Grow a moustache and fight cancer!

For my next 30 day challenge, I’ll be growing a mustache to raise awareness and money for men’s health issues, and specifically prostate cancer research. Men of search and SEO, please join our team. You can raise awareness, or raise cash. And it’s super simple: just don’t shave your moustache for 30 days. The name of the event is Movember and it should be a blast. Here’s my profile page, for example.

To keep myself honest, here I am, clean-shaven, with a today’s issue of USA TODAY on November 1st:

Matt Cutts, clean shaven on Nov. 1st

By the way: Kim Kardashian is getting divorcedβ€½! I really thought they had a love for the ages.

This is going to be an extra-fun 30 day challenge because I’m joining up with Duane Forrester of Bing and we’re both raising money for the cause. I have to warn Duane though: he might not realize how fast my moustache grows. For example, here I am just an hour after I shaved clean:

Matt Cutts, just an hour later!

That’s right Duane, I can grow a moustache in an hour, so look out! πŸ™‚ By the way, thanks to Mike Halvorsen for asking a timely question about Movember during our recent live Q&A on YouTube.

This should be quite a fun month:
– If you’re a woman (or a man who can’t or won’t grow a moustache), you can still help out the cause by donating to our team.
– Men, I hope you will grow a moustache this month. A great cause like Movember only comes around once a year–why not join us? All you have to do is not shave. It doesn’t get any easier than that.
– The Twitter tag is #seostache if you want to root us on. I hope to see some serious stache from fellow people of search!

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  1. That one’s quite old, Try some new styles :

  2. Thanks for bringing awareness, Matt!

  3. Awesome Matt! Love the one-hour-mo!
    You must look pretty rough every morning when you first wake up!

  4. Oh noes Kim…

    Challenge accepted!!!

  5. Two words for you, Matt: Lanny McDonald.

  6. Great job bringing awareness, Matt!

    I think you have some ex-Blaine-ing to do. The sunlight in the 2nd picture appears to be earlier in the day than the 1st picture… πŸ˜‰

  7. Good luck Matt!

    My goal is to grow a “Tom Sellick” mo, but will likely end up with either a “Cheezy ’70’s cop” or “Ned Flanders”. Hopefully I can avoid last year’s “70’s Porn Star”.

  8. Two more words: Richie Farmer.

  9. Whoa, Matt – did you seriously grow that in an hour?

  10. Is that 1-hour moustache real? It doesnt seem possible.

  11. Matt,

    i’ll go ahead and do this IF you give me a blogroll link πŸ˜›



  12. Chris Crum, Richie Farmer is awesome!

    To everyone who asked: yes, that one-hour moustache is completely real. I really can grow a moustache like that in only one hour. I am not at all joking. Not at all.

  13. wow, thats a fast acting soup strainer!

  14. Grow a moustache and fight cancer πŸ˜€
    well aLL the best for your moustache competition πŸ™‚

  15. Matt,

    why being so modest? You can grow that moustache in 1 minute and 50 seconds. That’s what the EXIF-data tells us. Seems that you really have a problem with your growth of beard

  16. Matt,

    why being so modest? You can grow that moustache in 1 minute and 50 seconds. That’s what the EXIF-data tells us. Seems that you really have a problem with your growth of beard πŸ™‚

  17. Sorry,
    please delete the double post and that one in the moderating queue.

  18. Moustache growth in 1 hour. That’s fast. =) Good luck with the 30 day challenge.

  19. What are you Homer Simpson?! LOL! How can you grow a moustache like that in a day?!

  20. I think “W” might be on to something otherwise you must have found the formula from The Peanut Butter Solution:

    So, how did the previous challenge go?

  21. Matt,
    I am joining up and not shaving for Movember also.
    Maybe you can Google how to control your super fast growing mo.
    Keep spreading the word, maybe Google can do a mustache theme search.

  22. I did some research and found that there’s almost nothing on prevention in the Movember campaign except don’t take vitamin E supplements and this wasn’t even their discovery. This is pretty typical I guess as cancer charities are the richest in the world and are very closely connected to pharmaceutical companies and medical device companies and very “early detection” and “cure”-oriented. This is important for people who already have cancer and I think it’s a good cause but it sucks that they focus so little on prevention. They certainly wouldn’t make as much money if people knew that you could prevent diseases with nutrition alone yet the amount we would save in health care would be enormous.

