with the context menu via
    [url=]Context Search[/url] 0.2 – Expands the context menu’s ‘Web Search’ to use Mycroft Search Plugins.
    [url=]Cookie Button in the status bar[/url] 0.8 – Button for easy access to cookie permissions in the status bar
    [url=]Deepest Sender[/url] 0.6.10 – Post to blogs directly from Firefox or Mozilla.
    [url=]Download Statusbar[/url] – View and manage downloads from a tidy statusbar
    [url= History Manager]Enhanced History Manager[/url] – Flexible History Management
    [url=]Forecastfox[/url] – Get international weather forecasts and display it in any toolbar or statusbar with this highly customizable extension.
    [url=]Google Toolbar for Firefox[/url] 1.0.20051012 – Take the power of Google with you anywhere on the Web!
    [url=]Html Validator[/url] 0.7.6 – Adds HTML validation to the View Page Source of the browser. The validation is done by Tidy from W3c.
    [url=]IE View[/url] 1.2.7 – Open pages in IE via Firefox menus
    [url=]JavaScript Debugger[/url] 0.9.85 –
    [url=]keyconfig[/url] 20050908 – Rebind your keys.
    [url=]Link Toolbar[/url] – A site-navigation tool
    [url=]ListZilla[/url] 0.7 – Outputs an alphabetical list of extensions to a text, vB code, or HTML file.
    [url=]Live HTTP Headers[/url] 0.10 – View HTTP headers of a page and while browsing.
    [url=]Nightly Tester Tools[/url] – Useful tools for the nightly tester (Formerly known as the Build ID Copier).
    [url=]Permit Cookies[/url] 0.6.1 – Set cookie permissions for the site you are viewing
    [url=]Sage[/url] 1.3.6 – A lightweight RSS and Atom feed aggregator.
    [url=]Slim Extension List[/url] 0.3.1 – Makes items in extension list shorter, so you can see more at once. Also, sorts them by name.
    [url=]Stealther[/url] 0.11 – Surf the web without leaving a trace in Firefox.
    [url=]Tab Mix Plus[/url] – Tab browsing with an added boost.
    [url=]Talkback[/url] 1.5 – Submit a crash report to
    [url=]View Cookies[/url] 1.5 – View cookies of the current web page.
    [url=]Web Developer[/url] 0.9.4 – Adds a menu and a toolbar with various web developer tools.

  44. ugh.. I posted the wrong list. I’ll try the HTML version. sorry for the comment spam!

    Enabled Extensions: (27)

    Adblock Filterset.G Updater 0.2.6
    Adblock Plus 0.5.10
    AI Roboform Toolbar for Firefox 6.4.7
    BugMeNot 0.8
    Context Search 0.2
    Cookie Button in the status bar 0.8
    Deepest Sender 0.6.10
    Download Statusbar
    Enhanced History Manager
    Google Toolbar for Firefox 1.0.20051012
    Html Validator 0.7.6
    IE View 1.2.7
    JavaScript Debugger 0.9.85
    keyconfig 20050908
    Link Toolbar
    ListZilla 0.7
    Live HTTP Headers 0.10
    Nightly Tester Tools
    Permit Cookies 0.6.1
    Sage 1.3.6
    Slim Extension List 0.3.1
    Stealther 0.11
    Tab Mix Plus
    Talkback 1.5
    View Cookies 1.5
    Web Developer 0.9.4

  45. Now you’ve made me mad, Matt!

    The last thing we want is another browser gaining a significant share of the browser market – it’s the >>>VERY

  46. My post was truncated at the beginning. Hopefully this will go through…

    Now you’ve made me mad, Matt!

    The last thing we want is another browser gaining a significant share of the browser market – it’s the >>>VERY

  47. Scribe can save your forms to resume later. I downloaded this after fill lots of input and textareas, and lost it all about three times.
    very useful for fill very big forms, and for repetitive form filling

  48. Sorry about this, Matt, but there seems to be a problem. Please delete the truncated posts, and this on if it fails. I’m gonna try something.


    Now you’ve made me mad, Matt!

    The last thing we want is another browser gaining a significant share of the browser market – it’s the VERY last thing that we want.

    You probably don’t have any experience of the need to design websites and pages to suit more than one browser, and multiple versions of each browser, and maybe many of the people who post her don’t either, but I do, and I never want to go back to it again. It was a real pain.

