My Feedburner feedcounter chiclet

I saw this list of the top 40 English blogs according to Feedburner and then I saw Lee’s list of SEO blogs and I just wanted to check on something.

Cool. πŸ™‚ Historically I’ve sort of anti-promoted my site (no digg or “add to Google Reader” buttons). I figure that webmasters eventually hear of my blog and if they want to subscribe they will, so I don’t want to jam too many “Read me now!” links in peoples’ faces.

But if you do want to subscribe to my blog in Google Reader, here’s the button:

Add to Google

And here it is for Bloglines:

Subscribe with Bloglines

For other feed readers, use the “RSS 2.0” or “Atom” links over on the right-hand side in the “Meta” section.

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  1. Hey Matt, I checked for your feedcounter id before but it was not immediatley obvious, so thank you for providing it. Nice color of green too! It’s been added to the list. πŸ™‚

  2. Dang, you put me below problogger and SEW. πŸ˜‰

  3. Wow. Quite the following you’ve got! If you ever feel like getting some visitors off your hands let me know.. =P

  4. Oops, Fixed!

  5. Matt


    I have been working on traffic intelligence and reading heavy reports about our user behaviour the whole day.

    Let me guess why your blog has been doing very well:

    – Users find what they have expected to find on your blog. Happy users πŸ™‚

    – Relaible info and contents.

    – You interact with your users in a very friendly manner.

    – Emmy & OZ add a “Human tuch” to your blog.

    – Maybe because you are kentuckian who loves blinking neons πŸ™‚

    Keep up the good work and God bless.

  6. “no digg”
    should we digg this post? πŸ˜‰

    Very nice numbers Matt. I am not surprised… I should honestly switch to a single feed.

  7. 24.000 ?

    Damn Matt, gimme some πŸ™‚

  8. Well, I’m only 23,933 subscribers behind you (but to be honest, I don’t really want that many people subscribing to the feed as such…I’d rather they came to the site and participated….that, and most of the people who read my blog have never even heard of RSS.)

    I’m gonna catch you, though. You hear those footsteps from behind? Dat’s ME! MUAHAHAHAH!

    (Yeah, right.)

  9. Ah, M.W.A. is on my tail! Must post faster!! πŸ™‚ By the way, I appreciate the folks that stop by to chime in with their take on my posts; that adds a lot of insights, which is helpful to everyone..

  10. Google reader is really great but I prefer few more sections with reader

    1) A Search – It works in the same line of web history
    2) Comment option from the reader itself using the APIs.

    I am working on a special feature for Google reader (with the shared list rss), will be soon available.

    >> (no digg or β€œadd to Google Reader” buttons)
    True Google lessons, be remarkable and let others do remarking.

  11. Great my blog is also submitted to bloglines and google reader greta tool!
    good luck


  12. I have 11 readers…so that makes you 23,935/11 = 2176 times more important than me. Wow, i think I’m going to go sulk. πŸ™‚

  13. Those links got me thinking.. then a coworker asked me what my favorite blogs were in terms of design…

    So I thought I’d open it up to the community — click my blog and nominate what you consider to be the best designed blog!

  14. JLH, it’s the quality, not the quantity, and I enjoy your insights any day of the week.

  15. You should consider using the AddThis widget… it’s not very big, and covers any different bookmarking/subscribing scenarios.

  16. Thanks Matt, I’m tempted to take a screen shot of your comment and save it. It means as much to me as when Norm Abram (New Yankee Workshop and This old House Fame) sent me an email complimenting me on a design for a blanket chest that I put on an old web page a long time ago.

  17. Just goes to show what good content can do. Good content on a somewhat hot topic set. πŸ™‚

    Let’s forget for a moment you are our VOG (Voice of Google).

    I think if your content sucked no amount of interest in what you do at your job would get this many people interested in subscribing to your feed.

    And honestly, if design mattered to people, you’d probably only have 19k feed subscribers.

    Nope, lesson of the day is “Look what you can do with a hot topic and good original content.”

    Now I am off to immediately anti-market my blog!

  18. Gotta be said Matt, I’ve had you on my personalised Google Homepage for a while now, and in the top-right corner so I can see your link’s first. Why? ’cause your posts are always relevant, and entertain me whilst I pull my hair out during the working day.

    Kev Strong.
    A stressed 26 year old web developer (and going slightly bald :))

  19. JLH – I don’t even want to check how many read my blog – probably send me spiralling into a deep dark depression πŸ™‚ I’m liking your ‘what I’m reading at the moment’ box – some interesting stuff there. Nonetheless, even though your 11 readers probably outweighs my readership by an order of magnitude, I note I’m winning the banalities of bananas stakes again, at least that’s something.. haha… πŸ˜›

    Matt, I heard somewhere you are going on a well earnt holiday – are you staying in the States or heading abroad? Are the Cutts cats going too?



