My blog needs to cough up a hairball

My blog is almost eight years old, and I’ve published just under a thousand blog posts in that time. Along the way, I wrote about 100 draft notes that I never published. Sometimes I just didn’t finish the posts. Sometimes I thought they were too boring. Sometimes I wrote a blog post to debunk a misconception, then decided it wasn’t worth tackling that specific topic. A few times, I wrote something snarky about another company and then thought better before hitting submit. And a lot of posts were more like notes I kept as I customized some piece of software.

All those draft blog posts were starting to bug me, so I decided to do some spring cleaning this weekend. A lot of the draft posts I just deleted. I transferred some stuff into personal Google Drive files. I was left with a dozen or so blog posts that mostly fit into the “very boring” and/or “half-finished” category. But I kept thinking that 1-2 people out of the two billion or so people online might actually run across a post and find it helpful.

So I’m going to just throw a few of semi-boring, semi-finished posts onto my blog. Feel free to ignore these.

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  1. and yes, I think your blog need redesign too matt,

  2. Matt –
    I might let you inspire me to do the same . . . I can’t tell you how many posts I’ve also written and then deleted as well. Of course, these were typically articles that were designed to be rants on something that was really bothering me. I NEVER hit post when I’m writing one of those — I always take the time to review it a while later to make sure I’m in the right frame of reference to see if it is worth it.

    Many more made it past delete, but have stayed in the queue. Other than being fun to look at, these are just taking up space . . .

    Happy spring cleaning!

  3. Scott Buscemi

    You just needed an SEO boost so you decided to write a bunch of new content 😉 😉

  4. Hey Matt,

    When you publish any post, people like me will read (regardless it is boring) and link to it. So go ahead 😉

  5. I love every post I’ve blogged. I hope that attaining their best display is somehow within my reach.