    It’s been nice since Netscape packed in, and we haven’t had new versions from each camp every year, forcing us to make sure our pages worked ok in both browsers, plus at least 2 previous versions of each. It’s been very nice. We really don’t want anything changing that.

    I know what’s coming because I’ve discussed this before, so I’ll pre-empt the arguments….

    The “security” argument doesn’t hold water. Firefox is no more secure than IE, except that it is so small that people don’t attack it yet. If it ever gains a good market share, it will be attacked, and then we’ll see how secure it is. Even now, there have been security holes found in it, and the exploiters weren’t even looking for them.

    The “standards” argument doesn’t hold water either. Nobody sets standards on the internet except its users. W3C make recommendations – they don’t set standards. And NO browser is W3C compliant. Like IE, Firefox doesn’t even try to be.

    The “standard” browser has been set by the users of the Internet, and it is IE by a landslide. If another browser comes along that follows that standard, then I don’t mind at all. But I do mind when another browser tries to buck the standard to the detriment of most internet users. I mind that very much.

    People argue that IE hasn’t been updated for a few years. GREAT!!! The fewer previous versions that we have to cater for, the better. I’m all for improving browser functionality, but not every year.

    Thankfully it doesn’t look like Firefox is going to challenge the standard browser. It’s really only web people who are interested in it anyway, so we don’t need to cater for it in our websites, and hopefully it will stay that way.

  49. Haha Phil, nice trolling. You surely can’t be serious, but if you are: feel free to sit there with your clandestine IE while the world has a more pleasurable browsing experience around you. And that’s the way it’s going – no point trying to stop it. Your one-man-army won’t stand a chance against me and my many converted minions! Bwa haha ha!

  50. My favorite is the WTF extension. Got a website that iritates you? Invoke WTF and it erases the site and leaves a page in it’s stead that contains W T F.
    So satisfying.

  51. To be honest, I think that the most compelling thing about you listing your extensions is that it shows just how extremely powerful Firefox is. And I don’t mean from a technology/software standpoint, but from a social standpoint.

    As far as I could tell, not one person on this list who calls out their extensions has a list that exactly matches someone else.

    Now, imagine that. Powerful, stable, useful software that actually does (nearly) exactly what I want it to do, and only what I want it to do. I can even change it on the fly, to suit my tastes or whims.

    Firefox is way more than a piece of software; it’s a new way of thinking.

  52. “hover over each link for a description” ???? Are you trying to make the Web even more obtuse? Put the description right next to it, in the HUGE blank space on the page. Seriously, that’s annoying.

  53. I am mostly an Opera user.Dont use FF much.But my favourite extension is Stumble Upon.
    I often use Firefox just to stumble.
    Among others i also find BBCode,Linkification,Allow right click and Flashgot usefull

    ~ Pallab ~

  54. I agree with Matthew about Ook; it adds your bookmarks to the right-click menu anywhere on the page, making them much easier to reach; on my 19″ screen, moving to the bookmarks menu is a chore!

    Another one I absolutely require but haven’t seen mentioned: SmoothWheel. If you do a lot of scrolling using your mousewheel, this is essential. Makes it a much smoother experience. It works so that when you give your wheel a big sweep, it scrolls fast, and when you just relaxedly turn the wheel, it scrolls slow. Anyway, you should really try it.

  55. PhilC – I think Firefox has already surpassed that. It is being used by people other than web developers. I love Firefox because of the extensions support. It is made so much more convenient and useful than IE because of that.

    Now on to Matt — Most of my favorite extensions have already been mentioned here. I will add the AI RoboForm firefox extension to the list (I use RoboForm for filling order forms and site logins, and then I use an extension I wrote myself for filling web directory submission forms). Allow Right Click is also great since some sites put it javascript to keep people from stealing images…but that’s not why I want to right click…usually it is because I want to copy some text to the clipboard or such. I use one called Customizable Toolbar Buttons so that I can add a custom toolbar item. I use Download Statusbar instead of the default download window. I also use IEView because some sites unfortunately still don’t work in Firefox (seems like mostly those that have embeded video). Interstitial Buster (I hate those pages!). TabX (great having an X to click to close a tab instead of via right click).

    Thanks for the tip about AutoCopy, Matt. That’s one I didn’t know about or had overlooked, and a great idea. Hopefully I will remember I have it. 🙂

  56. Oh…this isn’t an extension, but a Greasemonkey user script is along the same line… I like the Number Google Results user script.