    Movember gives to Livestrong which is connected to NexCura and NexCura (next cure?) works “on behalf of pharmaceutical and medical device companies”. The other organization that Movember gives to is called the Prostate Cancer Foundation and they focus on gene sequencing.

    Sorry if this is a downer on a good cause but people need to know that cancer charities aren’t “all that”. Check out for more on the ubiquitous and massively rich pink ribbon campaign.

    I think we should start growing half a moustache to say, OK, Movember is focusing on a cure and I can get behind that but why not tell us about all the research on prevention and nutrition and work in that area also?

  23. Because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and pharmaeutical companies can’t do big business off of prevention.

    This is one of the reasons I personally try to avoid anything to do with mainstream medicine whenever possible. They’re some of the biggest liars and crooks imaginable.

  24. I didn’t even know there was a website dedicated towards mustache season?? This has changed my life forever.

  25. I just have to say that while I also like the post itself, Matt gained awesomeness in my mind for his use of an interrobang.

  26. Great cause to get involved in Matt – but really, growing a mustache in an hour?

  27. Good luck matt, keep the photos coming. I am trying it too, looks rather weird at the moment, hopefully I’ll last the month

  28. I think a well crafted handle bar would be the thing Matt, or perhaps half a handle bar for the reasons Brian R stated.

  29. That is awesome to hear Matt. We at TOMS are huge supporters for Movember. Many of the mo bros here are looking forward to your glorious stache by the end of Movember. Keep up the good work!

  30. Update photo would be interesting!

  31. hi matt. ugly moustache. πŸ˜‰
    i don’t find the way to send you a question for your videos in youtube so i send a question here and i hope you will put the answer in one of your videos. you can delete the comment after you read it.
    “My opinion is that Google is starting to transmit fear and insecurity to the people (to the webmasters and i’m sure also with normal people if they will know how much info have google about them). With the search engine with adsense and other services it offers and where has no competitor, personal data collected and behavior. Will start google to be evil… from here in a few years with to much power? What do you think about?”

  32. Nice Challenge, amazing idea. Unfortunelly i cannot accept it. 2 days maximum, on the weekends… i will make 8 days in November πŸ™‚

  33. Good luck,

    It is a great cause, and fun to see all the SEO’s compete in this way.


  34. I Think the stache looks good

  35. Love to see your 30 days mustache!! I am sure with mustache if you even grow your hair than you will look like a Rock star back from 70’s πŸ™‚

  36. Here’s an idea, grow a beard too, become Santa, and hand out first page search rankings to anyone who donates 50% of their web site income in 2012 :o)

    Good Luck, and thanks for all the information you consistently offer us!

  37. Haha, awesome job Matt. That one-hour stache looks badass.

  38. Hi Matt

    How’s the growth going? Any chance of a updated pic now we are halfway through the month?



  39. Hi Matt,

    Good luck with the moustache growing for Movember. Personally speaking I hated doing because I get itchy….! But enough of me…I just wanted to say best of luck, have fun with it and raise loads of money for such a worthy cause.

    I would also like to see you do something similar to what I did…called “Half a Mo”, which is on the day after the last day of Movember (1st December) you shave of HALF of the Mo and walk around with half a Mo for a day to raise extra cash for the charity.

    You can see my video diary of my journey in Movember 2010 at my YouTube Channel below:

    Please excuse the fact that I was up before work and looked pretty ropey! lols

  40. Hi

    I think i will join your guys this month is it too late? mine grows quick not half a day matt but quick, can you post some updates?



  41. Yeah I’m down for the mustache, much easier that then going vegan. Starting to join this movement today, no doubt much to the dismay of my wife I would venture to guess..

  42. thats a very impressive moustache Matt, if thats in one hour whats it going to be like in a couple of weeks!

  43. Did this, but didn’t make it. Sorry, but it is too damn itchy! Your 30 day challenges are great though, going to start a few as well πŸ™‚

  44. My girl says you look a lot better with a moustache.