More Yahoo strangeness

This one seems more like a simple prank or just bad data getting submitted somewhere. On Yahoo if you type in a business address, it will show the name of the business.

So what happens if you type in Google’s address?

The Dude's Fish Store

That’s right: The Dude’s Fish Store. Has some Googler been running a side business out of their cubicle, or maybe just seeing what data sources get mapped? 🙂

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  1. Something fishy going on here!!

  2. >>Has some Googler been running a side business out of their cubicle?

    There are a lot of aquarium enthusiasts, and word has it there’s some decent affiliate money in selling fish tank setups and equipment. You might just have a closet affiliate marketer in your midst. Never know of course, there are a lot of fish stories out there.

  3. Check out the Yahoo! Local Listing for The Dude’s Fish Store. The Dude’s Fish Store also has a Yahoo! hosted website recommending people use Google Maps.

  4. Matt, are you bored?

    don’t you have any other thing to do except waste your time in Yahoo?

  5. Are you sure that’s the right plaice? I think you must be codding.

  6. Yes, I’m sure.

    As many other sites, my site has been dropped and all I can read are suggestions about reporting spammy sites as if we were policemen, jokes about the Google’s competitor Yahoo and people buttering Matt up.

    I can’t understand it. Really.

  7. Did you give them a call? Who answered? One of the dudes at google 😀 ?

  8. I’m sure it’s really an Apple Macintosh fanatic who is a bit paranoid, and therefore uses “fish” as a codeword for “Apple”

    Makes perfect sense really.

  9. Did you visit their website?

    Seems strange, a link to Google and one to Stanford…..

  10. Someone set up the “fish store” using Yahoo’s free business listings:

  11. Is it a high rise? Maybe it’s another office in the buillding?

  12. Follow the trail, Matt. A [“the dude’s fish store”] search makes it look like one of your cubby mates giving Yahoo stores a spin.

  13. Run a search for “the dude’s fish store” in Google and you’ll find a Yahoo local page which displays this listing and The Dude’s Fish Store Web Site.

  14. Yup – jimbeetle is right:
    “Our fish NEVER die!”

    I like it, and the links page has links to Google and Stanford. There should be a way to find out who registered that Yahoo Store. Google store is coming up!

  15. I’m in Canada and I get the what appears to be correct info… maybe they are cloaking you guys??? Nothing fishy up here.

  16. I don’t think that these shenanigans are coming from ” The Top”, but from some drone for whatever reason. Anybody at “The Top”, would have to realize the damage this type of juvinile nonsense would do to Y’s credibility. However, there is an old Japanese saying that “When the fish starts stinking… it starts at the head.”

  17. I guess Matt hasn’t heard the news about his employer yet. These reorganizations are always hardest on the employees…

  18. Why you insult me!
    Fanatic, paranoid, drone, stinking….
    I’m angry, that’s all. Don’t you understand me?
    Apart from that I think this kind of dialogue is a lost of time. But I prefer to be a bit juvenile than an adult reactionary and submissive.

  19. There’s an old saying that, “You can tune a piano, but you can’t tune a fish.” OK, so it’s a terrible pun, but I heard that “The Dude’s Fish Store” is having a special this week on “bait and sea”… OK, so that’s even worse… In any event,

    Thanks for the great “in-site!” ROFLMAO!

  20. It all strikes me as being very childish.

  21. They must do better than this to compete with Google.

  22. I don’t think this is hand coded, but still funny:

  23. Matt – I had a little look around….

    I think that the joke listing stems from this local listing

    So it looks like you can create a Yahoo! local account – and put in anything you like…. and then it ends up in maps…..


    So you could set up “Matt’s SEO Service” at 1600 Ampitheatre Parkway” and compete with The Dude’s Fish store…

  24. Love this, probably someone in Google, Need Directions? goto google maps, email

    Site has some nice quotes, I think i’ll go create my local store at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, yahoo is class!

  25. I think that yahoo local listing came from a Googler. It seems to have their sense of humor. So it’s really Google who listed the local listing in Yahoo and Yahoo sweeped it for their Beta Maps

  26. Hi Matt,

    Everyone who follows the search engines knows that YAHOO manually adjust the search results. The real question people want answered is when will google confess that they do that same thing from time to time?

    I can show you a site for example that has been #1 in a very competitive area for 4 years …. NEVER ONCE FLUXED out of thjat #1 spot for 4 years. Well now matt … your a smooth talker but no one would believe with all the FLUX at google the past 4 years that this could occure without some manual FIXING of that postion.

    So my question is WHO DO I SPEAK TO TO BUY THIS SAME SPOT?? I think it is fair that google AUCTION those spots instead of just let one company have an exclusive on them.
    Is that not a more fair approach??

    So why dont google start having public auctions of those top spots??

  27. Very nice find, Chris. At first, looking at this links page

    by some feminine-intuition-based, knee-jerk, purely reactive reasoning (not to mention the blatant linguistic clue) at first I figured it to be Chris Raimondi or even (forgive me), off all people, the embodiment of establishmentarianism personified, Woz.

    However, after looking at the contact page, it again begins to look like more of an inside job.

  28. It now reads Keypoint Credit Union.

  29. Google will dominate the world, and yahoo and msn will be burnt till nothing is left. MUahahhahahah :D.

    Really, Google come came up with the google maps and now even yahoo is doing it? CopyCat World!

  30. I get Keypoint Credit Union also. I wonder what the story is now.

  31. I called the number on the Yahoo! local listing!

    It said

    “Hi, if you are looking for the Dude’s Fish Store, leave a message. If you are looking for Rudy, call my cell phone.”

    I did not leave a message, because as we all know, Matt Cuttts works for the NSA! But I wish it shed some more light on this, I think its an accident, but you would think the Dude would be more likely to have a bowling supply store…

  32. So your telling me if I enter:

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, District of Columbia

    And I call my business name “Miserable Failures Inc.” I might have a shot at a listing?

  33. Yahoo maps seems not working good with their own source 🙂 But Yahoo search use more than Google.

  34. There is just no comparison, Google rules, love your ability to integrate google maps, thank you!