  57. Thanks for the autocopy extension.
    I use linux at work and this extension brings some of that functionality over.

    PhilC – Instead of coding for IE, why don’t you just code for firefox, make things a lot simpler. Your also preaching to nobody, considering anyone who got to this post is looking for more firefox extensions. If their using IE I’m sure they have no idea what what an extension is and never even read the post, you look foolish.

  58. But do you use these bookmarklets I found for highlighting or displaying important seo text on the page?

  59. Anarchistic > “Haha Phil, nice trolling. You surely can’t be serious, but if you are: feel free to sit there with your clandestine IE while the world has a more pleasurable browsing experience around you. And that’s the way it’s going – no point trying to stop it.”

    I’m perfectly serious. You obviously haven’t experienced the pain of having to design for multiple browsers, plus multiple versions. And since when was presenting an opposing view called “trolling”? I’m perfectly happy sitting here with the rest of the world, and IE 🙂

    Fortunately, you are mistaken about “that’s the way it’s going”. Firefox has a very long way to go before it reaches a market share that will force designers to accommodate it, and, judging by it’s performance after its first year, it doesn’t look like getting there.

    If you have any actual arguments to put forward, instead of general “that’s the way it’s going” stuff, please state them, Anarchistic. Without specifics, there is no worthwhile discussion.

  60. Oh, I don’t think I look foolish, Nick. I think my views are well thought out and very valid. And what makes you think that I’m preaching to nobody here? There are far more readers of this blog than people who actually post in it. Also, even people who read this far maybe haven’t realised the problems that a new browser becoming popular could cause. Don’t you think these things are worth pointing out, even if they are disagreed with?

  61. Chris Hoffman > “PhilC – I think Firefox has already surpassed that. It is being used by people other than web developers. I love Firefox because of the extensions support. It is made so much more convenient and useful than IE because of that.”

    Ah. A sensible response – thanks Chris.

    Yes, it probably is being used by non-web people – no doubt due to the recommendations given by non-web organisations, who mistakenly assumed that it is secure.

    For non-web people, Firefox may be very good, but I’m talking from the point of view of people who create webpages, and I don’t know of anyone who did it when we had to make sure that pages and sites worked in multiple browsers, and multiple versions, who is happy to go back to those bad old days.

    Does anyone here, who’s job it is to create webpages, really want to be forced into designing for multiple browsers, and multiple versions of each???

  62. I certainly don’t want to design for multiple browsers, but I do test for each. It’s just life.

  63. I realise that this post is not about firefox vs IE, but I would like to address PhilC’s posts.

    PhilC, when I saw your first post I also assumed you were trolling but your last few posts would indicate otherwise.

    I agree with the -theory- that developing for one browser would be nice instead of having to ensure sites work across multiple browsers, but in reality I believe this point of view is flawed.

    The advent of CSS is revolutionising web design and browsers that fail to (adequately) support it are letting down both developers and users. In the case where the browser used by 90% of the population (due to OS bundling, not considered choice) has flaky and inconsistent support, then it is truly holding back the web.

    I am a web developer who has to support multiple versions of IE, Firefox, Netscape, Opera and Safari.

    By far the biggest problems and are caused trying to get sites to render correctly in IE. IE’s myriad of strange bugs are well documented at Fortunately for web developers (and therefore users) IE7 looks like it will be addressing all of the documented bugs, which the IE developement team fully acknowledge need to be fixed.

    You mention IE setting the standard and that you dont mind other browsers coming along as long as they stick to that standard. I believe this is a seriously flawed viewpoint. Contrary to what you have written:

    The “standards” argument doesn’t hold water either. Nobody sets standards on the internet except its users. W3C make recommendations – they don’t set standards. And NO browser is W3C compliant. Like IE, Firefox doesn’t even try to be.

    You are incorrect on 2 fronts in that both IE and firefox intend to be W3C compliant. Anyone can see this is true of Firefox, it’s standards support may not be perfect but it is obvious that the Firefox team consider standards compliance to be of the highest importance.

    As for IE setting its own standards and not following W3C, here are a few quotes that set the record straight from Chris Wilson on the IE development blog, specifically this post ( ).

    In IE7, we will fix as many of the worst bugs that web developers hit as we can, and we will add the critical most-requested features from the standards as well. Though you won’t see (most of) these until Beta 2, we have already fixed the following bugs from PositionIsEverything and Quirksmode:

    I want to be clear that our intent is to build a platform that fully complies with the appropriate web standards, in particular CSS 2 ( 2.1, once it’s been Recommended). I think we will make a lot of progress against that in IE7 through our goal of removing the worst painful bugs that make our platform difficult to use for web developers.