  20. BTW Matt, talking about readership, holidays etc.. thousands of us new bloggers are hanging out for a PR update to see whether our PR reaches a positive number this time around πŸ™‚ Yes, yes, I know PR is only a minor part of what ‘makes’ a website, but we need a sign!

    It’s kind of like being like a little kid on Christmas Eve feeling the anticipation of what great pressies might be around the corner..

    Add to this the fact that the most common question on the Google Webmaster Help Forum at that moment seems to be ‘why is my PR jumping around like a yo-yo’ and I’m suspecting something MUST be on the go..

    Care to give us the scoop? πŸ˜‰


  21. Forget Google Reader(!). You can also subscribe via…

  22. And every day there are 100 more subscribers πŸ™‚

  23. WoW, matt…….. gr8.

  24. Matt, congrats! You are da man! My feedcount is at whopping 19! Yeah baby! … out of which:
    2 – are mine
    1 – my wife
    2 – my daughters
    1 – my mother
    2 – Google Feedfetcher

    … so 11 might be the real number!
    I did have my mother-in-law but she unsubscribed after coming back from “wintering” in Florida and found 60 emails from my RSS…. πŸ™‚

    Well done.
    Marek (jazyfko)

  25. Ive never got used to subscribing – I just visit the site – isn’t that what bookmarking is for?

  26. very good.
    I had added one for my site.

  27. Dockarl (Matt),

    I don’t use any feed services, I’m just going by the number given by the Google Feed crawler in the site stats.

    More on that here:

    I wish someone would write something provocative, my feeds have been boring lately and I need to update my shared ones. Come on, someone break some news! Like Is google going to disband visible PageRank soon? purely a guess!

  28. Matt

    Btw, we shouldn’t keep our kind Canadian friend Multi-Worded Adam waiting πŸ™‚

  29. I’ll comment on this now… because if I forget to then I can’t search for it later (where is Google Reader Search?).

    Don’t get tempted to add the feed buttons! The whining people were right all along when they said it should be the browser which shows the button, not the website.

  30. Anyone notice their sites pagerank changing like this guy did?

  31. Yeah, that’s right! As the Canadian voice of this site, I hereby demand and order a grab bag post! I’m going to sit here and hold my breath until either you do a grab bag post or..until…I stop holding my breath.

    Wait…when did I become the Canadian voice of this site, and what does that say about Canada?

  32. Aha! I see hunch was right – it’s a-coming – as of this morning showing PR5 on some datacentres, from a previous 0..

    Hold on to your hats.. it’s time for another round of ‘why has my pgerank dropped’ questions on The Google Webmaster Help Forums… yikes! πŸ™‚

    If anyone else is PR obsessed, you can check using the multi-DC tool on John Muellers Oy-Oy tools –


  33. Wow, just wow. So many people hanging onto every word you say!

  34. Help Subscribing To Your RSS Feeds Matt.

    I seem to be missing something, I use Thunderbird for my RSS feeds, and I need a URL to input so I can pick it up.

    Now the links to the right goto Feedburner and I cannot find anywhere there to find a link that I can use in Thunderbird.

    Where would I find the link (am I just blind?)

    I find myself being referred to this blog time and again recently as I explore my website marketing, so I would like to keep current, it’ll probably save me time.

    Thanks for the information,

  35. I’d love to see what Vanessa Fox’s numbers are – she seems to be getting quite the little following on her new blog…


  36. Matt, I already have your blog added to my Google Reader πŸ™‚ (more than many months)


  37. MWA

    Are you still sitting there holdning your breath πŸ™‚

    Maybe There is another attack of the In-laws! πŸ˜‰

  38. I like ur research about feed readers

  39. Heather Paquinas

    What is the purpose of supplemental results? Why doesn’t the google guidelines mention this or anywhere?

  40. I blogged a few weeks ago about my renewed interest in Yahoo Sponsored Search in my “Dear Yahoo” post. At the time, I thought that perhaps Yahoo was turning a corner in the online advertising sphere and might have finally figured it out. I have now, after spending $220 USD and one entire month advertising with them, realized how wrong I was.

    Yahoo’s online search ad placement system is horrible.

    In fact, I suspect the majority of the site traffic generated by a Yahoo ad is actually fraud. Google Analytics is a powerful tool and I could teach a class on it at this point — I’ve been using it since it was released and I have gone to seminars and taken classes. So, I spent a few hours focused on Yahoo traffic analysis. As it turns out, the “visitors” from Yahoo are (98%) fraud generated by Yahoo’s content placement site. Probably ad-placement scammers buying ads from Yahoo and then using “pay to browse” or automated methods to fire the ads and collect my money.