    I do want to be clear that I believe the Web Standards Project and my team has a common goal of making the lives of web developers better by improving standards support, and I’m excited that we’re working together to that end.

    Ok, im done

  64. PhillC, if you can’t handle developing and testing for multiple browsers maybe you should try another profession? Sure, it’s more work but it ain’t rocket science. In fact if you are so afraid of technological change maybe the computer industry isn’t a good fit for you at all. I hear plumbers make good wages these days.

    The rest of the true web professionals here would be glad to take on your clients.

  65. Matt, how about you release a “google weather report” add-on for firefox, worth a few pesetas per download if you offer an affilate download link 🙂 and surely a webmaster dream.

    3 day forecast for a spammer

  66. Dude,

    You suck, many of your links are broken, thus wasting my valuable time, that I would otherwise be using to masturbate.

    Please clean it up, or go back to using a journal, and don’t bother us with another waste of time blog.

    Your skillzs are weak,

  67. PhillC, et. al – Huh. Haven’t I heard this all before? 🙂

  68. Then i should buy a cat… 😀

  69. Live HTTP Headers – that’s the good one! Especially if you are trying to figure out how to get Google to give you 100 results per call when you are running your Perl script 😉

  70. I use Image Zoom daily and DOM Inspector when I’m dev’ing

  71. A future post must be – what do you keep on your flash drive?

  72. Instinctive > “PhillC, if you can’t handle developing and testing for multiple browsers maybe you should try another profession? Sure, it’s more work but it ain’t rocket science. In fact if you are so afraid of technological change maybe the computer industry isn’t a good fit for you at all. I hear plumbers make good wages these days.

    The rest of the true web professionals here would be glad to take on your clients.”


    There’s no need for rudeness. Am I not entitled to an opinion if it disagrees with yours? Or is it a given that an opinion is wrong if you don’t share it? Perhaps it would be more beneficial if you made some points instead of being rude. I’ll show you how it’s done by addressing your point…

    No I’m not afraid of, and yes I can handle, developing technology. In fact, I’ve been handling it for a very long time. I first worked at the component level of computers 40 years ago – that’s components – not boards. Were you born then? And, more recently, I’ve been permenently in computers for over 20 years – from programming right down to the component level, including inventing, manufacturing, and selling add-ons. And your experience with technology is?

    It’s not advances that bother me – it’s the unnecessary extra work that I don’t much care for. I was delighted when NS folded, and I’ve no desire to return to those times.

    Tell me something. You seem to be quite happy to create pages that function properly in 2 browsers, plus at least 2 previous versions of each – that’s effectively 6 browsers. Would you be so happy if there were 5 or 6 equally popular browsers, and you had to create pages that worked in all of them, plus 2 previous versions of each? Or do you think you agree with me in those circumstances?

    Anyway, if you have any points to make, please try to make them without being rude. I’d appreciate it. It tends to help in discussions.

    P.S. You don’t speak for everyone who reads this blog 😉

  73. what about the user agent switcher. this mozilla extension is really helpful when dealing with IE only pages:

  74. I’ve already written about my favorite add-ons for Firefox (in switching to Opera and back again) and won’t repeat everything here, but I do want to mention that ColorZilla not only adds a color picker (like the dropper tool in Photoshop) to the status bar but it also brings to Firefox the feature i miss most in Opera: the ability to Page Zoom.

  75. Hey Matt,

    I just used the same trick to sync my home machine with my work machine. My list can be found at

    Darn, now I have just so amny other suggestions for Firefox extensions it will keep me occupied for the rest of the day.

  76. My point is pretty simple PhilC, if it’s so much trouble for you then maybe you should try working in some other field. Is that not a valid point? This issue seems to really bother you.. are you not having fun anymore?

    Some of us actually enjoy our jobs as web developers, and we are mature enough to realise that multiple browsers means better choice for the consumers, and more competition in the browser space means higher quality products.

    I code for Firefox(Mac) then cross check in Opera(Win+Mac), FF(Win), IE(Win), Safari(Mac) and Camino(Mac). It adds a bit of extra work but I get the satisfaction of knowing I’ve done a thorough job (I guess this answers your hypothetical question about coding for multiple browsers). It’s really not that big a deal and besides, the extra work is paid work, it’s not like anyone is asking me to work for free.

    (Win a cookie: guess which one of the above mentioned browsers give me the most trouble?)

    Besides, since MS no longer supports IE/Mac and there is no Internet Exploder for Linux, what would you suggest these users browse the web with? Wait, let me guess, they should just use Windows right?

    Uh oh, here comes that old argument again… (runs for cover)

    PS. This is my last post, there are better venues for this type of discussion than Matt’s blog.

  77. I’ll avoid mentioning ones that have been mentioned by others:

    SEOpen ( is similar to About This Site, but much better.

    Inspect Element lets you right click on something on the page and open the DOM inspector on that node. I use that alot.

    Plain Text Links lets you select text links (or bits of links which is why I use it over linkification etc) and open them in new windows/tabs.

    Resize Search Box adds a resizer to let you resize the search box.

    Console2 (squared) is an improved Error Console (support for CSS, XML etc errors). May be the new official Error Console in future Firefox releases.

    Download Scan – virus check downloads (though has big ugly console appear each time also).

  78. Oh Launchy is very useful also.

    And Cute Menu’s I find improves the usability and appearance of Firefox greatly.

  79. Instinctive > “My point is pretty simple PhilC, if it’s so much trouble for you then maybe you should try working in some other field. Is that not a valid point? This issue seems to really bother you.. are you not having fun anymore?”


    Yes, it is a valid point. You see? This version didn’t require any rudeness, did it? Well done – you’re learning 😉

    If IE gives you the most trouble, then you’ve got it the wrong way round, imo – especially if clients are paying for your time. Since the overwhelmng majority of internet users use IE, then that’s the first browser to get make a page work with. If a page doesn’t work in the other browsers that you mentioned, at least it will work for almost everyone who uses the internet. But it’s your choice if you want to be forced into cross-browser stuff, like we were when NS was around, to the extent of sometimes having to make seperate pages for each. And if you want to be forced into making seperate pages for different versions of each browser, so that you can incorporate the latest version’s cool new stuff into the site, simply because the browser competition forces new versions too often, it’s your choice. Personally, I don’t. Right now we are not forced into it any of that, but we will be if another browser gets a big enough market share.

    And since you ask – yes, I enjoy most of what I do. I wouldn’t call it “fun” though – I do other things for “fun”. Most of what I do is programming, and I enjoy that. That’s always been my first love with computers.

  80. PhilC , You’re looking at it wrong.

    Don’t design a site for a specific browser at all. You should spend less time making sites look “exactly the same” in firefox and IE, and instead make them accessible, valid html, and standards compliant.

    Every site I’ve ever done (hundreds) looks great in firefox, IE, opera, and konqueror, yet is still readable in lynx.

    The trick is, write valid HTML & CSS. Use standard javascript (EMCASCRIPT or whatever it’s called) not the proprietary MS jscript stuff.

    You should NEVER have to sniff out my browser type. Anybody who’s doing that is taking a very wrong approach to the web.

    Seriously, it’s possible. Check out Jeffrey Zeldman’s book “designing with web standards” if you want to see how this can be accomplished.

    Yes, standards are reccomendations like you said, but if you follow those reccomendations, you can have websites that look great in all browsers. maybe not pixel by pixel the same, but still look good and functional….. Even in netscape 1.0 !!

  81. I must echo John,

    Super Drag & Go is a must have, why mess with the back button when a quick drag will let you navigate your Google search results without leaving Google. Its how I navigate all web pages now – except those really annoying ones that have Javascript links – then I write an email to the webmaster! haha!

    PDF Download would be another – hate clicking a unmarked link just to have it not be a web page

    Webmail Compose – change email links to webmail links. This is invaluable for both home and work. At home for keeping all my mail on an account I don’t care if it gets spammed (very few ppl get my POP email address) and at work where we have 40 public access computers that we don’t want accessing outlook but do want easy email access for ppl. This one while excellent needs a couple extra features, one being to have it pop up each time asking which service you wish to go to (note: does have this in context menu but I really don’t like stuff there, it gets far too crowded). The other being there’s no quick “on//off” switch for you to access your regular mail.

    And for the final one:

    OpenSelectedLinks I love using this with searches, you use it almost like an “I’m feeling lucky” option. Simply search, highlight the top 10 (or however many) results, and select open selected * links – they open in tabs and you can browse at your leasure. Big drawback, it doesn’t check for duplicates which can be annoying, you also can’t set a short cut key for it, ctrl+a & a shortcut for this would have been nice.