    I am getting a 1.05PPV (pages viewed per visit) traffic load from Yahoo traffic. That means that 94.55% of the visitors are viewing only the first page after the ad link and then closing the browser — a sure sign of fraud from the source. All my legitimate traffic ( Google, TheKnot, WeddingChannel, CraigsList, Yahoo Organic Search) averages a bounce rate (immediate exit) of around 3.85 which is low, to be sure, but does not mean fraud. The bounce rate for my average traffic is only 22%.

    In addition, Yahoo is reporting that I get about 10 visitors a day from their ads. I am finding about 10% of the traffic I am being billed for actually makes it to my site. I suspect part of this is that most of the scammers have found a way to trigger the ads in an automated fashion that does not actually request pages from my site — they’re just getting Yahoo to record the click and never even downloading pages from

    Other key terms I might use to describe Yahoo Sponsored Search include “click fraud”, “fraud”, “deception”, “sucks”, “lies”, “terrible”, “illegal”, “unfair”, “deceptive business practices” and maybe some other words I won’t use on my blog.

  41. Matt,

    What kind of tweaking did Google do to make your site, (a one person blog) a page rank 7, but demote several much more highly linked and reputable sites as of last night?

    And why didn’t you give a heads up, like you typically do when Google does this kind of unilateral evaluation.

    People rely on Google for the most accurate and respectable content. A site like Glenn Reynolds Instapundit has a page rank of “0”, Netscape a “9,” Usmagazine a “6”, TMZ a 7, and the Boston Globe site a “6.” How does a gossip site like TMZ rank higher than the Boston Globe and even Us Magazine. And how does a site with as many incoming links and a reputation as high as Instapundit not have ANY Google page rank?

    Seriously, there is something VERY fishy about how Google calculates their page rank. It must be based on who pays for it and who doesn’t, which seems extremely undemocratic, biased and flawed.

    Care to comment?

  42. I’d answer that, Harith, but I’m finding that a lack of oxygen makes it too hard to post. That, and I kinda look like a Smurf right now.

  43. But Matt I link to see you to type your blog address in address bar…..

  44. Heather Paquinas, the Google Webmaster Help Center mentions it. Go to

    And enter “Supplemental” in the search box.

  45. Brian White

    I guess you are in Dublin now, and the work permit in place, hopefully πŸ˜‰

    – What is the main difference between working on European spam at present and working on international spam in the past?

    – Do you miss the life (especially the food) in Googleplex?


  46. Matt, how does one find your email address? I have something I would like to bring to your attention, but isn’t related to this.

    Can you email me?


  47. While we are on the topic of Blogs, there is some useful information in the form of The Definitive Guide to Semantic Web Markup for Blogs to be had at: I see.

  48. For the very few people who visit this blog and don’t use RSS feeds and don’t know about them (and are probably intimidated by them, like I was until some time ago!) here is a nice little vid I created some time ago that explains it all……

    But, most importantly, this is for all the webmasters who are loosing out on good traffic because their visitors don’t know what RSS feeds are and they don’t know how to use the “Add to Google” button! So, put this vid on your blog/website and increase awareness about Google Personalized homepage and RSS and feeds and all that!

    Hey Matt, by the way, your blog also features in the vid! Let me know what you think πŸ™‚


  49. Heather – Supplementals – aargh – try this series for a bit more info – it follows on with some strategies to get out –

    Just remember – supps scare the hell out of new website owners – but for niche content, more often than not, supps will still be returned in a regular Google search. Try not to worry about them..


  50. Matt,

    You have one insane Blog & Following, In the past when I have search for Google related topics I always seem to land here!

    Well Done, Have a great Day

  51. you should share me half of your subscriber :p


    That is the link to the main RSS
    I found this page forever ago and just used my live bookmarks, then when I got a Google Reader and just moved it over, if you have Firefox, there is no need for any links :-p


    PS: How does one subscribe automatically to the comments? Otherwise I have to leave my feeders to see them …

  53. Dawn, I do think that Matt’s Blog is a PR 6 but whatever, I like this site and am sure based on how many readers he has that there are alot of “small” website owners, or other interested people giving valid links that helps boost it up.

    Also it seems that … … is a PR of 7. but then I could have been wrong, and “looked it up” wrong as well.

    Either way let me know

  54. Wow. Quite the following you’ve got! If you ever feel like getting some visitors off your hands let me know..

  55. Hey Matt,
    How about adding a the feedburner subscribe by mail option?

    — web fossil