    Just a note to Ryan: I agree with all your comments, I still sniff out IE and replace the page with a “Too Cool for IE – Get FireFox” button and a little continue option for them to actually get to the webpage 😉

    One Extention I heared of sounds pretty cool though, an “open in IE” option in the context menu, and while this sounds like nothing special it opens it in a FireFox tab which I think is very cool. Have yet to try it so I don’t know if its stable at all but it sounds cool for sites like Microsoft Update, etc that need ActiveX

  82. “All in one sidebar” compiles several of the indispensable functions you have listed in your extension list. One is an up directory button that duals as an about site info switch. check it out.

  83. Ineresting thoughts, Ryan. I don’t create websites for a living (I’m an SEO), but I do create them occasionally. I used to create them more often – when NS and IE were the two main browsers. Quite early on, IE incorporated DHTML, which could do some really desirable things, but NS never followed suit. It was a case of don’t use IE’s goodies, or create different pages for the different browsers. I really don’t want that sort of situation again.

    Another thing that used to get up my nose was relative spacing. Both browsers spaced things differently – especially vertically, and there often wasn’t a satisfactory compromise. The code would have validated fine, but the displays were not good. I used to end up with either seperate pages for the browsers, or badly spaced displays. It was just an unpleasant way of doing things.

    Styles pre-date HTML (not a lot of people know that), and they have been developed in recent years. Things might be better now, but there are differences between the browsers’ renditions of certain style elements. Again, the code validates fine, but I’ve found that the displays go wrong across different browsers.

  84. Thanks for mentioning Auto Copy. I’ll check it out. There are just too many mouse-centric extensions for Firefox. If I turn caret browsing on, this should save me a step when working at a Windows machine. Here’s my two cents:



  85. Favorite FF Extensions:

    Tab Mix Plus – blows the other tab stuff outta the water –

    Web Developer Toolbar – Makes web dev so much faster & easier (outlines block elements, shows hidden form stuff, images that still don’t have their alt tags, etc)

    GreaseMonkey – quickly script your own goodies and make them only apply to certain sites (like bookmarklets on steroids)

    Regarding the IE vs FF debate – once I started using FF over IE my development time has seriously improved. Since FF “follows the rules” of CSS more closely you get what you expect while coding in FF and just fix the well documented broken stuff for IE. If there was no FF to push IE towards better compliance IE would probably harder to design for every year.

    Matt, your Halloween costume was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO killer! I would like to see cat pix now please. 😀

  86. To enhance Adblock, I would suggest installing the Adblock Filterset.G Updater extention. It updates adblocks rules of what to filter out. Very handy.

  87. Matt – Google Pagerank Status 0.9.4 has porn ads on the site … i was readig your blog with my daughter on my lap when i checked it out.

  88. As a web developer, I would agree that it’s annoying to have to design for different browsers and their versions. A few years ago, I put up a page blasting the difference in how Netscape handles code in which IE seemed to handle better. I was very resistant to switching to FF although many members of a forum I frequent were gushing about it.

    As a web surfer, I think people should have the option to use the browser that suits their needs, just as they should have the option to choose the OS they run although that might annoy software developers who have to consider development for different OS’s.

    When given the option to customize, people will do so. This blog post shows the great variety of setups people can have thanks to extensions. Why should users be deprived of options because some developers don’t want to consider different browsers?

    Because some developers don’t check their code in IE, I have to switch from Firefox to IE to view the pages. This is quite a turnoff and no site I would want to revisit inconveniences me like that. Except for… I have to use IE to use the radio and/or view music videos. I can’t remember which.

    When I switch to IE, I am deprived of much of Firefox’s (and extensions) functionality. It really feels as if I am deprived of the use of my right hand. I don’t appreciate being forced to feel that way. It was bad enough going through that after surgery on my right shoulder.

  89. In my post, I obviously meant to say (in 4th paragraph):
    Because some developers don’t check their code outside of IE

  90. Q: Does anyone know a way to sync extensions between computers?

    A: You might consider copying your entire Firefox profile directory from one machine to the other. This will give you not only extensions, but bookmarks, passwords, cookies et al.

    For Linux, this is as simple as copying


    Other operating systems are discussed here:

  91. SEOpen! I don’t know how I lived without it. Absolutely rocks!

  92. nice mountain goats shout out

    john darnielle is god

  93. Can’t forget Foxy Tunes! Got have music in your browser.

  94. I just installed FireFox 1.5. Most of my extensions work fine except the Paranoia button. Those anybody know, if it is available for version 1.5.

  95. SessionSaver .2 is great. Thank you. Sometimes my pc is restrating because of a missing mouse, thanks to my cat that helps me to take a break : 🙂

  96. Enable Google Adsense preview tool in Firefox

  97. I wanna see pictures of your cat. “Show me your pussy”!

  98. Folks !

    What about Save Page As ?

    I gonna nutz searching good or serviceable extension for Firefox 1.5.

    Nothing works.

    One works but bunks midway. When you copy web page or it’s text, the Save Page As tab doesn’t work when u right click to use it.

    Don’t tell me Scrapbook or Slogger or Toolbar Enhancements. My great FF was dead the next minute with these.

    I had to scratch it and reinstall back to life.

    The whole / holy FF 1.5 community including it’s fathers who had gone bonkers about this great browser seem to have forgotten about simplifying SAVE PAGE AS.

    Everybody saves. I save. You save and the globe saves.

    Any wonder boy here ? ? ?

  99. Matt, you should be using Opera. It has all the features built-in without the need of these ‘extentions’. Also, IT IS the world’s fastest browser.

  100. Hi Matt,

    Well, there are a whole lot of extensions which are absolutely awesome. Here’s my list.

    1) Aardvark
    2) X-ray
    3) View formatted source
    4) IP alert
    5) View rendered source

    These are some really handy one’s. But the list is quite big.


  101. Chat and search with Chatzilla… Just waiting for mozilla word and mozilla powerpoint.


  102. there is firefox extension called clipmarks that has solved a problem I often experience online. basically, i find the depth and breadth of content on any given page to be quite overwhelming. Often, I only want to save a specific piece of content on a given page without having to add the whole page to my favorites or make a bookmark.

    clipmarks solves this problem by allowing me to clip and collect that specific piece of content. for example, I read a lot of blogs and often want to retain a specific post. with clipmarks, i simply clip, tag and save that specific post and now its super easy for me to reference later.

    during the save process, i can choose to add my clips to my own private space on or I can add to the public exchange at personally, I love the public exchange because it fosters a discussion based on what I have clipped and I am gaining tons of new perspectives there.

    So now I have an easier way to manage the stuff I find online while enjoying stimulating conversations based on what interests me. But be carefull, this public exchange becomes a very addicting forum…

  103. Nice set of instructions, tried to install most of them, after going through all of them, some do not work with the latest firfox version, but nice collection of extentions, none the less.

  104. Do not forget to read THIS article. It states the same but from another point of view:

  105. Thanks Matt… very nice stuffs in here…

  106. Nice list!

    I specially use Google PR Status and Download Sort. Autocopy is also a nice little tool. Thnx!

  107. You don’t use SpamReport XPI ? 😀

  108. The FEBE extension allows you to back up all your extensions and move them to another computer or installation (though extensions aren’t necessarily cross-platform compatible, so you proabably can’t go from Linux to Windows, or vice versa).

    Google also has a couple extensions for synching bookmarks and profile data. They’re in beta, but if you go look at their site you might like them.

    Want to have automatic disposable emails for untrusted sites? Try: or

  109. Matt, this is a great list and one that I found helpful as I continue on my slacking trends of doing things like adding plug ins to wordpress and tool bars to FireFox…

    While I’m not getting things done, I’m learning a lot more about convenience and the improvements that FF introduces over MSIE and Opera.

    ForecastFox is by far my favorite, and is installed on all of my computers that I’m using… but I wish there were ways to filter things out a bit. For example, a “SEVERE weather alert” because it’s dry and brush fire likelihood is higher than normal… isn’t exactly worthy of the distraction it causes for me.

    Again, great list and there’s many on it that I still need to check out — but thanks for providing this information to users.

  110. Q: Does anyone know a way to sync extensions between computers?

    There is an extension called FEBE for backing up Firefox Data. If you want to take a bunch of your extensions along with you, then FEBE has an extension called CLEO that can repack all your favorite extensions in one xpi file.

  111. hi matt, my new ( first ) web project has a similar topic, because on you can collect your addons easly, so enjoy it!

  112. Matt

    I like the way you start writing, its really great, specially using a dialog, that dialog happened really? or your into marketing lol

    thanx for the post